What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Same here dude, exact same game too. I feel sick just from looking at my PSVR now because of how bad the sickness was. Had to lie down for like an hour after every play session just to keep myself from throwing up. I gave up on playing Resi 7 through in VR and it was a lot more fun. The scare factor was about the same too. Really glad I quit playing in VR for Resi 7 and played it normally, really fantastic game and I’m pissed that I ruined the opening for myself because I refused to “not get my money’s worth” out of my PSVR.


@EricTheAussie @Bardachenko … Simon Pegg (who is also a certified gamer) shares his knowledge on the phenomenon of VR Sickness.


To all other Xbox One player’s, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now backwards compatible! :blush:
Have fun!


Yeah they reeeaaally hype up the immersiveness crap and sell it out as the best thing ever,but it’s not worth it until they even all the problems it has out. A dark room and headphones suit me just fine if I don’t feel like shit afterwards.


that has been available for months now. MW2 only recently became backwards compatible


It was the only game I was waiting for and I really missed it? What is going on with my life.


I’m still waiting for Max Payne 3. All other rockstar games have made it except that one :unamused:


Yesterday I played again RE7 but without VR and I must say you’re right. The scare factor is the same and I can play how long I want, without being afraid to feel bad


Who’s playing Spider-Man? Er, uh, Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN?

I’m maybe six or seven hours in. Thoughts so far:

  • Sony’s going to make a killing on this game. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a game on opening night, but I happened to be near my local GameStop around 9 p.m. (when they were allowed to sell) and I was shocked at the crowd picking up their pre-orders. Many of them were picking up the limited edition PS4 along with the game. More tellingly, all my friends with PS4s— people who almost never buy new games— are planning on buying this game in the next couple days.

  • The game kind of feels like a remake/reboot of the much-adored Spider-Man 2 game. I wouldn’t say it’s refined very much, but it’s brought all the elements of that game into the modern era. Objectively, everything is improved, but it feels almost exactly like the older game felt at the time. This is good and bad. The old game is absolutely legendary— and nobody will play it again now that this game exists. But if there’s something really transcendent in the new game, I haven’t found it yet.

  • You know how some games just grip you and don’t let you go for 20 hours? For me, this is not one of those games. I’m playing it a lot but I get a little bored after a while because a lot of the gameplay is repetitive tasks designed to give you reasons to swing around the city and beat up thugs. This isn’t a complaint: the game makes you feel like Spider-Man and those are the things Spider-Man does. Maybe the game is running into the limits of what a Spider-Man game can be. Critics have praised the Peter Parker sections but so far they’ve been boring as hell. Maybe that will change.

  • This isn’t a complaint either: this game does one thing really well and it’s the swinging. Contrast that to Arkham Asylum, which, in my mind, did three things extremely well (traversal, brawling, stealth). Everything else in Spider-Man is done competently but isn’t anything to write home about.

But I’ve been waiting for this game for 14 years and I’m absolutely thrilled to be playing it. They got the swinging right, there’s plenty of stuff to do, and everything looks amazing. That’s really all we need.


Too bad it’s a PS4 exclusive, Sony really gets greedy with their IP. Ever since it was announced I thought it seemed interesting. Except a couple of things, of course I’m not gonna play it because I can’t spend money on a new system, but there are some things I didn’t like.
The traversal mechanics don’t look too fun. Specifically being able to run up walls all the time regardless of your momentum. No fall damage also is weird not to include, and the looks are weird to me. Granted I didn’t like the graphics from Sunset Overdrive, Insomniacs previous game, so that may be it. The voice acting for Spidey isn’t one of my favourites and a few animations seem a bit out of place. Also the dodge mechanic looks a bit boring. No more dodging individual bullets from a machine gun or counters. Looks more like the roll from The Amazing Spider-Man Games.

There are things however that do look interesting. I appreciate all the costumes, the initial outfit looks way better than the later one in my opinion. I can’t stand all the white, the large cast of villians looks interesting. And the fact it’s a Spider-Man game of course.

Still indifferent about the combat. It looks repetitively dull…but maybe it feels different.


I’m trying out Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

And after (or IF) I beat that I’ll go onto…

The Messenger.

I never had an NES, but I borrowed one from my cousin back in the 90’s, and played his copy of Ninja Gaiden. After so many continues I eventually beat the game. Apparently, that’s a rare thing since it’s so hard. :confused:


Once you get the game in your hands the traversal is hard not to love. It’s almost therapeutic when you start to use all of Spidey’s abilities and form a rhythm.

The game follows the Ubisoft open world formula to the letter, but swinging around is so much fun it gets away with it.


This to me is a bit disappointing. I was expecting them to do more than the Ubisoft way. Batman Arkham Knight did this but it had a good excuse and gave you the Batmobile and gliding plus grapple to traverse. I can see a Spider-Man game getting repetitive if doing the things Ubisoft do with their open worlds.

Which is another point in it’s own, I think it was a fatal mistake to use Arkham’s way of combat. It doesn’t fit well with Spider-Man. Batman uses it to disarm weapons, break bones instantly, take down enemies with his gadgets, etc. Spider-Man doesn’t seem fun fighting. Spider-Man 2 is a button masher but the combos you can mix and match are fun and give you a large range of options. Just saw a review of the game and much of it looks repetitive, much copied from Arkham Knight. From enemy types to a gadget wheel mid combat…not my cup of tea. Much of the excitement is from the game being better than the previous Amazing Spider-Man games. Not too much praise for the mechanics. Like Insomniac played it safe with this one and didn’t make their own formula.
I appreciate the fact that during combat you can let criminals fall off buildings lol. I’m never a sucker for suspending my disbelief if it’s fun. Spider-Man 2 was a blast grabbing enemies and letting you dive head first from the Empire State Building and just pretend it only knocked them out. It’s fun to give you that freedom and unfortunately despite enemies falling off rooftops, the game doesn’t go anywhere with it. Which leads me to believe it was a but instead of a mechanic.

Idk, maybe it’s too much to ask for a different type of superhero game. One that doesn’t religiously copy Batman Arkham and does it’s own thing. Rocksteady is on the middle of making a new game so maybe we’ll see something different.


I’m usually the first person in line to condemn the Ubisoft formula being used, but playing Spider-Man isn’t like playing any other open world game, purely based on how you traverse it.

I can’t emphasise enough how enjoyable the simple act of moving around this version of New York is. It’s spectacular. And while the map is littered with icons, the actual content it’s pointing you towards is often interesting (ignoring the collectibles, even though they are full of fan service). They somehow manage to find more and more interesting ways to challenge your ability to swing around.

One mission will have your webs dissolving quickly, the next will have you dispersing gas over the ocean (which doesn’t have many things to swing from).

I’m playing on hard and I think that ‘fixed’ the combat for me, as it prevents it from being a button masher. Enemies hit hard, so you need to deal with them quickly, and the quickest way to deal with them is by webbing then up. So instead of hitting things till their HP is zero, your trying to move them towards a wall or onto the ground for a quick KO. This means your using almost all your combat abilities, and I believe this system does a better job of displaying our heros pacifism than Arkham did.

I’m a huge fan of open world games, but that also means I’m the first to feel fatigue or not finish a game for some of the reasons you’ve mentioned above. None of that is true here though. This game is bloody excellent.

Insomniac Games have a new fan right here, among others I’m sure.


I guess it’s more of am experience thing than anything else. I won’t be able to tell the traversal unless I got to play. At least it’s good to know they have it alright.

And to me the combat is still broken, it’s the same thing The Amazing Spider-Man had. Playing the game on the hardest difficulty just meant you died quicker. You webbed up enemies to slow them down and relied on environmental takedowns. And rolling out of the way of punches. To me that’s just boring. But to each their own.
Everything combat related seemed to borrow from Arkham Knight. People with knifes, shields, shock batons, hell even an enemy that holds you down as others punch you. Only difference is the animations and it seems you can’t counter at all. Weird.


Playing on the hardest difficulty forced me to use all of the abilities I had at my disposal. That’s the perfect scenario in almost every case, including here.

‘Environmental takedowns’ are usually a boring scripted animation, but the ability to shoot webs at any time means you can be really creative with your toolset; punch an enemy up into the air, jump up, swing kick him towards a wall, before he hits the ground shoot him with 3 or 4 webs and he sticks to the wall behind him. Or use your webs to grab the door off a nearby car and throw it at someone, web them down before they get off ground.

The only aspect of the game I find a little weak is stealth. The option to cling to any surface makes it a little too easy to pick off guys from above. In Arkham you could only swing to gargoyles, which forced you onto the ground (and into danger).


That still reminds me of The Amazing Spider-Man game. Had the exact same mechanics. You webbed a trashcan or vending machine, threw it into enemies and webbed them down. Or even Ultimate Spider-man had this mechanic. To me it’s not exciting and just something I’ve seen before. Maybe its just a bit too basic for me. The combat sounds a but more of a watered down version of Web Of Shadows. It doesnt look bad, just the lack of a proper dodge button makes it look empty. It isn’t like Batman Arkham where you need to master the combat to be unstoppable or even untouchable. Or Spider-Man 2 or 3 where you could use spider reflexes to perform impressive combos. A new player punches and dodges in Spider-Man 2. An experienced one activates slow motion to start the bicycle kick that looks like something from the matrix. Basic moves with new players and advanced ones with someome who’s learned the combos. Same thing with the traversal. Spider-Man 2 allowed a player to wall crawl normally or rapidly if they hit the wall during a web swing. And experienced one knew that holding the Sprint button and wall crawling button allowed you to wall run alongside buildings for as long as your momentum carried you. It was a mechanic for players who mastered web swinging. And one I feel needs to return. Giving you the ability to wall run as easily greatly reduces the need to wall crawl Or properly learn the mechanic.

Stealth has always been basic and not the reason one plays those games. It can be fun, but they did that even way back what the Nintendo 64 version so it’s not a worry of mine. Weirdly enough they only did it for one level But now they use it all the time. I don’t know why they feel the need to constantly throw stealth mechanics in Spider-Man games. Some even have more focus on stealth than combat. It looks like it just slows the pace down to have an excuse to copy Arkham. Except in that game you’re more vulnerable, there are constant hostages, and every gadget has a counter gadget by the enemies.
You throw something to scare or immobilize an enemy, the others hear you. You grab someone from a gargoyle and everyone comes to check on you. Some gargoyles get rigged with exolosives so you can’t use them anymore. You use detective mode to search for enemies and some use jammers or special suits so they’re not showing up, or they lock on to your signal if you use it too much. No gargoyles and you can use the floor grates, explode walls. Do a fear takedown or deactivate a few enemies guns and go all combat.


Yeah everybody’s praising it but it just looks like Amazing Spider-Man 2 with some minor adjustments. The way spidey can easily web zip himself over to an object and then a little animation automatically plays is exactly how web rush worked in the amazing games. The combat looks like a watered down a arkham like you said, and yeah it is totally just rehashing the amazing games with those environmental things.

The physics of the swinging are impressive for sure but the mechanics are a step backwards. It would have been great if they took the idea that Beenox had with Amazing spidey 2 and make it so you have L2 to shoot a web at a building to the left of you and R2 to shoot a building to the right of you. They could even have mixed that with Spider-Man 2’s swinging where you could hold onto two webs at the same time (for some reason everybody seems to forget about this mechanic, I think it’s because it was only available in advanced swinging mode).

The game could still be alright though. Depends what there is to do in it. It’s just a bit of a shame that it’s pretty much just more of the same


The Spider-Man games hit gold with Spider-Man 2 and despite all the deviations they’ve done, none has felt as fun. Shame they can’t redo the physics and momentum mechanics. The combat has been also watered down to be dodging and punching with environmental takedowns. Gone are the days of grabbing an enemy and taking them halfway across the city before dropping them off. Hopefully someome will do something amazing with the mechanics again. Only the truly positives I’ve seen are the costumes.


The combat is fine. I was seriously into the Arkham combat and this really isn’t the same thing. There are definitely similarities, especially with regard to enemy types, but it feels quite different. I love sticking a lot of enemies to surfaces with web, and it’s a ton of fun figuring out how to do it (you have to strategize a bit). Sentence me to prison and force me to play 10,000 hours of Spider-Man combat and I’m picking this game over Spider-Man 2 every time.