What Videogame(s) are you playing?


There are a lot of Chinese hackers in the steam version, so I switched to the kakao version. I wonder if it has been fixed now. Have you ever met a hacker while playing?


I just played 2 matches on my phone. It seems none so far. For the pc version I will wait till I get my new gaming laptop.


most are bots, level up and you’ll start to face some pros


I stopped playing on Hitman. I already got bored.

As such my pursuits as a miserly gamer continue, this time with: The Sims 4.

I had my eye on this game when it was over $60. Watched it drop down to $30 and now I gobbled it up for $10, and to be honest I still feel like I over payed.

Been a fan of the series since the first sims played on both PC and console. Since this I have had to keep my distance from the series much like I do Civilization series waiting for price drops and complete content.

But for $10 I looked at it like a cheap Demo. And boy is it.

The series has made steps in the right direction with multi tasking, sims don’t bump each other and destroy que, the graphics are good and the emotions thing is a nice gimmick.

The game is full of bugs, the AI is horrible! the pathing is pathetic. Why is everyone walking past the table to sit on a bed to eat? Why do guests use an object for half a second and then walk out the house and then walk back in the house just to watch tv for half a second and then walk back out the house. They ignore locked doors, ugh it’s a mess.

So this demo saved me more money down the line as I know to skip this version of the sims completely and not worry about getting the complete package for PC later. Might as well stick with what I got.


Anyone else here ever get on ‘Tetris Friends’? I’ve been playing that a lot lately… No friends though, even though I’ve been registered on there since 2010. Never really asked or looked into adding friends on it… I don’t know anyone else personally that plays it.


Just played the One Shot Demo for Resident Evil 2, 2019 version that is. I have no doubt i’m going to buy RE2, I love the series and have had great fun with most of the games, especially RE7. The demo is a 30 min time constrained experience, you get 30 mins and no more.

Sadly my game crashed when I was 25 min in, so I hoped that there was a check points or something. But sadly no, I started all over with only 5 min to do it all again, not that I was able to.

But the game feels solid and looks good, it will be a great way for me to experience RE2. I never really got to play it back on the PS1, saw some friends play it. I kinda hope they would do the same to RE1, 3 and 0. But I doubt it.


I loved alpha protocol and really never understood why there was so much hate on it. If that game had just a little more polish it would be one of the best


RE3 Jill in ultra realistic PlayStation 5 graphics?!

I am so down for that.

GIVE :clap: ME :clap: 4K :clap: RESIDENT EVIL :clap: WAIFUS


I like Alpha Protocol, but lets face it, it is a very buggy and unfinished game. Even for 2010, it doesn’t look that great, and the combat can be very mindless, with extremely dumb AI and the guns not having a great feel to them.

It’s still unique though, and definetly an RPG first, rather than being an FPS first.


I’m playing Manhunt and continuing uploading my series of runs, just finished White Trash last night. Without intending to, I think I’m getting the fastest times on youtube for 5 stars/hardcore which is neat.


Yes… I think for me, the beauty of alpha protocol is in what they were trying to do and how close they came. It’s a secret agent game where you actually feel like the secret agent, not just a soldier. The game needed so much more polish and I’d agree it’s not a great game in its released form… but it’s so close to being one. I was really disappointed it kinda got panned as a failure and there wasn’t a sequel because I’d really liked to have seen them take another crack at it.


Tekken 7, Hitman 2, Spider-Man, Tomb Raider.


Now is that all simultaneously or…?



To be honest I mainly just play Tekken 7 and Hitman 2 at the minute. And no not at the same time, I struggle to concentrate on one thing at a time as it is.


Been playing a fuck ton of RDR2 lately, it’s honestly amazing. Right now I’ve been exploring a lot and doing challenges; there’s honestly so much to do. I’m in Chapter 4, the story is great too.

Also got back into Mortal Kombat X in hype for MK11, haven’t played it in maybe 3 years. It’s been really fun, I feel like I’m getting better at the mechanics and kombos; learning certain character attacks and abilities is fun as well; I’ve already improved a lot since I played it so long ago. Plan on getting the DLC soon.


F.E.A.R. on xbox 360 with my sensitivity cranked to insane.

I orgasim over F.E.A.R.'s artificial intelligence haha the soldier designs for enemies are on par with yoji shinkawa’s work from the metal gear series.

out of all the reboots and remasters happening I would shit my pants if this mastapiece got recreated.


I played Shadow of the Tomb Raider yesterday, they released a new tomb; good fun, old-fashioned tombs reappearing, not just constant killing, although that’s fun too. Might start AC Odyssey as Ubi gave me a code for it due to their support being so rubbish. Have to say Forza Horizon 4 looks superb. Still got about 20 games with gold and such that I haven’t actually played!


Besides Hitman 2, recently I’ve been playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege on PC. I’ve never been a Counter-Strike guy or any modern military shooters with a multiplayer angle, but something in Siege struck a chord with me.

It’s that combination of demanding tactical play, memorable and distinct characters with unique abilities and weapons, terrific and complex level design and destructible environments, and playing with friends that makes it such a joy. It can still be incredibly frustrating when you can’t get anything done, but when you do get something done, it is incredibly satisfying.

Plus it’s funny. Like for something that is on the surface very serious, it is a funny ass game and the devs very much know it, and so does the community.

Outside that, I just picked up The Hong Kong Massacre and am enjoying it a lot. It’s got a really satisfying shotgun


R6 Siege is my go to multiplayer, it’s just a great game. Ubisoft have done a great job with it, especially when you look back at it’s rough launch. Plus climbing the rank ladder is so rewarding, but it’s hard and frustrating when you are only a two man premade. Yesterday me and my buddy played with another two man premade…they were more occupied with being toxic, Team killing, only using the voice chat to make sounds.

Luckily we won in the 9th round. The gun play is excellent, the reason why I can’t play games like COD anymore, most other competitive FPS feels clunky compared to Siege.


Rainbow Six Siege
Tomb Raider
Assetto Corsa
Just Cause 4

Mainly Stealth/Tactical/Simulation games.