What was your last purchase?


Ahh sorry to hear that man! Lots of Latvians in my part of the UK these days


Broken English and smell of canned fish? (Just kissing of course! Sorry Latvians.)


I’m going to buy these 2 chairs in echo leather.
Will use them for gaming and staying on the pc. My biggest concern is that I’ll stick to them in summer.

UPDATE: I also bought this table from IKEA. It will stay in my room at work together with one of those chairs.


proceeds to assemble it.


The chairs are also to be assembled. Piece of cake. I’ll post pictures.


Is that a pipe wrench? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did you broke up with your girlfriend because she said “ICA19 and Blackballer are the same weapon”?

Note: I’m just kidding,I can delete my message If You want.


She didn’t appreciate my Silverballer replica enough


Just bought this for punching from time to time in the wall.
It’s a Wall Mounted Punch Target. From time to time I do train a little at the punching bag.
I decided to have this in my room and use it maybe sometimes.


Bought quite an expensive content pack for a multiplayer game I’m getting into once again, Star Trek Online. Got it at 20% discount. The pack is quite good. It offers a lot more variety than similar prized packs within the game



New gaming PC.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
GTX 1080
16GB Corsair Vengeance
250gb SSD and 5TB HDD

(& a new 27" 144hz monitor)

It arrives today. Happy times.