What was your favourite Hitman moment? (Full version!)

Thought I’d open this just to pass the time. So, what was your most memorable moment in the entire franchise?

I always remember poisoning the General in Invitation to a Party and stalking the Spetnaz agent while as a waiter. It just seemed great to be able to kill someone in plain sight and get away with little suspicion. The fact that I could roam around most of the embassy in that level also inspired me to try and play with the level more, and also was a great introduction to the concept of social stealth.

Well my favorit moment goes all the way back to when Codename 47 was the only Hitman game out there. I still remember that the standart movement controlls was on the numluck pad, 8 = Run, 5 = walk, 2 = walk backwards, 4 = left, 6 = right and if i remember correctly 7 and 8 was lean to the sides. Back then i always typed “Kim Bo Kastekniv” (Kim Bo Throwing knife) in to unlock all the levels. 90% of the time i choose Tradition of the Trade. Back then i was around 10-11 years old and in this memory i played it was 47 birthday. So naturally i typed in “giveall”, “god1” & “infammo” and went on a rampage in the speedos like any other 10/11 year old. When every singel guest was dead, i dragged every body into the pool area and submerged everyone into the pools clear water.

That is one of my favorit moments in Hitman, it took a long time to get every one into the pool.


You must have had a crazy memory! :smiley:

Well 99% of the time when i played Tradition of the Trade it was 47 birthday and more often then not every one ended up in the pool :stuck_out_tongue:

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Going on a bloody rampage on TotT (either version) with the Spas-12 in the flower box.

My favorite moment was in Blood Money, on The House Of Cards when I went to Hendrik Schmutz room placed the bomb in his DNA case, then went down to the casino and stalked him to his room and when he grabbed the case and went to meet with the sheik I detonated the bomb and ran.

Mine was also from Blood Money and from the very first mission, Death of a Showman. The whole mission shows 47’s character so purely I love it. Like the quote “Names are for friends, so I don’t need one” (that’s cold man!) and shooting Clarence in the head despite him begging for his life. He was just a normal guy, made a mistake like all of us sometimes do and had to pay for it. 47 didn’t empathise, he took the shot and got out. Such professionalism.

Gameplaywise, probably when I used the “bodies stick to the wall” cheat in Silent Assassin on Temple City Ambush. On the occasional building there would always be someone crucified to the wall as an example for the villagers to show that no one messes with me :smiley: The cheats were very fun in that game.


Quite a lot to list, but to start off I’ll mention some of the most memorable experiences for me:

  1. The entire Deadly Cargo mission. Seriously all the ways that it could be completed in were so much fun! Sniping Boris, dressing up as SWAT and attacking the ship, dressing up as a worker, then tension of finding/diffusing the bomb, etc.
  2. In Bjarkhov Bomb, stepping out into the open for the first time… really such an unforgettable locale, and then entering the mess which was really cozy in stark contrast. And then proceeding to poison Fuchs with laxative and taking his place all the way to Bjarkhov’s chamber.
    That level might not have been the best, but the experience it provided was wonderful.

I really love Contracts, no other Hitman game matches to it IMO. The dark atmosphere that it imparted to missions was wonderful and made for some of the best moments in the whole series.

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Cheats are sometimes more fun in Contracts and Blood Money when you just screw around like on traditions of the trade I was screw around in the Hotel

Yeah I loved the cylindrical cardboard thing you’d get by using giveall. That was awesome to use

i’ve got a lot great moments, but first what i remember was killing a dude behind his back with deagle while he was pissing (Anathema).I was a kid back then.

Favorite moment was shooting the Don on the balcony in Silent Assassin. It was the first time I felt the rush of having to hit a target at long range within a timed limit.

After that I had to play Hitman: Codename 47…it was good but didn’t give the same satisfaction as SA did. I still loved it though.

Contracts and Blood Money did nothing for me that could compare to the previous titles but Absolution is showing some potential. I have yet to complete it thanks to being a full-fledged adult now who values every dollar made and can’t play hours on end like before so I may not be a good judge.

My oldest son, however, loves it and infiltrated my game while surpassing my score…not happy. Revenge is imminent.


My favourite moment is in Blood Money (the best Hitman game) when I got FBI to run over Sinistra.

And also in Blood Money when I switched a prop gun with the real one.

My favourite moment? I guess when I played Codename 47 And it was that Sniper mission " Kowloon Triads in Gang War" I loved it! Sniper in case, going on the top of the building and bang! It just felt professional! I knew I had super game for me. It was a love on the first sight:D And the fact, you could change your clothes, It just wasn´t possible back then in the games. So it was original and very good…Maps were big and detailed. That was my most magical moment. And Hitman 2 with Anathema, made me brutal fan of this franchise!!!

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I can’t help but list a bunch:

  1. Hitman CN47: “I need to use the bathroom!”

  2. Hitman BM : This game had some of the best moments! For example, when 47 calmly tells the swing king “My client has requested that this (photo) is the last thing you ever see. Please, look at the photograph Mr. Clarence!” It was funny and sinister at the same time- the way 47 actually politely requests the swing king to do that. Then in Dance with the Devil, the scene with the female assassin singing terribly, 47’s subsequent interaction with her and the male assassin. Shooting the ice from underneath the target in You Better Watch Out; interaction with the sheikh in A House of Cards. And finally one of the most memorable moments, the way 47 calmly gets up from his coffin in Requiem, as if the cemetery were his house and he was waking up on a normal Sunday morning.

  3. Hitman Contracts : 47’s calm report back to Diana about the client’s daughter in Meat King’s Party; 47’s conversation with Yurishka about borscht in Bjarkhov Bomb; pillow kills in Beldingford Manor; interacting with NPC’s in the strip joint in Deadly Cargo.

  4. Hitman 2 SA : Conversation with Diana to confirm sniping target in St. Petersberg Stakeout; approaching the hacker from behind in Basement Killing; disguising as surgeon and killing the target with a scalpel in Terminal Hospitality.

  5. Hitman Absolution : 47’s interaction with Lenny while disguised as a barber is amusing, and that’s pretty much it.

Oh, there were hundreds of such moments. Almost every mission had some epic thing. Except these you mentioned, i like:
-Asylum and fight with Ort-Meyer, then the scene where clones showed up.

-Beginning, where priest had been kidnapped, then reading letter from mafia (“500 000 $? Can’t pay that! I’m going to the garden shed. It’s time to dig up the past!” :slight_smile: ), then 47’s comeback.
-Mission where you had to kill assassins in India
-“Another brother” in St. Petersburg and Sergei’s mockup

-Every 47’s hallucination (especially the one where he blowed up his/clone’s head)
-Finding dead girl


  • Duel against devil (John Maynard) and of course the ending.

-There were not many of it. Conversation with Lenny on the desert.

Except those scenes i always liked fun with cheats. And after dozens of beatings the games with SA rank, sometimes i liked doing complete carnage :slight_smile: (with fire axe for example), sending guards to the air with harballers in H:SA (they were way too strong :slight_smile: ), or fun with minigun in Contracts.

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Unloading led into Fabian Fuchs while hes stuck on the toilet during Bjarkov bomb.

Sniping the Red Dragon negotiator.

Killing Charlie Sidjan in Basement killing.

The beginning of Silent assassin. When you decide to go back to the agency.

completely agree…
you mentioned some of best scenes in the series…

C47: I always killed that big woman guarding the pool and rushed into the pool :blush:

Silent Assassin: 1: Dialogue at the beginning :"… time to dig up the past!"
2: Agent Smith’s face when 47 didn’t shake hands with him :smile:

Contracts: Rescue hostage in Blendingford

Absolution: In Hunter and Hunted : I just took Bird man’s files from the basement,then enjoyed the fun!(Police shooted the target! :smiley: )

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