What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Crusader Kings 2.

It’s amazing, I bought a PS4 for this and Bloodborne and it was totally worth


I’m playing Rise of the Tomb Raider (which has been sitting on my shelf forever) in preparation for Shadow of the Tomb Raider (which I probably won’t get around to playing until Tomb Raider 4 comes out). lol

But, hey, at least by being so slow I get to play the super-awesome-definitive versions of games first.


This is how I try to game, really. You get everything at once, and you usually bypass a lot of bugs. It’s good.
That’s also why Hitman would have been my first ever CE (I’m a PC gamer in the US, so.) I’m sure I’ll eventually buy a CE of something, though.


Also been playing Spider-Man. Really addictive. Combat is better than it gets credit for, imo. It’s different from Arkham’s for sure.


Playing Dragon Quest 11 it’s a great game so far. Might be one of my favourite jrpgs already.


I just rediscover Hitman:Sniper on my ipad every year :wink: It’s the best game on iOS


You tried playing Hitman GO, I find that it beats Sniper. Or the Sniper Assassin game with a HITMAN 2 pre-order


I finished all the GO games :wink: Too easy


Finished Spider-Man 100%

The storyline & gameplay are excellent, the cutscenes are… well, amazing! Definitely the best Spidey game since SM2, which was one of my fave PS2 games ever.

Looking forward to the Black Cat DLC now, although I do fear it’s basically gonna be one huge “drone challenge” where you have to chase her all around the city hitting certain markers in a race against the clock. Those bomb & drone challenges are easily the worst thing about this game… not even a case of “git gud” I like a challenge as much as the next the person, but they were waaay too hard imo, to the point where they weren’t even enjoyable. Wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t so much riding on them, but you HAVE to fully complete them on ultimate if you want to unlock all the suits & gadgets.

Anyway, couple of screenshots in ESU suit & undies lol…


so I’ve been playing alot of Doom 2016 this week. and while it’s great fun, the campaign gets a little old after repeated playthroughs. so naturally I looked up if there was any other old school FPS games that released recently and I stumbled upon Dusk.

I’m only through the first episode but holy shit. this was exactly what I needed to scratch my doom itch. can recommend 100%, it’s pure fun.




I actually didn’t mind those, the combat is quite satisfying in this game, well, at least up until you’re getting a combo of 60+ then all of a sudden it’s ruined by some bastard who fucks you up with the most innocuous of hits!

B-b-but I dodged!!! :laughing:


I’m hot garbage at comboing in this game for some reason. I think my highest is 30.


Just started Ori and the Blind Forest last night, after seeing it on sale, and damn it’s good. All my complaints with Hollow Knight are rectified in this game.


That’s still pretty good, keep practicing and you’ll get there. I can now get 50-60 combos fairly regularly, but it took a helluva lot of practice, 72 is the highest I’ve got… was feeling myself after that! :laughing:

Tip is to use the dodge under move -gets you behind guys and obviously helps you dodge those pesky bullets too… and of course use the suit mod that keeps your combo going.

I think it’ll be a while before I get a 327 combo though! :open_mouth:


What do you like about the combat? I seriously find it a little dull compared to Web of Shadows or Spider-Man 2.


I like the fact that there’s way more variety of combat you can do than in either of those games. The gadgets and suit powers give you a whole new arsenal of different approaches, especially once you get the hang of how to fluidly include them in mid-fight. Add to that the stealth takedowns, where you can either take enemies out individually or rapidly string them together and then launch straight into a brawl.

For me, the trip-mine alone is more fun to use than anything in previous Spider-Man games…

and don’t even get me started on Spider-Bro! :laughing:


Bought Middle-earth: Shadow of War at a 66% discount yesterday, after all the loot boxes and micro-transactions nonsense were removed from the game a few months ago.

The game is absolutely amazing, particularly the combat and updated nemesis system! The story is pretty decent too. Overall, it’s a very good bargain.


I’m playing Dishonored 2, I never finished it, but I have time to finish it now before RDR 2 and Hitman 2 is released. I’m thinking about buying Dishonored 1 again as well, (Dishonored: Definitive Edition) it’s been years since I played it last time and I don’t remember if I played the last DLC The Brigmore Witches.


I’m playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I have to finish it, but it looks like very interesting. And Lara is hot, as Always. I like the crowded places. The first time in the series, if I’m not wrong