What was your last purchase?


Ahh sorry to hear that man! Lots of Latvians in my part of the UK these days


Broken English and smell of canned fish? (Just kissing of course! Sorry Latvians.)


I’m going to buy these 2 chairs in echo leather.
Will use them for gaming and staying on the pc. My biggest concern is that I’ll stick to them in summer.

UPDATE: I also bought this table from IKEA. It will stay in my room at work together with one of those chairs.


proceeds to assemble it.


The chairs are also to be assembled. Piece of cake. I’ll post pictures.


Is that a pipe wrench? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did you broke up with your girlfriend because she said “ICA19 and Blackballer are the same weapon”?

Note: I’m just kidding,I can delete my message If You want.


She didn’t appreciate my Silverballer replica enough


Just bought this for punching from time to time in the wall.
It’s a Wall Mounted Punch Target. From time to time I do train a little at the punching bag.
I decided to have this in my room and use it maybe sometimes.


Bought quite an expensive content pack for a multiplayer game I’m getting into once again, Star Trek Online. Got it at 20% discount. The pack is quite good. It offers a lot more variety than similar prized packs within the game



New gaming PC.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
GTX 1080
16GB Corsair Vengeance
250gb SSD and 5TB HDD

(& a new 27" 144hz monitor)

It arrives today. Happy times.


I re bought the BMW driving gloves in a bigger size because the first ones don’t feel right. I will how ever keep these one to give them to some future girlfriend or something. Who knows.


Then I bought this monocular because why not? Got some money back from tax return.
I like how it looks and the compatibility of it, it’s really small.
Might use it when playing airsoft again to spot “targets”.


I hesitated to buy a nice watch and I’ll keep the money to buy a new suit for work. Black of course.

Officially I had spend a total of 5.000 € and something on my Hitman replicas over a time of 3 years.
Still going up because I still have things to do.

Next month it’s going to be wonderful. It’s my birthday and I have to pay an annually tax on the car, the car insurance and filters with oil change. Not to mention rent.
But it’s my birthday and last year my mom and her fiance payed my insurance. I hope they surprise me with this again.


And the prince is putting on the glove on the lady’s hand to find out if she is the true princess.


Not really. Improvise back up plan to use as gift in case I forgot some anniversary.
Just thinking ahead :sunglasses:


Do you just buy random stuff haha, cant fault you though! BMW gloves are awesome, do you drive a beemer?


I’m pretty sure he does. I remember him posting something about it.


It finally arrived!


A mattress, which just arrived and which I cannot carry up the stairs due to a combination of it being too heavy to completely lift off the ground, and wrapped with a material that is too slippery.

I’mma get it, though.
That mattress picked the wrong chick to mess with. It isn’t ready.

*Got it


just perfection.


Yes, I have a F30 316D from 2012.
I have posted some pictures here: