What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I am currently playing FO1. Not too far into it as I have a bunch of stuff going on. But I love it so far.


Tried MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA for 10 hours… Will not be buying.


I wanted to pick up a new franchise that I hadn’t played before, so I played through Far Cry 3 and Far Cry Blood Dragon. They’re pretty fun and addictive but they’re immediately forgettable once you’ve put them aside.

Well, the Far Cry 3 storyline was memorable for being such trash. I could never decide if it was making fun of itself or not, and I don’t think it knew either.


I actually do like Blood Dragon. I wouldn’t mind seeing a port to the PS4 or maybe a sequel other than that trials fusion spin off.


Blood Dragon was fking awesome!


Blood Dragon was the only game I played from the Far Cry franchise. It looked awesome, but sadly nothing else. Was glad it was that short because you were really just doing the same thing over and over again.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive - BOT shames seasoned players with an Ace!


Anyone playing destiny 2 beta? I’m glad to hear your opinion.

Played destiny 1 on xbone but it bored me after a while.
Switched to pc so can’t play the beta yet.

From what I’ve seen its just the same as destiny 1 though.
Is there anything new gameplay wise?


I don’t play it, but i played Destiny 1 for a year or so

Looks like it is the same gameplay as Destiny 1, but with 4 new locations, i don’t know if the locations from D1 is still in D2.


Really Getting into Injustice 2. I wasn’t all too excited when it was first announced but now I’m hooked and it even got me back into MKX. So far I have a level 20 Joker and a Level 18 Red Hood. I’m not too sure if I like the leveling system but I do like the amount of customization in the game. I do wish the designs were slightly better but no major complaints.
Also I’ve gotten back into GTAV. I played yesterday with my friends and we had fun fucking around the new adversary mode, which honestly is only fun with friends. Gonna start making some dough with them asap, though I don’t know if I wanna get into the Gunrunning. A Damn Shame how much OP crap they decided to add. Too much military stuff in a gta game.


What were your favorite characters on that game? And which characters did you learn to use for 25%+ combos? I find it a bit interesting that they rarely matched up for me. Always liked Quan Chi, Triborg, Sub Zero and Scorpion but ended up being way better as Takeda, D’Vorah and Ferra/Torr.

This is why I like this leveling system of injustice. Forces you to get a feel on everyone.


I’m playing Hitman… huheuhueehu.


I’m so outta touch right now. I’ve got GTA5, Hitman, Mafia 3 and No Man’s Sky to get finished right now. With no time and/or no motivation to pick up the controller.


DIRTY BOMB - the spiritual successor to WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY by Splash Damage

Had to jump in again now that they (like IOI) retook the rights to their own game and rolled out two pretty cool new maps and have a special limited event called Shell Shock to go with the launch of the newest merc: Turtle.

DRAGON’s DOGMA - Pushing to finish it so I can retire my PS3 and get on with buying a Nintendo Switch. :wink:


I never really had a Main in MK. Although I do like playing as Lui Kang and Kung Lao. Erron Black is also pretty fun.


What system do you have?


Started playing Shadow Warrior because it was free with Humble Bundle, pity I slept on / missed that game, it’s pretty good.

Occasionally I’ll play a few rounds of PUBG here and there as well.


I’ve got a Wii a PS3 and PC. But everything I’m talking about is on PC.


Ahhh I also have the PS3 and a PC but most games I play on PS4


I finally got around to playing Rome: Total War.

I was not disappointed. I’ve played 8 hours in the single day I’ve had it. I love the attention to detail, especially for a relatively old game.