What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Eh, to me it feels like copying arkham wasn’t a positive move, but to each their own. Web of shadows did the flying in the air combat before, so far I’ve seen nothing else special. Shame really :confused:


There’s a dedicated dodge button in combat, and there are many elements of the traversal system that only dedicated players will make use of. It’s also been a long time since I’ve played Spider-Man 2, but even with my nostalgia tinted glasses, I hold this games traversal above and beyond it.

This is far from GOTY, but I’ve had so much fun with it over the last few days. It’s faults are already well known, but sometimes a game is worth more than the sum of its parts. I think the characters were so well written and voice acted too, which could be why I’m able to overlooks a few kinks. It’s actually very similar to God of War in that way.

I can’t wait to see what Insomniac does with their version for these characters in a sequel (which was heavily hinted at, if not confirmed). I’m not an expert on the comics, but they’ve definitely taken some liberties and the game is all the better for it.


I meant an actual dodge. Not a rolling away from a punch. That Just feels lazy to me. Dodging every single punch or bullet like Spider-Man 2 did.
And yeah, I can see how you could put hours into the game, but like I said. There’s nothing really special here. It’s basic stuff and I hope things change. Maybe the sequel will try something different.
Voice acting for me…well I don’t really like the new voice for Spidey. And after hearing Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Josh Keaton, and Dan Gilvezan in Shattered Dimensions, I am convince that that was the peak for voice acting in a Spidey game.
(And the lowest was obviously Web of Shadows…hell even Tobey sounds dull lol)


Not sure I understand.


Spider-Man, which is fucking amazing. Sony has done well this year.


I heard a few rumours about Marvel wanting it to be the start of a Marvel Games Universe. I kind of missed out on the recent MCU craze, but I’d love to see Insomniacs version of Spider-man expanded upon.

The Avengers, Black Panthor and Daredevil are all hinted at in this game so who knows. From what I’ve read Marvel did something similar with the Iron Man movie; Hinted at other characters existing in the same universe before connecting them in future installments.


I just bought Spider-Man, super pumped to boot it up when I get off work. Watched a stream for an hour or so yesterday, looks like a good time.


Now that we have another awesome Spider-Man game can someone finally make another awesome X-Men game :smile:


I just want another game like X2 Wolverine’s Revenge.


Yes, but maybe a little less Wolverine. As a fan of the movies and comics I get sick of him being everywhere.


But he’s everywhere because he’s the goddamn best lol.


They need to bring back the old PS2 Marvel RPGs if they plan on starting a wave of marvel games

X-Men Legends 3 and Ultimate Alliance 3 are my dream games.


Well we can only hope, I mean for the longest time Spider-Man and the X-Men were Marvel Comics meal ticket. Sure there are smaller characters that were awesome like Punisher or Moon Knight (who are still awesome) but Spidey and the mutants were where it was at.


Also I heard about the whole “World’s Saddest Easter Egg” thing. Jeez that is rough.


So I played Spider-Man all night, this game blows Spider-Man 2 out of the water. Swinging is excellent, combat is surprisingly more in-depth than I imagined and the whole game is just so silky smooth and well-designed. By far the best Spider-Man game I’ve played, hands down.


I started playing Horizon: Zero Dawn yesterday. Fun game so far. :slight_smile:


I thought HZD was better than Breath of the Wild. Now excuse me while I lay in the hole I just dug myself into.


Here’s your shovel/spade/regional equivalent.



Was borrowing my brothers copy of Spiderman but then I got Dragon Quest XI :slight_smile: