What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I finished Yesterday Dead Island RetroRevenge, a 16 bit and 2d game present in the definitive edition of Dead Island. Really funny!


Anyone else a fan of games from the early 2000s? Here are some of my favourites:


I loved the first Mafia. What a game!




I’ve been getting frustrated, destroyed, exhilarated, excited, and better each time I play PUBG.
I’m a total noob but am learning very quickly.
The problem is, the game runs horribly, even on XB1X for the first few minutes of the match. This is especially true if I land in popular areas with many other players. Tons of “rubber-banding”, colliding with objects such as doors and horrible de-sync make it a real struggle in populated areas.
My learning strategy is to land in these areas and come out either a hero or a zero, thus learning by taking my lumps.
I nearly won the other day. So,… yep. Look out for me XBOX bros, cuz Munga is comin for ya! :wink:


Going back in time, just playing a lot of New Vegas and Blood Money. FO4 makes me sleepy whenever I play it lately, New Vegas is very refreshing in that regard.


I really dig early 2000 3D games. Low poly models and the general dark ambient of that time really gave the game depth where the was none technically. Deus Ex 1 is the best one for me. Sadly this time is over and when you played them, you wont find any new such games.

@rattleshnake Playing FO4 myself again, but it is not very entertaining as I discovered everything already with 800h overall game time. Did you try the survival mode? It keeps you busy the first 20 levels. Depending on how hard you like to make it for you, even longer. I began to play a min Endurance character without much armor and relying only on firepower. Even made my robot companion quite combat-unfriendly without arms and only a robobrain head to do some damage and strong armor to actually survive. Using it to bait targets is quite fun. :slight_smile:


I’ve played with the survival mode quite a bit, I like a lot of the mechanics involved (besides obviously sleep save, among a few others). My issue with the game is that the rpg element is way too weak to keep me interested, which is a shame because I think that it did things like world creation, combat and customization better than ever before.


Yeah I dont play the story at all myself, just trying to keep me alive while discovering stuff with the restrictions I give myself. They did a really poor job with the rpg part.


Playing assassins creed unity dead kings dlc. If anyone was into unity and didn’t play dead kings, highly recommended. Almost feels like this should have been the main game.


Dead Kings DLC was a much better Assassin’s Creed game then the rest of Unity and Syndicate. That is what I want from the series, but it’s hardly been a part of the series since Black Flag. When it’s finally there it’s underwhelming, that’s how i felt with the Unity and Syndicate.


Only Hitman. Nothing else


Dragon Ball FighterZ comes out in roughly 17 hours for the PC, so that’s what I’m going to be playing. Probably going to stick to the story mode and the lab before I dare venture into online mode. Think I may get a sheet of paper and write down the combo moves of my team to remember.


2 days and I’ll be nerding out on Monster Hunter BAYBAYYYYYYY


I played Dead Island series and I loved it. Now I’m playing Escape from Dead Island. One of the worst games I played. It’s so idiot. Now I understand why they didn’t insert it in the Definitive Edition of Dead Island for Ps4


I re-installed Portal 2 and I’m spamming community created maps. So much fun. I miss Valve’s single player games. Dota or CS:GO ain’t shit compared to their older single player gems.


I’m so sick of them just sporting Dota and CS:GO as their games,instead of,I dunno,actually developing something new. Just straight up annoying.


It is, isn’t it? It’s like being in a relationship with a pornstar and never ever having sex. Their games were always so fucking good, and they refuse to make any. It’s so depressing.


Currently on Hearts of Iron 3. I am trying my best to win as a communist Netherlands (you can only speculate how many tries it takes me every single playtrough to rig the elections and make a democratic conservative monarchy who is stuck between Germany and UK, leaders of the Axis and the Allies, join the Comintern… it is a complete uphill battle politically and geographically to make this nation the only thing that it isn’t suposed to be). It is almost impossible to succeed. You start off by having colonies in Indonesia, the Antilles and Surinam. You could use the Antilles and Surinam to take over american countries without diplomatic relations to the USA (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Ecuador) but that will only increase your global threat for absolutely no strategic advantages. I would be way better of conquering or puppeting Ireland, Norway and Sweden, only to then move all my army to Indonesia and try to take over Asia before Japan does. This means Nationalist China, Communist China, Guanxi Clique, Xibei San Ma, Yunnan and Tibet. Of course, however, too much military action from your part on whichever of those nations will drop neutrality and raise threat all over Asia like crazy. Combine that to you being allied to the Soviet Union, and you get just about every asian country joining Axis or Allies and fucking up everything. The reunification of China under Netherlands and the Soviet Union is looking extremelly unviable.

One funny thing… it is surprisingly easy to disuade Germany from conquering you by alligning with the Soviet Union and building your very own Netherlands Maginot Line that will disuade germany from trying to overrun the border. I have even had it happen that Germany is so scared of having you there, that they do not enact Vichy France, in fact they just conquer all territories of France and remove it from the game, scared that only they can be strong and vigilant enough from preventing you to try something with the USSR.


Oh pretty well summed up. And they know what the fans think about it,they just don’t care because it’s gonna be another 10 years before the fans stop playing their games.


I decided to boot up my 360 and pop in Stranglehold. This game aged so well. So well, in fact, I’m surprised it’s not backwards compatible or got the sequel that was planned. We need another title like this, but knowing the climate for games nowadays, I fear we won’t see one.