What was your favourite Hitman moment? (Full version!)

Love that one! David Bateson is simply a legend

I got so many good memories of these games.

Silent assassin playing the demo back in 02 for ages before purchasing the game. Playing Anathema in all ways I could think of. Spending hours figuring out the best way to finish the jacuzzi job on suit only.

Contracts. I remember joining here around release and I remember all people talking about walkthroughs and easter eggs. Really have good memories of killing the meat king. Slowly putting the shades down and shooting him in the head with the silverballer. Rendezvous in Rotterdam trying to kill all the bikers suit only without alerts.

I remember playing blood money for like months in a row around my graduation year. Playing loads of CM’s provided here on the forum which extended my playing time of the game at great lenghts. Favourites were flatline, YBWO, Dance with the devil and till death do us part. Too many great memories of the hitman games.

All hitman series are favorite moment.

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Anathema probably blew me away because it was the first time I fully experienced Hitman. At the time, I didn’t have money to get a decent PC, so I couldn’t play C7. But what made H2 stand out the first time apart from the great Anathema was probably Terminal Hospitality, because it was cool as hell to kill your patient. :wink:

As for favourite moments. I have alot and I can’t really choose.

Death Of A Showman and playing Blood Money for the first time. It was the first Hitman game I played. The music. The freedom. The characters.
Specific moment for me was the first time I finished Murder Of Crows, SA rating, on highest difficulty

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Oddly enough, I don’t remember killing any salesmen in Blood Money.

I can only imagine the laughter though if 47 were to be sent on a mission to kill a salesman.

47 is pretty good. I enjoyed Death of a Salesman last year and I was utterly convinced there was no crime committed there. No trace of 47 whatsoever.

ok “Showman” wiseasses!

I thought Murder Of COWS , Beldingford MANURE, and Death On The Massachusetts were great too!

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I have so many, but I have to go with the last mission of Silent Assassin, it gave me chills down my neck for years to come. Just the fact that they are invading your home! And it’s raining! And you need to sneak to your hut where you have ALL your weapons! What a brilliant way to make use of everything you have collected through out the game. And then the game ends like a piece of art, just watch it and be amazed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMo0waR_Jio

On second place I have to go with the ending funeral of Blood Money, fcking brilliant.


It definitely has to be smothering lord Winston beldingford with a pillow in beldingford manor