What Videogame(s) are you playing?


This was one of my favourite topics on the old Hitmanforum that doesn’t seem to have been recreated here yet.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin - tell us what videogame(s) you’re playing at the moment, a little bit about them, and whether or not you’d recommend them to the rest of us!

I’ll start off:

Disney’s Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

This is a 2013 remake of a Sega Genesis/Megadrive classic. The evil witch Mizrabel has kidnapped Minnie, and it’s up to Mickey to save her. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for some classic, 2D platforming fun. It’s a blast to play, and the visuals, music and presentation are charming. The developers have taken influence from some of the best PS1 era platformers to put a new spin on the classic levels - there’s more than a little Crash Bandicoot-style gameplay complimenting the traditional levels.

Dead Space

6 years late to the party, I just started playing the original Dead Space last night, following a recommendation from a friend. I haven’t even finished the first chapter yet, but I’m already in love with it. I’ve recently been feeling tempted to download the HD remaster of Resident Evil 4, but I’m glad I downloaded this instead as it’s essentially RE4 in space. The visuals and presentation are fantastic - it really does look incredible, and I don’t even need to qualify that by adding ‘for a 6-year old game’. In terms of gameplay, it’s got everything that made RE4 great - over-the-shoulder aiming and shooting, claustrophobic environments, intimidating enemies and the added novelty of having to sever enemy limbs in order to kill them. Highly recommended.


Dead Space is gold, wait till you play the second one as well.

Recently started Dragon Age 2 on Origin for the first time and despite bracing myself for a weak title, It’s actually surprised me at every turn. PS, add me on Origin bitches, username - DerpSpider.


Dead Space was… okay. To me it paled to RE4 in just about every way, except maybe atmosphere. The objectives were incoherent and I really got sick of this happening:

  • “Isaac, go turn on the (something that sounds sci-fi-ish).”
  • This means nothing to me and the entire map looks the same so I turn on my blue-line compass thing and follow the line until I find a lever
  • “Great job Isaac, but the auxiliary gravity power rotator converters still need to be rebooted. Go do it Isaac!”
  • I go off to follow the blue line again with no idea what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and no way to find the objective without the stupid blue line.

Also, there’s a part later in the game when a “military ship” comes to save the day but crashes into the space station instead and you have to board it. Why does the interior of the military ship look dingy as fuck like the rest of the mining station? How cool would it have been to see a completely different aesthetic on that ship. Think of the rebel blockade runner from Star Wars, but bloodied and with monsters running around. That would have been pretty interesting, especially because the atmosphere is getting pretty stale at that point.

The hydroponics area was my favorite part of that game because it at least looked like something. I mean, Alien was great but even Alien had a few bright, sterile rooms to even out the dingy rusty aesthetic.


Non. From time to time I like to replay Freedom Fighters or “The Impact” mission from Kane & Lynch Dead Men due to awesome soundtrack and I like to shoot anything blue that fucking moves.


I really do need to get back into Dead Space at some point. The second game was superb. At the moment I’m mostly playing Battlefield 4 on the PS4. I know the game has it’s fair share of bugs but when you run with a good team online it can be a blast!


Game Dev Tycoon
The Godfather:The Game (ooooh,the nostalgia)
Simcity 4


I think you’re being a bit harsh. I’m still early in the game, about halfway through Chapter 3, but the maps have all been pretty simply thus far, certainly not much more complex than RE4’s. I’ve been making a habit of briefly studying the map upon beginning a chapter, so I haven’t needed to use the blue line.

Plus, I’ve encountered plenty of starkly-lit rooms to balance out the dingy, rusty ones, although I will agree that the environments are a little bit samey.


Hello there, I am playing for the first time SC Double Agent for the PC (the 7th gen version) - I had only played the 6th generation PS2 version - I have a problem, it seems the lights are badly designed and I can’t distinguish where is dark or light, and therefore I can’t sneak properly, any way to fix this? Or is this my PC problem?


Currently playing skyrim. Again. Can’t seem to get enough of that game


I just completed Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor some days ago, and i must say it was worth every penny. The combat system was the best i tried in a third person adventure game, it felt much more fluent then the combat of Assassin’s Creed and the Arkham series. It felt like a perfect mix of Arkham and Assassin’s creed’s combat system. I was lucky enough to enjoy the game with every setting on ultra and 1080p resolution, with over 60 FPS at any given time. The game looked stunning, i had some problems with ultra settings, until i downloaded HD textures from steam after that i ran as i should.

Great combat, stunning graphic and good story (even thought it had it’s week moments). But it’s the nemesis system that really makes this game stand out. It was very fun to play around with, some times letting an Orc escape, burn him or let him kill you, to give him some thing new. But i also found out it could be a bad idea to die to the same Orc to many times, and ended up creating one crazy fucker in level 18, still less the halfway through the game. But it only made the pleasure of killing him even bigger, when i had the chance to wipe the smug smile of his face ones and for all.

8/10 great game and great fun.


I am also playing Shadow of Mordor and I have to agree, it’s an amazing game and definitely the best LOTR related game. Like you said, the nemesis system is amazingly fun on it’s own and is definitely worth trying the game out just to see it for yourself. I am actually surprised at how good the game really plays TBH and for the first IP, this game is excellent value for money.

The only 2 bad things I can think of so far (because I am almost in the middle part) are:

  1. The area is a bit too small. It could have be bigger with more things to see
  2. Sometimes climbing and jumping take time to register. For example I would be in a perfect position to climb, but Talion refuses to climb and others, I want to jump off a cliff or tower and Talion refuses to do so too. These only happen for a few seconds, but it’s enough to get you in trouble and these also do no happen very often. I think these can easily be patched in though.

I am enjoying every minute of it so far though and I decided to take it slow and steady because of how good the nemesis system actually is. :smile: I agree it’s an 8/10 game easy.


I am playing Driveclub ps4. This is my first ever racing videogame I had ever bought and played it for so long. I enjoy it so much. Controlling the car isn’t that hard. And the graphics are just amazing
The one thing that I don’t like is not having the ability to modify the cars performance like wheels or engine.
For the rest I like it. Totally worth buying it


Red Dead Redemption

This must be the first video game where i actually felt something for the characters.


I’m giving a shot to the manhunt series - I was never interested in playing them, but I remember that when I was 14 years old a friend of mine secretly ordered the game from the US (it is not sold here) and loved it, I played a little on the PS2 but I can’t remember how it was. I’ll try it out since it’s a stealth game, and I noticed it’s a game people either hate or love


It’s brutal af. That’s what makes it fun


The last game I completed was LA Noire, which I’m replaying at the moment. One of the best games that have come out in the last 5 years, in my opinion. An amazing story and atmosphere, with all the makings of a good mystery/thriller film (though I’ve never watched any actual noir film, so not sure how well it does on that front), some really interesting gameplay elements, an excellent blend of action and investigation - all that complete with a phenomenal soundtrack that makes even a simple ride through town a profoundly exciting moment.

I was a little bit disappointed at it’s overall simplicity (the formula is mostly just “look around for clues - interrogate someone - action sequence” - a little scarce for a game entirely about police work), but the game is so innately engaging that I never once got tired of it.


I hope that game blazes the trail for a successor to be released in like 10 years. It had a lot going for it, but it just wasn’t nearly developed to its potential. You can tell it had a decent story at one point in development but it fell into the sink and they had to put it back together with what they could pick out of the garbage disposal. And then they were like “we don’t know how to end this, so let’s just shoehorn in a second playable character and fuck it, give him a flamethrower.”

I was also profoundly bothered that the game pretends to give you so free agency over investigating crimes, then forces you to lock up like three guys who you know are innocent. Interspersed with cutscenes of the doctor guy who you have no way to do anything about even though you know for literally the entire game that he’s guilty of something. Similarly, my partner was being a dick one time so I got in my car and left him at the station. I was hoping to go rogue a little bit, do a little Dirty Harry investigations, but then when I got to my next interview my partner got out of the car with me all the same.

If they expand the formula and give the player more freedom, I think it would be an awesome game. Bonus points if they actually make it a Dirty Harry game. I remember feeling like I only had a partner in a lot of scenes so I could have someone to get advice from— “I think we should search for more evidence” and so on. Make a Dirty Harry game and let Harry talk to himself to give the player guidance. “I’m staying here until I find the evidence I need to put this punk away.”


Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)

Easily the best open-world racing game of all time. The mixture of southern Europe, careful modified Forza Motorsport driving physics and a fully-fledged weather system is burning my brain. I already pumped over 40 hours into the game, and the technical side and the driving flow are blowing me away every day. I can’t describe how good it feels to explore Nizza, Sisteron or Castelletto in a Lamborghini Hurácan or LaFerrari. The soundtrack is just the icing on the cake. Playground Games is an amazing team, I can’t imagine what they will do with Horizon 3 (and 4). But for now, Horizon 2 is untouchable, Test Drive Unlimited and Driver SF should worship this masterpiece.

Here are some shots from the game. Drooling all over the place!

From the offical GAF thread: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=904010


That looks so gorgeous. I’m not even into cars that much but that game looks to me like by far the best reason to own an Xbox One.

But I have a PS4 so I’m playing OUTLAST to get into the holiday spirit. In case you don’t know, it’s a first-person horror game… the premise is an “investigative reporter” goes to some abandoned asylum where “unethical experiments” have taken place, armed only with a camera. You spend most the game viewing the world through the camera viewfinder and the camera happens to have a infrared mode so you can see in the dark, and so the world can get that creepy grainy nightvision look made popular in The Blair Witch Project and Grave Encounters.

The first 10 or 20 minutes of the game absolutely terrified me. The screenshot above is absolutely terrifying to me.

Scary monster! Not really. It’s a spooky game, but after you get to a certain point the monsters lose all their mystery and you pretty much know what to expect so it becomes about as scary as Bioshock.

I’m most scared when I’m in a spooky, relatable environment and I don’t really know what sorts of horrors are about to await me. The Silent Hills teaser P.T. terrified me far more consistently than this game.

Also there’s a ridiculous amount of trial and error involved once you start having to escape from certain enemies.


I’m currently playing GTA iv, Street Fighter and Master of shadows,…