What Videogame(s) are you playing?


The fact that i love SW, is also a big factor into why i like the Single Player campaign. SW BF series have always been a multiplayer focus series, so that is the real drive behind the game. As i said it’s a medium length game, like most shooters and i find the story entertaining. It’s is the more or less typical military shooter story, driving by a narrative of viewing the fall of the Empire through a Imperial Solider and coming to terms with broken empire. You shouldn’t expect a spectacular story like the one from Witcher, but more in the lines with Rogue One. It’s definitely more entertaining and engaging then the COD WW2 campaign. Sadly the game doesn’t really end or the very least it ends on a cliffhanger. Which leads me to believe that there will be more story oriented DLC’s down the line.

Take away the Star Wars IP and what we are left with is a military shooter, that could just as well be placed around the fall of Nazi Germany and seeing it from a German Solider point of view. But it’s more then just that, because you get to play some iconic characters like Lando and fly iconic ships as the Falcon. The Star Wars humor is very much alive inside the game, especially Lando was quit joey ful to play as.

I enjoyed the game for what it was, it easy to be mad at EA and let that colour ones views. I take the game for what it is and i even enjoy the multiplayer, there are some problems with the game. Like the lootcrate system, but at the core it’s the SW: BF2 game that we deserve, but ruined by EA.


Thanks guys! I’ll def give that vid a watch before I play the game.


It’s a little harsh to judge the game without considering the aesthetics and IP. You want any game to look beautiful, and to be fair to the team behind it BF2 is stunning (with very few bugs/glitches encountered so far).

If you put the controversy to one side, strip the game of its IP etc., I’d say it’s a decent first-person shooter that’s quite similar to the first in the series. I play co-op with our daughter and she loves it, the campaign has been good so far, and there are a couple of very enjoyable mp modes (as well as a few dull ones, though the space battles are excellent).

It does feel a little hollow, and lacks that extra bit of substance which can elevate a game from good to great. Unfortunately that’s the case with most EA titles and the franchises they get hold of (where charm is put to one side in favour of profit).

The offline probably lacks in terms of longevity; that said, it’s still a solid pick-up-and-play arcade blaster if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for.


Thanks for both responses, that’s what I was interested in.

DOOM hooked me instantly and I don’t give a rat’s ass about its lore or the fact that it’s sci-fi and has demons, the sheer gameplay was worth it. Similar thing I could say about HITMAN, I’m interested in its story and I prefer to roleplay than to speedrun, but I’m not that big of a fan to follow the story closely, I didn’t even get around to reading that apparently horrific comic.

From what I’ve heard the campaign is… not bad, but pretty simple and without much depth to it, as in typical campaign tacked on to a multiplayer game. Also I’ve seen a clip of Luke hacking through some beetles or whatever, is Skywalker doing pest control now? What’s up with that.


It is simplistic, but then again the game is an arcade style game. However where the game really shines is flying missions, normally i hate flying in any kind of game. But this is really well created.

Luke visits the Emperor’s Observatory on Pillio looking for an old Jedi relic. The Relic is a directly connected to the star map that Lor San Tekka gives Poe Dameron at the start of Episode 7. The bugs are inhabitants of Pillio and the Emperor Palpatine build his hidden Observatory in their nesting area. That is why Luke is hacking them into bits.


And i’m hooked on Gran Turismo once again :joy:, i simply like level up, earning money, buying cars etc in car games, neither Project Cars or Assetto Corsa have that :flushed:.

For the moment i’m going through the driving school:

Gold is a must :blush:.

Had to try several times before i managed to beat my best time.

But in the end the gold was in the box.

Rewards is always nice :grinning:.


Just finished GTA San Andreas, and I really liked it. The characters were fun and interesting, shooting felt great, and San Fierro and Las Venturas were awesome.

I think my biggest gripe with the game was the section of the game in the Badlands area (just before you go to San Fierro), but it wasn’t too bad. Though it’s probably a better game than GTA Vice City, I think I like the feel and theme of Vice City more.

Now it’s time to move on to GTA III.


Finally beat Cuphead, death count 579. If it weren’t for Dr. Kahl, I could probably shave off around 150 game over screens. Still loved it, though.


I was about 209 deaths before beating it myself. Now playing through expert mode. The game is a classic.


I’m trying to get the plane fights out of the way on expert first. I started with Hilda, and I’m already getting Kahl flashbacks. There’s just too much shit on screen sometimes. I’m praying they don’t nerf the Radial Barrage too hard with the update. It’s the only reason the Devil only took me ten tries.


It has always been super curious to me how people use “classic” as a positive adjective to a very recent release… I would love to play cuphead tho. Not sure if my laptop can handle it tho.


It’s really just a form of expression. Don’t know about others but when I said it, I just mean this is one of those types of games I can see myself playing in say ten years from now.


I am playing Absolution, want to beat every challenge and get every achievment there is.

Currently playing The Attack of the Saints for the 300th time, trying to pull of the challenge where you need to kill every npc there is on the map in all 3 sections. Getting kinda pissed atm :smiley:


I hear it’s really well-optimized, but I’ve had slowdown even on XBone for one boss fight, and even then it was only a situational thing involving several simultaneous explosions with too many rapid frames of animation. You can always check Can You Run It.


I’ve been playing PUBG like a maniac lately and I finally got my chicken dinner! :smiley:


Too Bad Pubg is only for pc. Had to play Fortnite


Which one is that? The gnome in the iron giant knock off?

I can’t tell you how many deaths it took me because more often than dying I was restarting the levels, going after A grades and achievements. 200% - ing the game has over 1000 deaths if I remember correctly.

Also, about Cuphead…


Well, got Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood in a double pack deal on steam yesterday. Just finished The New Order. Quite good and entertaining, even though I am not a massive shooter fan.
Might go through Old Blood next weekend, shall see.



I made this.
The game is Windows-exclusive (because screw Mac and it’s gaming problems) and is only in the pre-alpha. There are definitely a few bugs and A LOT more features I need to work on, but it’s still playable.

I’ve been playing this for the last few days, and even though there’s only 4 levels, it’s really fun. I like how I made the levels, because there are several different ways to get around them. You could go on one side for example, or take the other, dodge this or try and go around the edge, etc.


Hyper Light Drifter
Ark: Survival Evolved
Hitman: Absolution