What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I started playing The Sims 4 for the first time earlier this week, after not playing any game in the series for almost a decade. I would have gotten this fourth game at release at full price, but I wasn’t overly pleased with what I was hearing about it, and after how EA destroyed SimCity, after such a great game like SimCity 4 was created, I was afraid they had done the same to The Sims. I managed to get it on sale, and the game’s just as strangely addicting as all the other games, ever since the very first one. It’s amazing how a game all about micromanaging the lives of little virtual people, telling them when to eat and sleep, causes the player to miss out on meals and sleep :smile:.

So, funny story about the game, my sim met someone, gave birth to a daughter, and I bought the kid a dollhouse once she became a toddler. One of our neighbors visited the house, and he kept destroying the toy house I just bought all because he hated children. Every time I’d repair the house and he was around, he’d break it again. Enough was enough, something needed to be done. The little bastard needed to be taught a lesson in manners, in respecting the rules of the households that allowed him to visit and feel at home.

So my sinister plan was set into motion. I destroyed my family by making my sim cheat with the child-hating sim’s mother, and eventually got the prompt to ask her to move in with me. That allowed me to move in with them, into their house, granting me complete control over the household and the dollhouse-destroying teen actions. I first locked him in a small building behind the house, starving him and depriving him of all other resources. Once I showed mercy and let him out, I locked the bathroom door specifically for him. He was unable to take a shower or use the toilet for about two weeks in game. I made the guy skip school for about a week so that his grades would fail, and even forced him to sleep outside on a wooden park bench instead of in a bed.

Finally, I forced him to prepare a bunch of tofu hot dogs (something I’d make my worst enemy eat, because they sound terrible and disgusting) on a grill in a park nearby the house, and I wouldn’t allow him to eat any until after they had spoiled. For two straight days in game, I commanded him to eat every single rotten hot dog he prepared, amounting to three plates of food. His mother was perfectly fine with all of things I made him do by the way, and that’s when I realized I’m a pretty evil person, but also that she was a really crappy mother, so I cheated on her a short while later and moved out of there lol.

I also replayed Splinter Cell Conviction just a few days ago. I was one of the people who actually really liked Conviction at release, and I played the older games. But now, eight years later, I think I like it less. However, I still find it mindlessly fun in its own right. Leading up to its release though in 2010, I was disappointed that they turned away from the concept of what the game was originally planned to be (the cat and mouse with the cops, where all your surroundings could be made into weapons, thing it was going for seemed like a fairly unique concept most games hadn’t tried, and that made me dream of a game based on that Harrison Ford movie, The Fugitive, think of a modern, better version of Assassin’s Creed with a much greater emphasis on social stealth. Io Interactive could make a good game from this concept, that is if the company moves away from Hitman in the future. I’d love to see them try something like this.).

If Conviction couldn’t be what it was originally planned to be, I hoped it would at least feel like one of the first four games, which it did not. Deniable Ops mode seems far more enjoyable than the main story mode, I’m slowly realizing, and I think that’s because there is a stealth element there. The stealth isn’t forced or ignored, the two extremes provided by gameplay in the campaign. It is naturally encouraged and rewarded that you avoid being detected, but it doesn’t spell game over. The story itself is fine, but the gameplay is where the story loses some quality.

Here’s one thing that cracked me up in Conviction that I hadn’t picked up on before: Vic Coste, Sam’s friend and squadmate in Iraq who didn’t exist until this game, says after Sam destroys Third Echelon that “wading in and beating answers out of people” was “pure Sam,” and I’m just like…What? “Pure Sam” based on what? Did the developers even play the previous games? Did they even know there were previous games? The point was to avoid attacking anybody and to stick to the shadows!? Hello?! That’s when I remembered that Vic couldn’t know Sam because he wasn’t around to know the “pure Sam” of olden days, the one we knew and loved. He was only there to see Sam when he was “mad” and murderous (Conviction), and after he discovered the fountain of youth (Blacklist).

On the bright side, Double Agent and Blacklist are backwards compatible now, and I’d argue they’re much better games, so I guess I have great timing replaying this one right now. I’ll probably be going back to them pretty soon too.


I have started playing on Dead Rising 1

I played it a long time ago for like 2 days and put it down-I was not a fan of time management in games back then.

At first I didn’t like it even when I played it recently but after watching some videos of youtube I see that I was coming at it from the wrong angle. I tried to bascially do a saint run my first run-AND I was treating it like a zombie beat em up in which I was supposed to kill everybody on screen. Once I saw what the game expected of me I had more fun.

I really like the idea of being a photographer, I think that was a spot on choice. I think it has a grey area of heroics so that you aren’t a cop or a super person- just a dude with a camera and a job to take some pics. You wanna take pics or you wanna save people? Can you do both? LOL

I was hooked on the music from the opening song.

I honestly don’t like Frank West as a character. He is a major flaw for me-I just hate him-he is basically like Brad described him to be in the first half hour of the game.

I almost wish there was a mode that let you just bash zombies forever but whatever. I like the idea of roll over progression-not exactly new game plus but something better. I think alot of attention to detail was given to the game and once I beat it I can see myself going back in for a quick hour or two of zombie slashing. The music and the environment are worth going back to-as long as I can pretend I am not playing as Frank West, who has covered wars…ya know.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist improved upon Conviction and encouraged any kind of playstyle that suited you (Ghost, Panther and Assault and any combination). That being said, finishing all missions with complete stealth and zero KOs (or the minimal number required in some missions) is extremely challenging and very interesting. It’s amazing how some situations could become very tense owing to a very good enemy AI system. I’d recommend you try playing the game this way when you get back to it. Some missions seem almost impossible to complete in this fashion, but there’s always several ways to do it.


Yeah, I played that way with Blacklist back when it released, on the Perfectionist setting. I thought the entire game was fantastic, major improvement over Conviction, probably one of the better stealth games I’ve played in recent years. Its like Hitman 2016 in my opinion, a fair mix between the good parts of all the previous games, including the ones poorly received by fans. The one thing that bummed me out was Ironside not voicing Sam. It was like having peanut butter without jelly. What I was saying before was that Conviction made me feel like players were expected to just kill everyone in their way, and the personal, vengeful story strongly supported that gameplay direction. I guess you could sneak around everyone in theory, but the game doesn’t feel like it was made with that approach in mind, and, as a result, the approach suffers and doesn’t feel right.


In my opinion, the AI is better in Blacklist when compared to HITMAN, and that’s one of the main reasons I can still play and enjoy it. It is quite difficult and sometimes near impossible to circumvent enemies if they are made aware of your presence. There is an actual propagation system where you hear enemies working together to zero in on your last known position.

Another major thing is how enemies actually “learn” your actions. For example, if you throw something to distract a guard, the guard in question would not go to investigate the object itself, but actually investigate his general perceived area where he believes the object is thrown from. Do this again, and you’re almost certain to get caught. :slight_smile: Another example is how guards do not fall for the whistle trick. It’s impossible to fool a guard more than once this way.


There is the Infinity mode wich is pure survival and can last as long as 14 real time hours. While Brad is right at first about Frank, he changes enough for you to tolerate him more.


Yeah, the level of customization, the AI, even the locations themselves all blended together into a high quality installment in the series. It’s a shame we haven’t gotten a new SC yet, it seems like developers of every series of games that have gotten me and kept me into gaming have either put their good projects on hiatus, given up on them entirely, or pulled a complete 180 on them and abandoned what made them special in the first place. I had high hopes when they brought back Ironside for that Ghost Recon dlc, but Ubisoft really let me down at E3, an event which was, overall, a colossal disappointment for me this year. I’ve mostly abandoned gaming as it is, playing only the games I’ve already gotten in the past few years, some classics through the backwards compatibility program, and the small list of games I have to look forward to in the coming months, Hitman 2 and Shenmue HD (yes, really, one of the games I’m most anticipating is a remaster), and so that E3 lineup didn’t look promising or strong enough for me to keep up with this hobby as much as I used to.

As for Dead Rising, the first game could not hook me for some of the reasons mentioned above. The timing aspect just really bothered me, and it just felt hollow in some way. I went from Dead Rising 2 to Dead Rising, so maybe that’s why I had a harder time enjoying it. Fortunately I can’t say the same about the second and third games, these games got me into the series. I still need to try 4 at some point. I’ve heard mixed opinions on it, but I heard a lot of bad things about the third game too, and I had a blast with that one anyway, so I’ll go into 4 with an open mind. The current gaming industry doesn’t seem to get what I like in games anyway, so I have little incentive to listen to reviews or the majority of mainstream gamers.


Vic Coste probably meant that that violent,angrier Sam was always there inside of him and was finally able to come to the surface now that Sam wasn’t being held back by Lambert or anyone else


For a moment, I was only reminded of Lambert from The Witcher 3. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Splinter Cell game.


I’m in a bit of a gaming lull at the moment. No game seems to keep my attention for more than a few hours before I get bored.

I’ve invested in the PS Now service as you get a 7 day free trial. Going through Mafia 2 again as I always enjoyed it more than Mafia 3.

Just waiting for RDR 2 to release!


I feel you, lately I just haven’t been grabbed by gaming like I typically am and I don’t know why. Still looking forward to RDR2 and Hitman 2.


Play Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Even if you think it’s not for you. These games are tremendously deep and will probably change your whole perception of what modern games can be.


Getting back into Elite Dangerous. Took a few minutes to get readjusted to the control scheme after not playing for many months, but before long it really was just like getting back on a bike. I’m hoping to pick up the planetary expansion later this year, but for now I just really enjoy flying through space and running missions. Here are a couple screens with my current ship that I took back in December.


Finally finished SOMA. A great horror game for those wanting to try a new one. It has its faults, but it’s still really good. Now onto Cry of Fear…


Currently playing StarCraft and Cuphead, both refreshing. It’s been a while but StarCraft seems easier than I remember. Cuphead still kicks my ass and I’m still loving it.


I’m replaying the Mass Effect trilogy, still my favourite space opera on the Citadel.


Anyone who has AC Unity on PS4 and wants to help me with co-op?


you big, stupid jellyfish


I discovered that line on my last playthrough, never laughed so hard in my life.


Over a week ago or so i decided to give Dark Souls a second go with the Remastered edition; what a wise thing i did. Before that i was in those moods in which i didn’t wanted to play anything, Hitman included, and this game made me change that to the point that i’m in my second playthrough, 89 hours more or less, literally collecting every item. I’ve also developed an interest for the lore something i didn’t bothered before. My current build is a Knight with a maxed Zweihander and on the way of beating the game, only Kalameet and Gwyn are left.

EDIT: I also saved Solaire and gave 80 humanity to the Fair Lady, what a gentleman i am. :triumph: