What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I saw the X-Men in there, so F4 is probably in there too. Sandman was in it too so I’m assuming they’ve got Spider-Man characters.

Looks like it’s based on the movies a lot, character designs etc







I knew this was too good to be true




Darksiders III
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Disgaea 1 Complete
Just Cause 4
Smash Bros. Ultimate


Red Dead Redemption 2


In-game ads have been added to Street Fighter V

The ads are totally optional (enabled by default, though), however they offer players the chance to earn extra in-game currency if they are turned on. They are displayed during loading screens, in the background of certain stages and, if the option to take it a step even further is turned on, on characters’ outfits.

The fact that it looks ridiculous on the characters aside, in their current state the ads are, in themselves, pretty harmless. All they promote at the moment is upcoming DLC (costume packs) and Capcom’s Pro Tour which is pretty acceptable, especially since the final tournament of the year for that tour, Capcom Cup, is coming up this weekend. It’s not bad at all really, if anything it’s good. Raise awareness about the tour to grow the tournament scene for next year.

But it makes you wonder, what’s the likelihood of Capcom taking this a step further and introducing straight up product placement? Think micro-transactions, these days we consider it standard and it doesn’t really bother us despite the fact that they’re so totally WACK, but that’s because we’ve been slowly conditioned over a long period of time to think this way. And I bet you can’t remember the first instance of micro-transactions in games because that shit started out so small that nobody noticed, then they slowly grew and here we are however many years later where just about every AAA game has some sort of micro-transaction.

I’m not too keen for the idea of having an ad for some wack ass snuggie shit be on my screen when my game’s loading.


Now you mention product placement, remember when Splinter Cell promoted Nokia and Nivea? Those were the times!


Or the Verizon, MS Xbox and Energiser adds in Alan Wake?


r.i.p Alan Wake 2, it deserved to exist.


i still play RDR2 and i still wish i would play RDR1 instead :astonished:


I’m still playing on that Red Dead 2. LOL

Just kiddin…not really.

Holiday sales means I get to play a fresh batch of games on discount which makes me feel artificially good towards them.

With that being said I have transitioned to playing on Dead Island Riptide and Hitman 2

I was able to get two copies of dead island to play with the mrs for less than $15 bucks. In that light I am having a blast with the game-can’t find much wrong with a $6 game really.

Picked up Hitman for $30 bucks a tad more than I wanted to spend but I ended up somehow getting the sniper mission and the pale outfit and duck thing. I thought those were pre order bonuses or whatever. At first I didn’t install the full game but…unsuprised to see I had to replay the training mode 3 different times to get the lock pick back. What was that about? Thanks. Thanks for not making me do the other training mission 3 times to get the fiber wire. They did give me my Elusive Target coins back so, there’s that.

So I installed the whole thing and have been playing it piece by piece trying to get key items back -but otherwise focusing on the Legacy pack and two levels off the 2018 expansion. Why so many bombs? I love bombs but damn…

Otherwise I have been pleased with the game, same o same o bugs and what not. I see that NPC’s have their voices change genders when they are alerted. The grass mechanic is SUPER OP but I love it. The stuff you can get away with in the grass.

Disappointment that all of 47’s pretty dresses didn’t make it but it’s cool can’t hate too much only been really playing on 2 levels.

I do like the picture in picture, been a long time coming.
Thank-you Thank you for the crowd blend. I like the suitcase more than I thought I would.

I also must mention the cut scenes, I use to love watching the cut scenes as I roll a blunt or smoking on one getting in the “atmosphere” ya know. I can’t watch those power point slide things without laughing. It’s a joke talking about spoiler warning. Man come on you didn’t care about the story so why should I? I play the map based on the item I want.

For the price I paid, yeah it’s aiight. It will keep me busy till Cyber Punk.
Like I said playing with the map and everything off on the highest difficulty still takes me about an hour each session so that’s pretty solid. Got a healthy bit of game to chew on.


Anyone been playing the Yakuza series? Fell in love with 0, and the series. I’ve played Kiwami, 6, and Kiwami 2, but I feel like K2 is the one on par with 0.


Played the hell out of Timespinner. Fire ting.


I actually beat Yakuza 0 recently. Game’s really fun!


I highly recommend Kiwami 2. Not quite as good but still amazing. Plus there are some good followups to 0. (Cabaret Club, Makoto)


Soulcalibur 6


Hey, 2B! I’d recognize that behind anywhere.


Reminds me of how MGS: Peace Walker had the option of wearing a Mountain Dew T-Shirt…