What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Just 100%-ed Super Meat Boy and I’m currently in the process of replaying Rayman Origins and Legends with my girlfriend. Battleblock Theater follows soon after that :slight_smile:


Oh man I love platformer games! Rayman Legends is (no joke) one of my favourite games I’ve ever played. Amazing music,the engine they used was mind blowing,fun bosses,the gameplay was fluid,fun,and didn’t shy down from having its creative moments…just an all around great game.


I have been wondering if I should buy it since I haven’t played a good platformer in a while,is it one of those “Hard and frustrating because of cheesing the player but rewarding” or more of a “the game is hard but fair and if you die it’s on you” ? Because everyone keeps saying that it’s so difficult,which I don’t mind,but is it also enjoyable?


Game is even better with some good friends🙂


The laughs I’ve had with my friends playing it…it was just awesome honestly. Ubisoft should invest more on Rayman as a whole because when they do it always is a mediatic success!


Started to Replay Absolution this Morning. still love it.


Me too. I Started the whole series, since C47. And today I played Sniper Challenge and A personsl Contract


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Since I’ve done absolutely everything in Cuphead I think I can give you some info. Most of the time the game is tough but fair, most of the time. Thing is, some bosses have a lot of mechanics and order tends to be random. There are times where you’re simply fucked by RNG, no more gentle way to put it, sometimes you’ll just get a combination where boss uses 2-3 things all at once (as intended) but the things you get just don’t work well together, as in they’re almost impossible to avoid. I’ve found myself often restarting the fight just because I got a bad dice roll.

This is not very often though, a greater chunk of Cuphead is fair, just brutal. There is a lot going on on the screen and you have to pay attention to it while also doing damage.

As a platformer lover myself I can recommend this game if you’re the patient type of platforming gamer, I can sit on one level for hours without really getting upset. The game is totally worth the hassle, it looks, sounds and plays beautiful. It’s simply mesmerizing.

By the way, you should check out The End is Nigh. Edmund McMillen’s newest title, it’s hard as balls but no RNG there, just your skill. Check it out.

Oh, also, look up Battleblock Theater, it’s awesome and absolutely hilarious.


As long as Cuphead has it all down I don’t mind the occasional anger that comes from frustration,seems like a treat from how you have described it,definitely gonna check it out!
Battleblock Theatre I heard is pretty good and one day I’ll be sure to catch up with that game.
The End Is Nigh…Oh man. I am already sure that I’m gonna buy it and instantly regret it at the first rage quit,then try again and again because it’s probably gonna end up being addictive and my pride absolutely stops me from leaving a game incomplete like that. I did the same with Super Meat Boy. It was a long night. Neighboors hated and probably still hate me. But I beat that game.


The End is Nigh is similar to SMB, but it isn’t as fast. You don’t have to rush in this game ever, levels don’t even have timers, it’s all about precision and execution. I don’t even think it has a sprint button. It can get frustrating though, but I loved every second of it. A lot of levels, just like SMB, a “Dark World” version of these levels, a lot of secrets and every level has a single collectible that come in handy in the Dark World levels. Sounds scary I know, but they’re all visible, and by a “level” I mean screen, it’s not a side scroller, each screen is a level, so what you see is what you get.


I finally get all the challenges including Angel of Death 123 on Attack of the Saints in Absolution. After 3 days of trying.

I started playing CoD WWII also, my God is it good.


I played SMB too, sometimes it was giving me nightmares

But no game beat The Binding of Isaac.
Even when I bought a new game, the day still ends with a round in the basement and that naked boy. lol :upside_down_face:


What I see is what I get? Interesting. Timing,patience and precision?You sir,you got me intrigued.


I looked at a gameplay video, and saw that it does have multiple screens making up a level. Moving out of and back to a screen resets all objects like moving blocks to their original spots, which can be strategically used. The game looks pretty good.


20 screens make up a “world” if you will. The game consists of multiple “worlds”, come you get what I mean. And yes, you’re thinking correctly, it can (and often has to) be used to your advantage. Many tumors (collectibles) require you to complete the screen and then backtrack this one screen in order to get the tumor you’re after, since you can use some blocks that were useless when completing the screen in a traditional way.


Its good game.


I just started playing Prey (the new one, not the one from the 00’s) and I must say, it is amazing. Great gameplay with an interesting story, not to mention a Dishonored easter egg within 30 seconds (a book written by Antoinette Sokol (or something like that)).


I finally bit the bullet and bought PUBG on PC.
Oh and Wolfenstein 2 was going cheap so I grabbed that too.

Wolfenstein has had plenty of WTF! moments… I’m losing track by now


I just couldn’t get behind the whole “Reboot” thing y’know? Prey 2 and the whole bounty hunter (Boba Fett like) premise were way too interesting and once they mentioned Prey but turned it into a survival horror I just…meh. Always wondered about the quality of it!