What Videogame(s) are you playing?


God of War, I bought it two? weeks ago. Just now about halfway through New Game Plus.
Been really enjoying just destroying everything.

Gonna RDR2 next, I think?


Disgaea 1 Complete
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection


I’m still playing Hitman 2016, finished Patient Zero with all challenges except the sniper assassin in the Author, I forgot that one and will do that challenge as well, done some escalations and unlocked the Sieger 300 Ghost, Striker and the Masamune, so I have been busy playing Hitman 2016 this afternoon and evening :blush:.!


And that’s that, I used my new Sieger 300 Ghost :grinning:.


I can understand you. Although I’m still stuck at the beginning of the game.


Hitman Blood Money again. On expert this time for the saves.
At Death on the Mississippi & thinking I might try getting all accidents. :slight_smile:


ECHO, on Ultra Hard and Legacy Mode.


In their quest for Redemption, everybody is forgetting to ask themselves:

Does your soul still burn?


Just finished Hitman Codename 47 for the first time. Really fun game, it was surprisingly fresh to play, despite playing the Contract remakes before. But I really liked the overall feel of the game, with 47’s origin story as well as the missions themselves. Some of the levels p difficult too, like the Lee Hong Assassination and Plutonium Runs Loose. Also seeing Ort Meyer and the Five Fathers in action was really cool, especially with reading their letters and seeing how the missions are connected.

I think I might play Hitman 2 next, kind of do a chronological playthrough of the all the games, in hype for HITMAN 2 (not to be confused with Hitman 2).

Additionally, I’ve been playing a lot of Crusader Kings II and plan on getting back into Hearts of Iron IV too.


While I was doing a chronological playthrough of the Hitman games, I also played IO Interactive’s third game called Freedom Fighters for the first time. It was a pretty fun game with an interesting setting, complete with an epic soundtrack from Jesper Kyd that gives me a mix of Silent Assassin and Contracts vibes.

It’s a shame that there’s no place where you could get a legal copy that isn’t already preowned because I would definitely buy this on Steam if I could but EA published the game and (I think) they don’t care about selling their old games so seeing this game being officially sold digitally is not gonna happen which is really sad.

It’s interesting to note that IO still has the rights for the IP so it’s likely that we’ll see another FF game from them after HITMAN 2 or 3 gets released. If they ever decide on making a new FF game, they should do a remake because it’s been ages since the game came out and it’s hard to get a legal copy of it nowadays so newcomers may struggle to understand the setting or plot if they just make a direct sequel.
It’d be really sweet to see the game being remade for today’s standards and if people wanted a sequel, they could expand the remake even more with new chapters after the original game’s final level.

Here’s a few screenshots:



Here’s a question: what is Freedom Fighters? I’ve heard a lot of talk about it here since it’s a part of IO’s history.

Is it a shooter game? Stealth game like Hitman? Are there things in the Hitman series that seem influenced by this game?


It’s a third person game. I had it for the PS2.
It’s not based on stealth, and it hasn’t influenced Hitman games in any way, but it does have a charisma system that increases when you do good things (capture bases from the bad guys, help injured people, etc).
It ran in a modified Hitman 2: Silent Assassin engine, and it featured a plumber, Christopher Stone, becoming the leader of the Resistance against the Red Empire.
Oh and Jesper Kyd composed some badass soundtracks for it.


Finished Alpha Protocol. It was interesting, it’s basically a third person RPG with it being about spies and espionage, sort of like Mission Impossible. It is very flawed, the game has alot of glitches, it doesn’t look great even for the year it was released in 2010, and the plot sortof meanders honestly. But it is interesting in some of the things it attempts, like with it being mission based and having alliances with sides.

You can pick it up very cheap, I saw it on sale on Steam for literally 99p a couple of weeks back, so if it is the kindof thing you might be interested in I can recommend it for that price.


Tactical, squad based shooter.

It allowed the camera to rotate around the player (not possible in H2:SA, and Contracts which came before, but possible in BM which came after).


Having an interest in learning Japanese was a large factor in getting Yakuza 0. I’ll try to take notes. :smile:


It has some stealth but minimal. Instead of a frontal assault on enemies you can search the streets or buildings for a different and more beneficial route.


I’ve been playing LOTS of RDR2 and I still get lots of Siege time in with some friends.


I’m still playing Spider-Man by Insomniac and I must admit I’m really struggling with staying with the game. I have no real idea how far into the game, and sometimes I only manage to play a few hours every other week. At this moment I haven’t played it for over two weeks.

It’s not that the game isn’t good, it’s just not Spectacular, Sensational or Amazing in any way. To be honest I find it to be an alright experience overall, It was sadly one of the games I looked most forward to this year and to be honest I don’t think it offers anything special gameplay wise that the Videogame versions of Amazing-Spider didn’t. The gameplay is solid and the story is alright.

I find the game to be alright/good at best, but I find it be as overhyped as The Black Panther movie is. When all comes to all, I still think the Arkham series is the King when it comes to Superhero videogames and Spider-man hasn’t done anything new or exciting.


And I’m still playing RDR2 :smiley:, found two treasures to day and on my own, I’m a bit proud of that :blush:, found a new treasure map, the hardest in the game is it said, I will try to find the second map on my own, maybe I stuble over the location sometime :smiley:.

I’m not going to start Hitman before tuesday, when the games is available for everybody, (no spoilers here) I just started Hitman 2 to see what it looked like, but it threw me right in the first mission, I didn’t play for long before I exited the mission (I only wanted to see the menu and difficulty settings etc.) , but you guys and myself have something to look forward to :wink:.


I agree except I’m not sure I would call it overhyped. I think the hype was around the promise of a next-gen version of Spider-Man 2 on the PS2, and that’s exactly what has been delivered. The swinging is finally good again. The city feels alive. The gameplay is as good as any Spider-Man game that came before it.

Will I still play it in 10 years like I still play Arkham Asylum? Nah. But hopefully by then there’s a better Spider-Man game available that uses this one as a model.

EDIT: Let me blow your mind. They should build on top of this Spider-Man game by adding like 100 more variations of the random crimes— even if this means the main campaign story isn’t as ambitious. Then… they should add a system like Shadow of Mordor where the random street thugs have their own political dynamics and their relationships to Spider-Man change the more you encounter them. Because the main problem with Spider-Man (and SM2 on the PS2) is that all we really wanna do is swing around and stop random crimes and it gets boring too fast. Also this would add some real consequences to ignoring street crimes in progress… which is something Spider-Man always struggles with. As is, I’ve let so many cars get stolen just because I hate the repetitive gameplay when I try to stop them, and there’s no consequence if I ignore them.


To be honest I don’t find the swinging mechanic much better then the Amazing Spider-man movie game or even Spider-man 2 on PS2. Not that there havn’t been an improvement, but it isn’t the biggest of improvements.