What Videogame(s) are you playing?


how is that feeling?

Isn’t it damn near impossible to get anywhere money wise at this point?


I’m just not even trying for the big stuff, I got enough money for some basics (heist apartment, Reaper car) but I’m not aiming for much after I get a hydra. Every new item these days is 1.5M+, not worth the time and that’s not even getting into money sinks (yachts, MC business etc).


Lol, that’s not always the case. I have quite a few family members who are literally twice my size and sound like they should have come with a “testicles sold seperately” sticker on the way out of the womb.


I love how this has gone from videogames to the tone of voice of dark skinned poeple :joy:
Keep up the good work!


I just begun playing Hearts of Iron 3. I still do not understand a lot of the mechanics involved… but I’m loving it so far.


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I got through a bit more of Cuphead, having reached the last boss World 1. But my controller has really started to malfunction, with the joystick constantly fixed on wanting to go up at all times, making Cuphead always aim in the sky, so have had to go and order a new controller. It shows how really addictive the game is though, I’m really eager to get a new controller to jump straight back into it.

It reminds me a bit of Yahtzee’s review of Dark Souls, where it’s a game where you keep bashing your head against a wall, chipping it away piece by piece until the wall breaks. Then you find another wall and start bashing your head against it all over again.


I’ve been playing (or replaying) a few games recently.

  • I haven’t gotten far in AC Origins but holy shit the combat is so much more satisfying than the typical button mashers from the series. The new style of gameplay works really well although I’m not a huge fan of the Borderlands-esque loot system.

  • Replaying Titanfall 2’s campaign a year after the first playthrough reminds me how well-crafted and fun it is to play. New elements introduced almost every mission mean that it never fails to be interesting.

  • After initially rushing through Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, there’s a lot more to it if you take your time and don’t abuse the quicksave/load feature. Letting shit play out results in scenarios that are fun to handle and the contracts system forces you to experience different playstyles to maximise the money you earn (and achievements, if that’s your thing).

  • Rainbow Six: Siege is always fun to play and although it can be repetitive, it’s still very satisfying. The game is at its worst when you take it too seriously though because that sucks the fun out of it (although that’s the case with most games).

I also bought XCOM 2 and The Evil Within, which I’ve heard good things about.


Have you also bought War of the Chosen? It’s a great game-changing DLC, although it’s a bit expensive.


It cost more than the game + all extra content so I decided to wait seeing as it’d be a pretty big investment :sunglasses:


Grab it in the next sales. With this DLC, you get to enjoy an almost new game. :slight_smile:


I loved,loved,GTAO. Me and my friends sunk hundreds of hours into that part of the game since day one of it,through thick and thin. It was just so much fun,doing missions and heists (eventually) to rise and slowly create your very own criminal empire. But to me the game was dead shortly after the car selling dlc (can’t even remember its name) because of their focus on greed and awful DLCs that turned this game into a mail man simulator. All of that stupid espionage stuff,the increasing overpricing of every single new item,the sistematic reduction of ways to make money and the continous attempt at making it harder…man it killed the game. The tryhards in particular annoyed us while we were selling drugs or crates. We usually then just picked up our snipers tbs and hydras and stomped them out of the session all together (I mean,if they attacked one of us in the CEO unprovoked then they don’t deserve a fair fight).
Overall they also ruined heists from where I am standing because their current vibe is a James bond one. And not the one Hitman has. I mean REAL James Bond vibe with the “The Russians/Koreans are evil terrorists blablabla save the world”.
The missions now pay fuck all. Trying to find a match to play a mode,any mode,takes decades with all the host changes and ragequitting people do. You are spammed with phone calls that advertise new shit until you buy it (Even in the middle of gunfights) or spammed by the infamous LJT about your drug lab…or Agent 14…it has just become a shitfest. I joined the game wanting to be a Hitman and Heister. I wanted to be a 47 like character,and I waited for months on end on hopefully a “hitsquad” dlc but instead they add fucking flying cars and sheananigans. What about fight clubs,dog fights,becoming part of merryweather,running your own strip club,gambling,corruption,crooked cops,gangbanging and creating your own gang with the possibility to tag some walls (yeah,even small stupid features just to make it a complete experience),expanding bounty hunting so that they can become full fledged contracts…shit that actually belongs to GTA? What about a DLC that adds a well fleshed out prison where you can end up unless you hire,say,a lawyer that you pay with the money you have,and this process starts if instead of dying by the police you let them arrest you?(A thing they cannot do in Online Mode)
Nope. Let’s turn a fun TPS sandbox game into James Bond + Mailman Simulator,as if the hydra already wasn’t damaging enough. And remember to buy your SharkCards kids!


Completely agree on R6. Me and my friends initially acted all serious in Ranked without cracking jokes because we thought that it would have damaged out performances…and we were low silvers. Now we have fun,joke,and fuck around and we are high gold (one of us reached Plat 3!).
Also,great choice,buying Xcom 2. Amazing game,reccomend it.


Game is still, you just have to accept that you are never going to have enough time in your life to grind for all these new, expensive things. That said, the game has always been frustrating to me for a number of reasons.

This is big. Tt’s not that the ways to make money have diminished, it’s that all of the new ways they’ve introduced are just grindy delivery missions. Pay $10M to spend hours driving all over the map picking up crates and drugs? Everything they’ve introduced since heists have been huge money sinks, the heist payouts don’t balance out so they’re clearly encouraging people to go the shark card route.

Similar situation, I always wanted more assassination missions like the two or three that exist in the contract mission list. Instead we got MC businesses and more planes that can destroy anything in an instant. The game’s focus was a big turn off for a while, part of why I stopped playing for around a year. However, like I said, the game is still fun… if you just ignore every update from the last couple years.

Oh my god I hate this so much, I can’t wait for RDRO where fucking cell phones haven’t been invented yet and it will actually be impossible for annoying npcs to scream at me everywhere I go.


Naw, they will just use video game magic to give you alerts to go to the nearest telegram office


Don’t give them any ideas.


The game is still fun but after a while it gets so dry…one of my friends was so mad about the last dlcs he straight up sold GTA V.
RDRO hopefully gets it straight because the second I’ll start seeing…“Wild West Cards” or “Saloon Cards” and people delivering on horses left and right instead of being banditos because that doesn’t pay enough imma binge through the campaign and sell that shit quicker than I sold Battlefront 1 and that was VERY quick lemme tell you that.


Got my new controller and been playing a whole lot more Cuphead. I have to keep washing my hands every hour because they keep getting clammy with sweat due to me holding it so tight. Anyway still enjoying it.

Passed World 1, and passed World 2… kindof. I got fed up with 1 boss in World 2, the dragon one, because his last stage kept destroying me, and so wound up beating him on easy difficulty. However completed everything else on World 2 on normal difficulty, may go back to the dragon boss and try him again later. I don’t get a soul contract if I beat a boss on easy, which I guess I need to access the final boss?

Managed to beat a couple of bosses on World 3 so far, but a couple of others I tried look like they will be very tough, the Bee Queen one and the actress one. Will see how far I will be able to get.

While I was waiting for my new controller to arrive, I started playing Donkey Kong Country over the weekend. Enjoying it so far, it is a good game if a little… rudamentary? I feel like the graphics is what makes it special, but the levels aren’t hugely original. Still a good game that kicks my ass occasionally due to the lives system.


Are you capable of repairing your own controller? I never buy a new controller. I just refresh parts and it cost me less than $10. All you do is watch a video or 2 on yt to see how to do it and then follow it step by step. It’s quite easy. I’ve done 2 PS4 controllers, 2 xb 360, 3 ps3 controllers and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sometimes a little cleaning does the job too on the inside. But when button stop working or in your case, the controller always goes up, it could be just dust/dirt or needs a replacement analog stick. They can sometimes crack in the inside causing little debris to give you an issue.

It makes a difference spending $50-80 or just $10.


I spent £10 (I guess around $15?) on a non-Microsoft controller from eBay.