What was your last purchase?


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I’ll kick it off with this amazing Kimchi burger from my favorite foodtruck

note - I stole the picture from somewhere else, those are not my hands in the picture

Postal_Dude's New Gaming Laptop

New TV/Computer Moniter:

42inch Lg LB650


I seriously didn’t read that for half a second, and only saw the bridge, and I was utterly confused.


Nah, I bought the Golden Gate Bridge a while back, it wasn’t my last purchase.


2 KG of 100% WHEY pure protein and some chicken breast for dinner


The protein shake I’ve been buying has disappeared of the market despite having glowingly positive reviews everywhere I’ve looked.


What brand was it? This is the second time i buy this brand of protin, i enjoyed it very much. Tast wonderful with cold water or some milk.



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For those who likes lifting weights. I am a big fan of the Animal Pak. I had the first Animal gym bag for 4 years now. And it got a bit rusty and dirty. Saw the link to buy the limited edition online and didn’t waste time. Now I’m just waiting for it to arrive


Biorythm Afterglow. It’s actually more of a recovery shake that protein. Mainly focussing on making sure you’re not so sore in the morning. Also it tastes great, no complaints.


Pre-ordered this (mandatory for big David Lynch fans like me). First time on Blu-ray, and with new content.


@Watson cool.

Although I have to admit, I recently looked at my dvd collection and wondered if I would ever buy/watch media on a physical medium ever again.

on topic: a baby bluetooth speaker (Jabra Solemate mini)







homebrewing ingredients!


Waited this long to get Second Son and still paid full price?


I picked this up. Hopefully it’s at least a slight improvement over the PS2/component cable setup I’ve been using.

Update: Halfway through Anathema and this is already worth the money. Looks and plays great. The audio seems like it’s at a lower bit rate and there’s a bug with the binoculars but I’m pretty happy.

Also, LOL at loading times being similar to those on PS2. Hopefully they’re just recreated artificially for accuracy and to enjoy the level artwork.

Update 2: The HUD on Blood Money is STUPIDLY large. And wow, yeah, I forgot how naive the A.I. is.


I didn’t wait, I just didn’t have money until now.


An Yveltal tin from Walmart


Last purchase was gas for my car. If we’re talking “big” purchase, that would be tires. For my car. Life is great.