What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Bloxorz . That’s what makes it fun


I have been considering getting the Spider-Man game (was always a big fan, like the X-Men more but Marvel don’t want me to be an X-Men fan) and I have one question is it just as good as Spider-Man 2 the movie (I would assume that it is better than the video game given the tech evolution)


A friend of mine once went to the Pirated Video Store in the Philippines (yes there was such a thing!) and he was drawn into buying a DVD for the film “BRAVEHEART II”.

He asks me: “Didn’t Mel Gibson’s character die in the first one?”
Me: “Don’t look at me. I didn’t know they were making a sequel.”

When the film starts it turns out the DVD contains the film “THE 13TH WARRIOR” starring Antonio Banderas. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, in real life William Wallace had (supposedly) his genitals mutilated and ripped off and was decapitated by “Longshanks”, thus ruling out any possibility of a sequel. (Unless Mel decides to make a Robert the Bruce spin-off)


Well as one of the people who actually read the script for the sequel of GLADIATOR (it’s public now since I think it will never be produced)… My mindset now is… “You just never know…”:stuck_out_tongue:

Still it was hilarious at the time seeing the guy’s reaction when the movie started playing…

He was like: “Thirteenth Warrior!?!?” hahahaha.


I cannot believe that is a thing that exists and now that I think about it there is a lot of potential for making a good movie about Robert the Bruce


hahaha… Actually we were torn about the script. It was very well written. But it also came out like, if you asked a master artist to come up with a realistic version of PEANUTS. Yes, it looks great… but you won’t be able to get away with it.

It was really clever though. But it was just too outrageous:

It ends with Maximus reincarnated as the Chief of the United States Department of Defense and preparing for “the mother of all battles”.



That is the stupidest idea for a movie ever and that includes the movie that Robert Rodriguez made that won’t come out for a hundred years I found out about yesterday


The pressure around GLADIATOR was “It made a lot of money”. Once that happens… everybody thinks. “Can we do one more?”

To be fair I think if I recall… Ridley Scott himself said: “There cannot be a sequel. Maximus died. The end.”

But others were more determined… :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that WAS a Ridley idea, I mean this was the guy who put the Deckard was a replicant in Blade Runner, despite everyone telling him not to even Phillip K. Dick said it was a bad move.


Well no… It’s the brain child of Nick Cave (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0147022/).

The concept was to literally “continue past the wheat fields sequence”. It doesn’t make sense, but it “flows naturally”. And because people liked Maximus so much the gambit was…“Don’t you want to know what happened when he got to the wheat fields of the afterlife?”

It doesn’t make sense… but the writing milks that momentum and just runs with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the idea of a warrior or someone going through reincarnation sounds interesting, just not when it is a sequel to a film as good and standalone as Gladiator.



But it is a good script. Just not a good concept.

Once Maximus awakes in the wheat fields… and has to fight what looks like human bandits, he spends (as do us the audience) wondering for the next 10 minutes or so… “what is this place? What the fuck is happening?”

The explanations thrust GLADIATOR head long from its historical roots… and we’re now basically in the Russell Crowe Roman version of… DARKSIDERS… with fallen Roman Gods… reincarnation… .the works.

He’s still looking for his wife and son… which is the main fuel for the sequel. So it’s not hard to imagine Russell Crowe carrying on… in this fantasy world of Undeath… angrily asking the fallen god Jupiter “Where is my wife?!? Where is my son!!!”.

You’re kind of laughing at how preposterous it is, and yet marveling at the sleight of hand. The script floated for very long (such was its quality). But in the end it just couldn’t be made. It’s too preposterous. hahaha.


I downloaded the forza horizon 4 demo and it runs amazing and looks stunning. So far It’s lot’s of fun but it crashed once though :thinking:


That is good to hear, FH4 was one of the reasons I was deciding to the and Xbox One X, but since I heard about the PC version I decided to get it on our (me and my brother’s) PC. Left me with fewer reasons to by the XOX.

Me personally I am replaying Red Dead Redemption in preparation for the sequel


Bought CK2 and haven’t looked back. Amazing game. Right now I’m playing an Ibadi Caliphate on Morocco and I have an INSANELY LARGE secret Iconoclast cult, unexplainably, on the verge of declaring civil war. And a Sunni overlord sick to the core that I keep eating land and making it Ibadi over Sunni.

This is exiting.


I need to know what “CK2” is after reading that amazing description. It sounds great!


I also have a secondary playtrough as a Somali Kingdom that converted from Sunni Islam to Coptic Christianism. That game is far cheesyer so far. I’m married to the Chinese Emperor’s daughter, I am the Megaloschemos of the Coptic Monastic Order, I hold Christ’s Crown of Thorns and I’m fucking immortal.


But what does “CK2” stand for? Or is that the game’s name?


Spider-man. I think I’m probably about 50-60% through the plot.
So good.