What was your first ever game?

Tetris on Gameboy :joy: This text will be blurred


Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive.
Those special stages are still a mystery to me.


It was either Wario Land II or Pokemon Yellow.


Come on . . . there must be someone else that played Pong when it came out . . . mind you it’s possible that the parents of some (many?!) members here were not born when that happened!!!

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Played Pong briefly when it first came out, but it was on my uncle’s PC.

First proper game was this handheld Galaxy Invader 1000 (a rip off/poor man’s version of Space Invaders) which I received for Xmas sometime in the early '80s (I wanna say circa ''84-'85?)

First console was the Snes… and Mortal Kombat, I think around '92.


Second this. Crash Bandicoot

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The Incredible Machine… I think.


Well the first game I ever played was Prince of Persia (2D one from 90s) I was 5-6 back then.
The first ever game I bought was Splinter Cell : Double Agent. I think I was 11 then.(I didn’t even realized that game was supposed be stealth game I used to go in all guns blazing and then wonder why am I getting zero points.)

Back in 2011 when Dota 2 beta keys came out was the time when I first time saw what steam was.(never played dota 2 until the April 2013 just before it came out of beta phase. never played dota 1 in my life, I got Dota 2 beta keys because I was at a cyber cafe to make a video call to my aunt who was abroad at the time, I didn’t have web cam, well I still dont. there were few people who were getting so excited and jumping happily I asked why they told me about the beta keys and registered my entry to get a key, and luckily I got one.)
And later in 2012 when Hitman : Absolution came out it was the first game I officially played on steam.

before that I had few prince of persia and GTA titles but they were all retail disk versions.

Sadly I can’t remember what exactly was my first game ever, but I’m preaty sure it was a Disney game.

Crash Bandicoot in '96 from “demo one” that was included in PS1!!!My nostalgia for those days increased when I played Crash within Uncharted4 as Nathan Drake (Nathaniel Blake) :stuck_out_tongue: Fortunately,the NSane remaster keeps reminding me my younger gaming “adventures” !!!



Don’t take the piss out of me, I was 9 y/o lol


SEGA Megadrive Streets of Rage

Just a little bit about the Amiga era: Do any of you know the fantastic game Turrican? Played it on the Amiga and loved it, but it was also super hard.


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I felt very similar to playing Crash in Uncharted, after which I couldn’t wait until the Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy came out. It is by far my favorite jump’n run game to date.


Sonic the Hedgehog …

Oh my good lord, NO, not that guy! Take it away! :sob:

Phew. Much better. :relieved:


My very first game ever was Killer Instinct for the Super Nintendo (the game came with the Nintendo) I believe I was 5 or 6 at the time lol

Needless to say, this theme brings back soooo many memories

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First game I played was a game of tag.
First video game I played was Contra for the NES.
First PC game I played was a polish point’n’click game Książę i Tchórz.

i think it was either Super Mario World or a Link to the Past on SNES. there are so many great games on the SNES…

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I’m confused. Why would it be flagged?

It’s not offending anyone – except people who love badly designed CGI Sonic. lol

I believe it was Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure for the Nintendo 3DS.