What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I finished Wolfenstein 2 a couple weeks ago, and i loved it. I’ve been playing CoD: WWII as well.


I started to play a bit more Worms Armageddon recently. Also I spent some time to include 47’s voice (from Blood Money files) into the game. Made a video of one round using the beta of this speech bank:


It’s not a bad game at all if you liked BF because of the navel combat and travelling. But story is cool if you follow the lore of AC. And if you know the story behind the other games, you are going to get some wow moments.

And ya, it is a Templar based game.


I’m surprised you didn’t run into any of the people screaming “Suck my dick,China/Korea number one”. There’s a lot of them and I mean a lot! And I agree,the community is toxic and gets overly salty,not to mention how they released that bugged mess on Xbone without it being even finished.


I am reviving my assassins creed dream, so i am playing ac 2, brotherhood, ac 4, syndicate and origins (I am also playing multiplayer with my bf) :grinning:


Today I streamed for the first time on Twitch. I would find my goofing around in Hitman boring, so I set up to stream Worms Armageddon, as said above. I did not know I had to activate the function which saves the stream in the videos, so I made a one lone stream instead later. Feel free to follow. :slight_smile:

Depending on how well it is received I might remake the Hitman maps as Worms maps I could play with others, maybe even with others from here!

EDIT: @JDMHatch_G You didn’t told me the sound had a weird short, metallic hall! Well it should be fixed next time :smiley:


Got Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for cheap during the Steam winter sale and just started playing it (just got to Prague). So far I am not massively impressed. The philosophy surrounding cut scenes seem to be “the longer the better” and "Interaction? Nah!"
I am thinking specifically about the first scene in Prague where Adam follows a friend at the station in a first person sort of way which makes it seem like you’ll be able to take control, but that never happens.
After the terror attack Adam even goes “I have to go do something” or something to that effect after hearing the cries of a kid, and I was 100% convinced that was a dialog based signal that I would be able to have some kind of control or interaction… but no.

The initial sandstorm action also seemed unnecessarily difficult.

We’ll see how it develops. I really liked HR, and this does seem, at least, like more of that stuff (which I liked).


Recently picked up Hearts of Iron IV and Crusader Kings 2 on the Steam Winter Sale. Haven’t played Crusader Kings 2 yet, but I’ve played a bit of Hearts of Iron.

I’m really enjoying it, but there’s a fuck ton of buttons and mechanics that I have to learn. It’s still pretty fun, especially when you witness significant historical events that lead up to WW2.

Im playing my first game as the Soviet Union, and right now at the moment Germany is invading countries and such.


Congrats. If you made it past the train station cutscene, you’re now playing the actual game. Things pick up splendidly after you’ve met up with Koller. There’s no more walking cutscenes after Ruzicka, IIRC. I’m replaying it myself.

And have fun in Prague. They apparently blew the budget on De Beers’ wardrobe, so while you’ll be going places, you’re not going to be globetrotting like in HR or DX1.


Yeah, Mankind Divided is flawed, especially when if certain rumours are true, Square Enix basically halved the game in half, so Mankind Divided is part one of Deus Ex 4, and the now in limbo part two is Deus Ex 5.

It’s still a good game, but it is obvious what has been removed, especially in the end. The last level is not impressive. Human Revolution is the better game in my eyes, but I like some of the stuff MD does. Also glad to know I’m not the only one who found the sandstorm quite difficult for a starter level.

Anyway, I’ve started playing Cuphead. Beaten 3 bosses and 1 platformer level so far, gotten mainly Cs for my trouble but don’t really care about score. I imagine by the end I will probably grateful just to finish the game, but I’m doing OK in World 1 so far.


Good. Because worlds 2-4 may make you wanna chuck shit. It’ll feel like the programming was handed off to another team who both knew their shit and never even heard of a language containing the word “mercy”.


I get MD recently, and planning to play it these days. I read your post, and hope to not being disappointed. Deus Ex is one of my favourite games, loved the first one and i also appreciated Human Revolution (Invisible War was a bit letdown, tbh). I bought my ps4 specifically for Hitman, Mankind Divided and Dishonored 2, and i own all of three.
I really Hope MD will be a good successor to this franchise.


You sound black?

hmmm :confused:

I’m just saying that was like highly specific.

Throat cancer? They could tell you smoke?


I have no idea. I suspect however that they were just repeating the kind of awful things they hear on the Internet.


yeah I was just messin.

most of those terms have sadly become generic insults.

tho I get a little chuckle out of whites calling other whites that slur.

I just roll my eyes

“you kids…”


I actually have a funny story on that topic… it involves me and my STO fleet. Short version, one of the leaders I identified as black because of the sound of his voice and the tone of his words… and the look of his characters… was once asked by a far right dude we once recuited (and quickly kicked) why did he like to use black characters (that guy was touched in the head. He would literally question the sexuality of straight males who used female characters on the game) and he was very annoyed and surprised to figure out the guy was black IRL. I just jumped in to say “hey, he sounded black to me” and everyone laughed and agreed except this guy who said he did not believe him to sound black.

Good times.


Super Serious-dead ass bro.

What do black people sound like? What kinda tone do they use with their words?

Is there a way I could upload a voice for you to guess?


Black people have deeper voice than white people. It is a rule of thumb to assume that people with deeper voices have a black fenotype.

As to how can I tell the way black americans are black americans just by hearing them… that’s hard to explain actually. Usually they speak with a tone an flow that makes you know. So… you just know an accurate way of guessing and I can’t really explain it. I just know that when a black american gets emotional for better or worse the tone of the words is very peculiar.


Muahahahahaha. I like you guy-you funny

Thank you


Playing GTAO again, with RDR’s release coming in the next few months. Used to have a 550 character, but I deleted it earlier this year because I was bored so now I’m playing at noob level.