What was the most scenic location Agent 47's been to?

For me, I would have to say it is Hokkaido.


Hokkaido is definitely up there. I’m a Sucker for Jungle Settings so my Number 2 is Colombia from Codename 47. But i also like Hong Kong by Night in Contracts.


Hokkaido and Sapienza are great, but I love a nice isolated island, so I’d go with Haven. :palm_tree:


Haven Island is the most scenic in my book


not released yet but… Dubai


Chile in A Vintage Year. Those damn falls and mountains were pretty.


But wildly inaccurate. Also how come the hacienda that makes wine and coke has neither grape vines or cocoa trees?

Oh and for me my most scenic location is either Mumbai since I am a sucker for urban landscapes or Sapienza because I also love coastal regions.

I love Sapienza is still the most beautiful level we’ve seen so far.

But I also love making myself a Mai Tai as I let 47 just chill in Haven…


Chicago in Absolution when viewed from the penthouse. That said, the city view from across the lake at the start and the end of the game.

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Heaven and Hell party, Las Vegas.

I also adore the Rotterdam Harbor from H:C47. Nothing about graphics, the background repeats itself quite regularly, but the desolate mood it sets is unrivaled for me. Don’t know if this falls under scenic, but there’s just something about the cheap neon lights of that kinky bar being the only source of light in that place that still chills my bones.


You mean Vernazza? :slight_smile:


The most ridiculous thing is, there is no way to get to the hacienda except by water, through the narco lab, because the place is surrounded by cliffs. How did those guests even arrive

You arrive by tourist bus I am pretty sure it goes up a dirt road to the compound. But the most ridiculous thing is the fact that Chile’s wine region looks nothing like the game at all.

Here is an actual picture of Colchagua Valley which is actually a real part of the wine region.

But there is no road and no bus, that’s the thing. The place is literally surrounded by cliffs.

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I could have sworn there is a bus and a dirt road. Hmm I would check online but I think I am going to trust you.

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Mumbai :heart_eyes:


I’d also say Hokkaido. A view to die for…

You’re thinking of the tourist bus that’s mentioned in the briefing :slight_smile: Diana said the ICA would get him in with a pensioner’s tour bus.
The area lacks vineyards because they’re up on the clifftops, where the sun can reach them, whereas the hacienda is built into a depression in the landscape where it’s cooler. And I can’t for the love of Buddha remember the name of the bird in that level, that goes “woop woop woop woop woop woop wooooop” but they’re beautiful and they live high up the trees :slight_smile: (can someone help me out?)

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Sapienza is the obvious choice for most scenic, but in the classic Hitman games, I really loved Sicily! Rollings hills of pastel green stretching to the horizon and back, clear blue skies and dusty roads :blush: The mail man has to take a small jeep to get to your house :smile:

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Where is that mentioned?

Plus it is impractical I mean they grow grapes on the steep cliff just to cart them down?, I don’t think clifftops are even remotely suitable for growing grapes either and not to mention the actual level doesn’t look remotely like the Colchagua Valley wine region.