What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Red Dead Redemption 2 I love the story from RDR2 a lot, a nice way to kill time. Don’t like RDR Online though, I think it’s quite boring.

Hitman 2 Unlocking challenges, messing around again, enjoying the environments. It’s good to be back with new levels. Gonna take a look at HH v2 this week too.

Also a bit more GTA Online now the christmas content made it’s return.



Only hitman, nothing else.



I’m replaying a mode from one of the PS2 Mortal Kombat games called Konquest mode. It’s almost a tradition at this point for me to go back to this mode every few years around December and play through it.

I think most people, especially those who aren’t into fighting games, just sort of disregard MK as a series that relies on its shocking and over the top violence to be fun. The great thing about Konquest mode in my opinion is that it takes the other aspects of Mortal Kombat and makes them the focus. It’s a great showcase of what the MK team are capable of creatively.

It’s sort of like a JRPG. You run around in these big open worlds and progress through the story, take quests, collect coins and unlock content etc. You explore 6 realms from Mortal Kombat, each of them have their own cool aesthetic and mood and culture. The lore of the games is weaved so incredibly well throughout this mode. In the main games, the big events like a war or an invasion of a realm is always the focus but in this mode you get to see how normal people react to it. What people say to you changes as events occur, locations are blocked off and opened up. This game simply uses the Mortal Kombat games as the background and builds its own standalone story off of it, it can be easily enjoyed by people who’ve never played MK before.

It’s totally underrated. I think if this mode was sold as a standalone game and given a different title, it would be more popular than it is. I think it remains so obscure outside of Mortal Kombat circles because it’s included in the sixth mortal kombat game. That fact is gonna put a lot of newcomers off and make it seem like the barrier for entry is larger than it actually is.



I’m playing GTA Online more than usual for the past few days. They have these ludicrous conditions in order to unlock an unique tattoo and I’m grinding for it. I want to play Holiday Hoarders and unlock the Santa suit, but I’m not still halfway to unlock that damn tattoo.


Konquest mode was great fun, used to spend hours on that, accumulating as many coins as I could for the Krypt… back when you had to properly grind to unlock everything.

Still have all my PS2 MK games (Deadly Alliance, Deception & Armageddon) might have to dust them off in the new year for a bit of nostalgia;

Fun fact: I actually came up with my screen name from playing Deadly Alliance… I always used to play with Shang Tsung who had the snake stance… my Chinese zodaic sign is ‘Fire Snake’ so when I also started going on internet forums around this time (circa '02-'03) I just figured “Firepower” sound kinda cool :smile:


I’ve been playing Alpha Protocol (again) lately. It’s certainly not a perfect game (lots of bugs, broken abilities) but I simply love it. The James Bond-esque plot combined with great RPG elements makes me play it again about twice a year. It’s gonna take me a while to finish it though, since I’m also trying to complete all Hitman 2 challenges and my squad keeps inviting me to PUBG.


Finally, after what feels like for forever, I got my hands on Road Redemption. God this game takes me back to the good old days of Road Rash, how I much I missed it. It’s pretty much everything Road Rash is but on steroids, even has that old school arcade feel to it. I sure hope this sales well enough to make a sequel.


Road Redemption is a great game! Making me wanna play it again now, best Road Rash game since the original


Started playing Yakuza Kiwami recently, as it was free on PS+ a couple months back. Holy shit is it good, I’m so happy I started playing it–the combat and story is very good. I’ll probably pick up Yakuza 0 as well.

I’ve also been playing Hitman 2, with just messing around, and occasionally CK2 and Just Cause 2.


Yakuza 0 is brilliant, and I can’t wait til Kiwami comes to PC, I loved the original on PS2


I been playing Battlefield V for a couple of days now, I wanted to give it a chance since I spend almost 700 hours in Battlefield 1. From the start when the game was first announced it didn’t catch me or my attention, the influence of Battle Royale was heavy handed from the first trailer. My excitement sank rapidly, I didn’t even want a WW2 shooter, that’s what I hoped for with BF1. I kinda got my fix from BF1 and COD WW2, where now I just wanted to return to the present.

I had actually no interesting in buying the game, which worked out fine since I want EA to change, so I opted for voting with my wallet. There where just to many problems with BF V, 1: It jumping on the Battle Royale train, 2: WW2, 3: Badly optimised and 4: it being an EA game.

Sadly or luckily, I got the game with the purchase of my RTX 2080 GPU. So I might as well give it a go.

So here are my thoughts on the game. I hate it, badly optimised and the gameplay have changed to much, they had to tweak it for it to fit inside the Battle Royale genre and it changes the movement to much. It feels like the introducerede a “free-roam”/“Parkur” system, you can jump any time and climb anything. But it doesn’t work…jumping out and in of Windows is a hassle, more often then not you get stuck or land next to the window, because you can go in so many direction. You get stuck on small ledges and sometimes have to spam vault (space) for up to five times, before doing the animation probably. In that amount of time there is a good chance you been killed. The weapon unlock system doesn’t work and you often have to quite the game to use a new unlocked weapon, the menu is a mess and so is the rest of the game.

Every class now spawns with 3 mags worth of ammo, it’s all fine and dandy. But being new and trying to figure out a class like the scoute means you probably only get 2-3 kills over a very long period of time and then you have to go looking for more ammo. Where it’s easier for classes on the go like Medics (op) Assaults and Supports, who can run and gun from one battle to another. 90% of every player plays either Medic, Assault or Support. Being a Scoute isn’t just worth it. Which saddens me 90% of my BF1 gametime is from playing as a Scoute.

Then add the hole class specialisation on top of it, I hate it. I’m not playing an MMO or RPG. I don’t care about skill trees in shooters, I just want to find a weapon I like and add detachements to it that gives me different benefits.

I’m just happy I got the game for free, I don’t see myself playing it for much longer. I played it 7 hours and I’m already tired of it. It took me around 650 hours to begin feeling a bit tired of BF1.

I had no expectations, but I still ended up disappointed.


i’m currently replaying Beholder, a Game where you play a Caretaker and you have to spy on your Residents and have to Report them to the totalitary State you are working for…or not?
its a lovely made game with cool asthetics, interesting setting and gameplay and it makes you questioning your own moralic Values.

i highly recomment playing it, or at least check it out :slight_smile:



For the first time. The definitive edition came with ny purchase of Dishonored 2, which was only 15 euro and is the next thing to look forward to.

Currently making my way through the Kennels under the High Overseer’s office. Enjoying every second. This could shape up to be just as great as the first Deus Ex game which is my all-time favorite game.

Might restart on hard mode because it feels a bit too easy on Normal.


I bought Atom RPG yesterday, and now I’m partly Russian and can only ласие Центральных держав с таким подходом. На втором этапе, последовавшем за провалом планов достижения. Davai indeed, comrades.

This game is based and, dare I say it, redpilled as fuck. A huge finger to Bethesda as well you can nuke Bethesda, Ireland in-game and all kinds of Fallout tropes are made fun of. Made by 7 squatting Russians on a budget of 33000 USD, with their final product putting most every AAA game released this year to shame.

Delightfully Russian, decidedly unapologetic about what it portrays and sets out to do as a game. A tasty vertical slice of post-Soviet culture, and just 15 Euro/USD in the Steam store with a main quest that will last you 60 hours at least.

Join me in the wastelands, tovarischch


Dishonored 1 is fantastic. Be sure to play multiple times and try different stuff for small surprises and different outcomes. Also look in every corner. I discovered a hidden room complete with items and lore on my (probably) 10th playthrough.


I’ve been playing it pretty meticulously so far, exploring every nook and cranny, but the stats screen after the prison/sewer level showed I was missing quite a large amount of coins. Now I’min the Overseers backyard. I’m pretty sure I got everything so far, just have to figure out how to open a safe.

It’s a lot of fun. My experience with Deus Ex playthroughs (approx 10 as well) help me at approaching this game quite methodically. Going for a pacifist run at first (except for the wolfhounds, those things really need to die).


Heh yeah f the hounds. Let me know how you dealt with the overseer when you’re done with that mission.


I switched his glass on my first run but then I rebooted from my last save and decided on the heretics brand for him :slight_smile:


Sweet! Mild spoiler. keep a look out for him in later levels. He’ll roam as a plague victim when you brand him


I just discovered that I like PUBG. I downloaded it for my android phone and at my second match I won! It was easy, too easy. I don’t know why when enemy shoots at me and I fire back they die in an instant and I’m pretty much ok.
Playing on a phone is very strange so now here I am wanting to buy it for pc. I know there is also a ps4 availability but I think I want to get into pc gaming with this one.

There are some things I don’t understand but I will eventually figure them out. The only battle royal mode I played so far is Blackout from Black Ops.
Is there a single match in this game? Free for all? Like you play 1v1 all 100 players without being a team