What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

I was talking about the DC, since that´s the only version I have. Like I said, I really don´t remember experiencing any performance issues whatsoever (aside from a notable pause of sorts before a takedown animation would trigger, though that might´ve been caused by the game being installed on a HDD). If there was anything else, it certainly didn´t hamper my experience. But it has been a long time, so it´s perfectly possible that my memory might be failing me… I´ll see how it runs when I get back to it (next month perhaps?). Regardless, I appreciate that fixing any such potential issues on Steam Deck is a pain…


I’ve finally finished Act 2 of Returnal…

Despite my 36 deaths, I’ve kept coming back to the game, time after time, to learn more about the plot, Selene herself, explore and find more tools to use to improve my runs… it’s all great, and I really like the Tower of Sisyphus endless mode too. Reminds me a lot of Hades, and how room-by-room focused it is with short, fast-paced gameplay. It also adds some tidbits to the main story/Selene’s inner demons at play, which is really cool.

By this point, I’ve seen all the biomes, bosses, a credits scroll, and I now have a few final secret things to find to be able to do the Secret/True Ending.
There are a lot of cryptic, metaphorical, overlapping things that can give me multiple interpretations of the story and what’s going on with the time-loops and Selene’s dark past, but I love that, and think it’s a great theme for a game involving an unseen number of deaths, spiraling into one another, blurring the lines between the start and end of your turmoil…


Been playing two different versions of Final Fantasy IV and it’s my first time playing this game.

Don’t ask why I’m playing 2 side by side, I don’t know either. But anyway it’s the 3D version on DS, and the traditional 2D version on PSP.


I finally truly beat Resident Evil 2 Remake

What an absolutely phenomonal game. You can say a lot about this game, from it’s excellent level design, its wonderfully scary atmosphere, great jumpscares and wonderfully cheesy but engaging story that takes you through 3 wonderfully awful locales. But in the end I’m just sitting here behind this screen still in awe of my experience.

How I started off completely scared of everything but by the end of my first playthrough having grown confident enough to not feel completely overwhelmed whenever a situation went south. To just absolutely speedrunning claire’s second run with the genuinely fantastic first visit of the rpd being completely open for so much (though the sewers and lab changed very little).

How these bosses are designed around making you fear them because they can massive bullet sponges and resource drains to engaging them in Cs:go Knife fights to conserve ammo and end fights way faster. and how positioning is key.

How each carefully placed jumpscare gradually became less scary due to me overcoming the nightmare.
Not to mention how all of this excellency is increased ten fold when I see my non-gamer sister play through this game making me see the game in new eyes. And new scares. Seeing her beat Birkin G3 all on her own after some longer than usual pauses in the inventory to catch her breath was so fucking good.
Us both getting jumpscared due to her often leaving zombies behind in old places or walking into stuff I avoided due to my gut telling me it’s off made me appreciate this game all the more.

and the amazing game system that is The Tyrant, or Mr.X. How is clonking footsteps inspire a flight or fight response and on the go thinking is so good. Especially on the seconds run first and second visits to the rpd.

my only real cons is that this game is has an overly grey filter sometimes and that the second run isnt that different once you get to the sewers. But those are minor nitpicks in this game that has quickly flown into to my top 20 games of all time. After my sister beats Leon B we’ll be moving onto resident evil 3 remake and see how that one goes. I’m excited for that as that’s a resident evil game i know very little about.

To continue the rambling a little more, I tried the ghost survivor and 4th survivor gamemodes. Very cool gamemodes, absolutely not for me, unless i had some more free time to master these routes and this control scheme. I think 4th survivor is the best of the bunch with it’s pretty big map and fun loadout, utilizing all of the basegame enemies phenomonally well. and most of the ghost survivors are pretty alright. Kendo’s is probably my favorite after Hunk.

all in all, I can’t believe i got this much good game for the low low sale price of 10 euros. What a phenomenal game. just, wow I haven’t felt this way about a game since elden ring and sekiro were dropped on my plate early 2022.


Finished up A Plague Tale: Requiem. I wanted to like it. And I kind of did, to a degree, but it just felt like the game was fighting me every step of the way.

It’s a lot like the first game, which is good and bad. This time, the forced combat sections felt a lot more like a chore and in the stealth sections, maneuvering with 3 people glued together felt pretty awkward. But I liked how they handle the limited upgrades you could get to your skills, improving them automatically based on the way you played–stealthy or aggressive or resourceful. Mostly it plays like the first game with a couple of new twists.

Of course, my major gripe with the game, the cardinal sin that made what might have been minor annoyances seem that much worse, was the framerate. As gorgeous and grotesque as the game is visually, 30fps just left my eyes feeling achy every time I played it, which did a lot to take me out of the game and prevented me from ever really getting into the story, to the point where the emotional ending just kind of fell flat for me.

Honestly, I never thought I’d be annoying framerate guy, but 60fps would have improved my experience with the game immensely.


Aw man that’s cool. Your thoughts on getting better/less scared of the game on the second playthrough because of how experienced you get make me wanna go back to RE2 asap for my second run.

I was on edge for nearly my entire first playthrough though so it’ll probably still be scary AF.


believe me the start of the second run is probably the scariest part of it, because you have an underpowered claire or leon in an rpd that feels completely different, along with Mr. X from the get go. So you’ll have the curve of going from scared to strong in a microcosm at the start of that second run, especially when you get to the nearly unchanged sewers.

oh something I also didn’t mention and thats completely unrelated, the most i knew from resi 2 remake before playing it was Mr.X and i think it’s funny that the really fantastic William Birkin got overshadowed in his own game.


I finished Death Stranding a couple days ago. I thought about trying to get 5 star ratings for all the bases, I actually got 9 of them out of the (I believe) 36 available, at least a bunch more very close to 5 stars, but honestly, I just lost interest.

The game is already long enough, and I think I just got fatigued. I mean, I like that the game gives you alot of tools by the end, and even with the final places on the mountains, I’m sure you if you utilise stuff like the cannon and ziplines and get good at using efficient routes they can become quite easy, but I just got a bit bored and basically rushed to the end. I think I broke inside when I finally reached Mountain Knot City, climbed up that fucking mountain with that stupid fucking bomb, and then Lockne tells me to fuck off and I have to go all the way to Mama’s Lab, I think that’s when I just stopped caring and just started doing the bare minimum to progress. You bet your ass I abused the hell out of the overpowered tricycle’s boost function whenever I could.

As for plot, well, I think I understood about 85% of it. I’d be lying if I really “got” how the multiverse factors into all of this, or the role of Louise, but I think I got the gist. (Probably doesn’t help that after a while I just started skim reading Heartman’s endless tomes of texts. Love the guy but it got tiring after a while.) Higgs was a ham, at least Troy Baker seemed like he was having fun, don’t think he was terribly interesting, especially when you know some kind of twist with him was inevitable. Amelie/Bridget/EE was… fine, I guess. Considering how everyone can’t shut up about how awesome Amelie is you just know something is going to happen with her. Just a shame whenever you talk to her pre-reveal she’s pretty dull and afterwards… I mean, I assume we’re not meant too sympathetic towards her. The final bit where it is revealed she shot Mads and the BB shows how horrible she is, but if the game expects me to feel anything for a sociopath with a god complex, it’s not happening. I also feel like that considering the game’s plot about human extinction there is little mention of the fact that almost all of humanity was wiped out anyway. I mean, there are only 5 Knot cities left in the USA, all have a population of under 100,000. Seems like 99.9%, possibly even 99.99% of humanity is already dead. I don’t know, I suppose the idea of the plot is that humanity can still survive, but it does make me want to say to Amelie “nearly everyone is already dead, what’s the point?”

I liked the supporting cast. Deadman, Heartman, Die-Hardman - who all sound like Mega Man bosses - Lockne/Mama, I really like all of them, and I hope they all come back for the sequel. Fragile is fine too I guess. Mildly hilarious about very obviously French Lea Seydoux talk about the importance of America.

So yeah, I had a good time, will probably pick up the sequel on release. I’ve gone back to The World Ends With You after dropping it for a while, I really need to finish it so I can move onto the sequel.


F this shit i’m out


Oh man :joy: with how long your paragraph was about the crushing mountain, the bomb delivery, and how burnt from deliveries you got I’m glad its still enjoyable enough you’re interested in the sequel.

I’m hoping – if the mood strikes – I’ll soon upgrade my copy of Death Stranding PS4 to Director’s Cut PS5. Wanna get back into enjoying that delivery grind, see what silly equipment and missions were added, maybe even replay the story, but I know its pretty long…

Ohh, @Silvereyes, when you’re talking about the “bomb mission” are you talking about this one?

I think I remember that one being pretty sensitive and killer.

I thought you were talking about the Nuke package totally-not-Higgs makes you deliver to central knot.
That was a cool mission IMO.

And what about the pizza deliveries?! Those are the cheesiest missions, but have a funny payoff


Well, it helps that DS2 only just got announced. I’m guessing that game is a good year away at least so I imagine by that point I’ll feel refreshed to jump back in. Really, I just think DS1 is just a bit too long. That and BT areas just slow the game down for me, even when you get tools to deal with them they are such a pace breaker for me.

Yeah, that is the mission I’m talking about. I actually liked the mission, but it took me a while to do, and I wanted to use Fragile’s fast travel when I reached Mountain Knot. So I was very annoyed when I deliver the bomb, Lockne tells me to piss off, and I need to go back down the mountain. I was underprepared in hindsight but I just felt tired.

Sam not realising it was the suspicious guy handing him the packing was Higgs until later was so frustrating. Come on Sam, engage your brain. That was a fun mission though. Pizza delivery was quite fun, although I only did the first 2. The third was from Timefall Farm, and in all seriousness, I literally never revisited that place after the mandatory story mission to connect it to the network. Just in such a tedious place, all those rocks in the way just so you can’t easily drive there. As a pizza delivery driver though, it did make me life. I know from talking to the guys who answer the phone at my pizza shop, there are some incredibly obnoxious and entitled customers. I did like the final reveal where he unlocks the bunker and you find out his true identity, I thought that was a neat little twist.


Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut for the first time. Moving on to Mankind Divided. With that being said in terms of Mankind Divided this games simply feels so much better and I prefer the art direction of this game as well with Prague being a lot better than Detroit and Hengsha.

Adam Jenson probably is one of the most endearing characters I’ve taken control of recently where I wanna spend more time in his world interacting with the people in it as-well. I’m looking forward to what’s in store so far in Mankind Divided and its DLC’s.

As a side note: I don’t plan on playing the original Deus Ex, more specifically the Revised Version which is a Fan Remaster Available on Steam if you have the GOTY Edition of DX. This is largely due to me knowing I’ll have a hard time tackling it cause of the lack of Gamepad Support, while I could mediate this issue with a Community Layout it’s less that ideal in my opinion. It’s very nit picky and some might say I’m doing myself a disservice but i can live without it.


Always a shame to see people ignore the best game in the series


It’s not necessarily me ignoring it, it’s more so I’m gonna get more annoyed navigating a control scene just to activate a specific augmentation or something as simple as a lean button on Steam Deck.

Deus Ex isn’t the first game I’m turning away due to not having Native Controller Support on Steam Deck and having less than ideal Community Layouts readily available.

  • Star Wars: Empire At War
  • Fallout
  • Fallout 2
  • C47
  • Silent Assassin
  • Contracts
  • Blood Money (Tried this one and it had issues with walking/running and the weapon/item wheel)

I’ve tried Manhunt 1 and that was almost near perfect, but the person forgot to map a sneak button which was an easy fix.

What I’m putting down here is Community Layouts while making games objectively speaking playable they aren’t perfect and are an overall negative to the flow of the game. I could rectify all this with a mouse and keyboard but that’s hardly ideal given how uncomfortable it is using them on a deck without a set up that would warrant the use of them.


I’m almost finished with Pokémon Violet and Resident Evil Village and just wanted to say both continue to be great games. Violet’s stories about school bullying and a guy trying to take care of his pet are probably Pokémon’s best storylines ever. And in Village I keep thinking about Heisenberg’s offer of friendship and if Ethan should have taken him up on it.

Anyway, this is mostly for the main event: The Last of Us Part II. I think, “wow”, is the only thing I can say. From the music to the graphics to the story it’s probably the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. There’s so much to say but I genuinely struggle to find the words to make it coherent. You’ve got Ellie descending into a rage that she can’t let go, Ellie and Dina’s wonderful love story, the parallels between Abby and Joel, a great supporting cast, and that absolutely brutal ending, among many other things. Some little things I loved were that the words geek and nerd are no longer popularly used so they can’t describe Ellie properly and that Abby collects coins to be close to her dad.

I can see some of the reasons it was divisive and/or why some people didn’t like it in 2020. However, to me, most of those seem knee jerk at best and other, less savory things at worst. For me, this is probably my new favorite game. (PS, I’m almost more inclined to forgive Abby for Joel than I am to forgive Ellie for what she did to her relationship with Dina.)


Just wanted to put my two cents here; it’s a bit more action-y but I actually like it better than RE2 remake (just for the dodge mechanic alone, though one of the guns makes me sad). Or, I would but there’s a couple things that hold it back but I’m curious to see how you guys like it.



Anybody remember this old gem? Came across it yesterday on the backwards compatible list and it just clicked in my head that I had to play it again, and it is refreshing as fuck! Would love to see this remastered.


So with the release of Freelancer I’m committing most of my free time to HITMAN 3 again after being on and off with it simply only playing to complete Elusive Targets. This is also largely the reason I haven’t been as active on the forum.

That being said I’ve been tackling the backlog of Unlocks I haven’t acquired yet and so far I wrapped up all current ET Arcade Unlocks at the time of posting this with a method of just blowing up the target and b-lining to a exit.

I still have to do the undertaking that is the Featured Contracts Unlocks, but and I hope IO does this makes the Featured Contracts menu faster to get to instead of navigating the menus just to get to them since grinding out 70 of them is a undertaking.

After all that I gotta get the Ambrose Mastery Unlock. Admittedly I haven’t tackled the location yet particularly due to it being a rather shit time when it released and I just couldn’t balance out a New HITMAN location with a 40+ hour a week work schedule.

Lastly and this is honestly the one I’m dreading the most, but the Escalation unlocks. I only need two of them which is the Ear Phones and Ice Axe, but admittedly it’s my least favorite piece of HITMAN Content and has been like that since 2016.

Regardless it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I’m an Inventory Completionist and have been that way since 2016. So as a closing remark I hope IO updates the inventory menu cause stuff like the pistols is a bit ridiculous at this point lmao.


As someone who has completed the Featured Contract challenges, I still hope this gets addressed. It’s crazy that perhaps the biggest obstacle to finishing those challenges is the hassle of navigating the menu.

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