What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Just finished SOMA. It was pretty good, it has a great sci-fi plot. I don’t think the actual “game” part of it is that good, it’s a horror game made by the people who did Amnesia, which I havn’t played, but to be honest I don’t think SOMA is that scary. It has a good atmosphere, but whenever you have to avoid a monster, I don’t think it is as interesting as when the plot is moving forward.


Yeah, sadly this is one of SOMA’s failures. I get Frictional couldn’t follow Amnesia’s formula too closely (or it would just essentially be The Dark Descent but underwater, and no one wants to pay money for the same game), but I feel they went about the monsters and scares awfully. None of them are scary, and are mostly just annoying.


The scariest moment was when you did not encounter them yet and for the first time had these glitches.

Plot-wise I liked it quite much although the main character was clueless a few times too much for my taste.


Yeah, the main characer being obtuse was a bit annoying at times, especially towards the end.


Crusader Kings II. This series though is something of a tough history sim.

My younger brother tried the first one and uninstalled it after he got a headache after a few turns.


Currently playing lots of games actually.

Playing more MHW because of the Harvest Festival. Recently got Divinity Original Sin 2 and Spider-Man, which both need to be beaten still. I have 1 co-op and 1 single player playthrough for Divinity going. Spider-Man is about half way complete.

Otherwise I play Rainbow Six Siege a lot with my friends as my main online game. Will be getting RDR 2 on release so until then I should be good.

Edit: Totally forgot to add that I started playing Hitman 2016 a bit more for the first time in months. Completing some challenges and going for a few unlocks that seem fun.


Playing on “This is the Police”

as I wait for “this is the police 2” to go down in price.

I heard about this game, when it first launched, read about it in a magazine. Honestly, from the review I thought it was gonna be too political for shock value. Or even worse some pro police propaganda. I thought from the reviews that focused on some of the crimes you encounter in the game, that it was either gonna hit me over the head with Black this and that or it was gonna be sob stories about how the rookie cop just wanted to hurry home and fuck his wife.

Actually what I found was a pretty cool political intrigue game. I dunno if I am using those words right. It deals with gender, class, race, corruption and what it means to be the police.

The basic idea is this, you are the police chief and you work a day, each day through out you get calls all over the city. You read the description of the call, sometimes only a few sentences sometimes paragraphs. From that information you decided how many police if any to send to respond to the call. Some calls are false alarms, some calls require swat, and some calls require back up. You only have a limited amount of police during the day, they have ranks, they get tired, they call out, they no call no show, and they show up drunk.

You send a drunk cop out to respond to a call, they could crash and die on the way there or back. You sent too few cops out to a call, they could end up dead. Towards the later half of the game during the election cops won’t work well with other cops supporting a different candidate.

What I enjoy about the game is the freedom of how you will tackle each days challenges. You can be a corrupt chief and take bribes, and kill cops who are too straight arrow, you can bend to political pressure and fire all the black cops, beat up on gay protestors, and protect the mafia.

Finally I have to mention the music. The music is amazing. It really sets the tone of a smoke filled room and a man looking over a model of a city sending people out to their fates.

The atmosphere is very well done, the music is excellent and the cut scenes are artistically done, but the voice acting is better, especially the main character.

The opening scene of the game is one of my favorite of all time. It sets the tone of the game so nicely.

I love Jack Boyd. Blue Lives Matter. 9/10

“but we have to control ourselves or we’ll all turn into libertines and prostitutes. Hell, if there weren’t any rules I’d be belching, farting, jumping up on the table arms held high yelling SHAKE IT BABY!
No idea how I got so barbaric.”


Hitman 2016 still among my most played. As a dad of young boys I appreciate how parent-friendly Hitman is (in structure, not content :wink:) . It’s easy to drop in and knock off an escalation here and there.

Witcher 3. Have kicked off the final expansion Blood and Wine. I’ve accrued 226 odd hours in W3 thus far. I have nothing of praise I can add that hasn’t already been said. I’m loving Blood and Wine. Having dropped substantial crowns into my winery renos I had to run some old school exploration around Velen to replenish my cash. The time I spent doing this last night were some of the best hours I’ve had with the game. Nothing is a grind.

Epistory Typing Chronicles. My indie side game. A top down exploration RPG that requires you vanquish mobs by typing the words that appear above them. Gorgeous game that’s productivity as well as recreation.

PUBG. My go-to multiplayer with mates.


Hmmm… Hitman 2016, Team Fortress 2, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (stuck in the damn hidden valley ffs) and Payday 2 time to time with a friend


Just beat Mega Man 11. Really enjoyed it, great return to form for the series. Not sure it quite hits the god tier MM titles like 2 or 9, but it is definetly memorable and enjoyable. I think it is a top 5 in the 11 games thus far.

The 8 weapons you score are mostly great and fun to use. The new gear system works very well, speed gear allowing you to slow down time is very well implimented. The power gear lets you super charge your Mega Buster, but also lets you super charge all your special weapons too, a bit like how you could do the same in the Mega Man X games.

The 8 Robot Masters and their respective stages are all good fun, filled with variety, are the right length, and each has their own miniboss too. Some stages do love their instant kill obstacles though, so that can get annoying if you get stuck on a certain part of a stage.

The only real downside to the game is that it has perhaps the shortest Wily Castle of the series. There are only 2 Wily Castle stages, then the usual boss rush and final boss. But aside from that, I think as a come back for the series, I really hope this can really begin a new era for Mega Man. Maybe Mega Man 12, or perhaps X9 in the future?


Not into Mega Man since my days in primary school and the time the anime was around, but it’s good to know that a beloved icon has a good comeback after entries that weren’t too satisfying and a big flop of a spiritual successor wannabe (God forbid the No.9).


The good thing about Mega Man nowadays is that it is more accessible to enter the franchise with the release of the Mega Man and X Legacy Collections. The original Mega Man Legacy Collections you can pick up on sale nowadays, and the first X Legacy Collection is pretty solid too. That’s how I wound up getting into the franchise.


I seen this was on sale in my FB feed the other day. I had never heard of or seen it before, and knew right away I had to get it!

I also went ahead and got another game on my Steam wishlist… Samorost 3


I got the Platinum on Spiderman a few days ago. Really enjoyable game throughout. A lot of grinding though near the end but definitely recommend if anyone hasn’t played it yet.


Just got my hands on Burnout Paradise remaster.

Sony has a sell going on, and we all know buying games full price is a mortal sin.

It was between that and battlefield 1. But since I don’t do multiplayer had to pass.


Dunno where else to post this so I’ll drop it here. Important security shit for people who own a PS4:


I adore the Burnout series, and loved Paradise even if it didn’t have the intensity of the closed circuit races of 3, Revenge and Dominator. Hope you have a good time with it, I’ll need to pick up the remaster at some point just so I have an excuse to play the game for the 5th time.

Currently playing Alpha Protacol. It is very flawed, but interesting nonetheless. Saying that though, the combat really is quite bad, and while stealth is fine, whenever you hit a mandatory combat section it can get very tedious. Especially since I want to save my skill points for my stealth skills so my assault rifle might as well be a second hand paint ball gun.

Makes me want to finally give the Mass Effect trilogy a try. I own the first game but never got around to playing it.


I’m playing Hitman 2016 again, need to practice for Hitman 2 and I need it, I don’t remember which button to press for the different actions :joy:, bought the GOTY update for 96,- NOK and started to play Patient Zero, but oh boy I’m rusty, countless reloads so far, but it starting to get back to me what button to press and when :blush:. Trying SO/SA but no luck so far, but I’m getting there… eventually :joy:.


I’ve been blitzing through the original Red Dead ready for Friday.


Hitman 2016 and Cuphead.
Cuphead is so frustratingly difficult I need some Hitman to relax again. But I’m having fun with both.