What was your last purchase?


A new duffel bag

Been wanting to buy a new one for some time and been using a old a free one my father got when he worked on a Oil rig, it was okay but not perfect.

and some Quake 10.0 pre-workout.

First time buying pre-workout, tried some free samples I gotten with my other supplements. But had to look for the right kind, something without beta alanine, since it makes your skin tingle/itch. That shit is just distracting.


Pre workout is mostly caffeine I read. I assume you you need it most when you are really tiered or not enough motivated to stay focus.

I have a gym bag from the brand Animal since 2012 I think. Love it.


Yeah that’s more or less my thought and reason to buy it. Yet I have never been too tired to train or been lacking motivation. But I’m also going to use it to burn more calories, more energy equals more work. But also just to try it out and see if I find the benefits worth it.


Appreciate the quick response :wink:

Why did I randomly get a notification for this response?


Tried it yesterday, the kick was cool, but I don’t think it made the biggest of impacts other then I had some more energy to work with.

Did you get a notification about this?


This Longsleeve: It’s always very limited (and very expensive…). I had to wait so long for it to be available again. But now I can finally hold it in my hands.


To expand my skills. :slight_smile:


New “threads”, as you kids like to call them these days (wait im not even eighteen)


fucking whippersnappers


I bought a plastic thing that holds a panel up in the trunk of my car. It broke when I bought my car 2 years ago and today while I was cleaning it came in my mind that I can replace it.

Now I had this brilliant idea. I’m searching for a wine red/BORDEAUX cover with the only reason to make some photos with my Silverballer on it when it’s done. I got inspired by some videos.
So far I found this one that I like

Or this one


I absolutely prefer the first one, perfect shade of red.



Some pryaniki from Moldova

Some circular kohuke

Some more circular bread, what is this circular propaganda?

Some nice Hungarian salami

A probably illegal amount of kvass


And finally some smoked sprats



All the way from Latvia!


What a coincidence. You copying my style bro :smile:?


Haha what do you mean mate?


I just posted that I got something imported from Latvia, and now suddenly you’ve got something from there too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t see that pal honest! Popular place for top quality goods haha


Or fish carcass in oil :slight_smile:


I had a girl from that place. Best times ever, horribly broken heart tho.
Every time I hear Latvia I have a mental tick now.