What Videogame(s) are you playing?

I’ve been sick for a few days and decided to pick up Gears of War 3, have a little me time. I’ve played the first two a while ago and this one reminded me how much I enjoyed the series’ silly overly macho charm, excessive action and the cinematic ambience.

Haven’t finished the story yet, but I’m looking forward to picking up Judgement sometime and I’ll give Bulletstorm a go as well.

Didn’t mean to quote Agent 17. Sorry, I don’t know how to undo this.

Are those screenshots actually taken from the gameplay!? WOW just wow, looks photo-realistic! Too bad i hate driving games…

Horror month continues! I’d never played the first Silent Hill until now.

This is my shit.

I enjoyed Silent Hill 2 a lot a couple years ago but was worried the first one would be too outdated for me. Not at all! It’s aged so well. In fact I can barely notice a difference between it and Silent Hill 2. Part of it is how stylized and atmospheric it is. All you young game devs out there, pay attention to these guys— it goes to show that if you put some actual artistry into your art design, your game’s graphics will never look old.

Silent Hill pretty much never truly frightens me, but it does a good job at making me moderately uncomfortable, and I like that.

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Finally I’ve managed to make Hitman: Codename 47 work. It looks alright for an old game, the controls are kinda odd but I’ve gotten use to them. I’m playing the original “Lee Hong Assassination”

Good for you! The graphics may be dated, but the gameplay is awesome!

Not really a videogame, but I just finished playing The Silent Age, an iphone game. And god damn, I’ve lever played a better mobile game. Kind of a dick move to let you download the game for free and then charge you to continue the story though, but I’d say it was worth it.

I suggest you try out the new HD versions of classic GTAs remastered for Iphone and Ipad :).

Yes it is a funny gameplay, by the way - Why am I getting shot as soon as I enter Lee Hong’s mansion? I’m wearing the red dragon member disguise and not carrying visible weapons

There are different kinds of red dragon outfits, some are allowed in different parts - however, from what you are saying, I am guessing you are entering the mansion proper, where even if you have a correct outfit, Lee Hong’s personal security guard (the big guy) will see through your disguise.

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Should I play absolution if my laptop can handle it at 25-30 fps?

I work in video which is always locked to 30fps so I don’t think there’s ever a need for games to have higher framerates unless maybe if we’re talking about competitive shooters or something.

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Silent Hill 2 was probably the most frightening videogame experience of my life, but I think it may have de-sensitized me to horror in general. No game has since has produced the same feeling, not even the subsequent Silent Hill games. I do still have frightening moments in other games, where I’ll feel tense or run away from something as fast as I can, but SH2 managed to put me in a state of constant dread.

Anyway, I’ve never played the original either so I’m glad to hear that it holds up well. Maybe I’ll download it from the PSN at some point.

In the king of chinatown mission it went down to 20 (crowded areas), but it’s still not bad. I’m giving it a shot.

I highly recommend it so far. So far it feels pretty identical to Silent Hill 2. And it was like $2.50 on PSN with Playstation Plus and I think the normal price is pretty low too.

You’re right, there’s no need for the framerate to be above 30, it’s just that the gameplay experience will be more enjoyable on 60.

Ok so I’m playing Absolution and I’m on mission 5, the one after Run For Your Life - I didn’t particular like that last one. I liked The King Of Chinatown.

How does this new score system work? I got one silent assassin, two professional and one specialist ratings

You can see from the menu how it works, but the best rating for each level varies: you can’t get a Silent Assassin for levels without a target, so sometimes the best one is something like Shadow or Specialist.

Professional is the best rating you can get in a level without a Target, and in some levels it is even Shadow.
Silent Assassin only for levels with Targets, even though there is some wired bug in Hunter and Hunted for both PC and PlayStation 3 where you can only get Professional, but on Xbox360 you are still able to get SA rating.

I’m pretty sure SHADOW is the best rating in pure stealth levels.

That is true, it goes Silent Assassin -> Shadow -> Specialist -> Professional -> Veteran -> Agent.