What was your last purchase?


Oh that is +never+ fun.
I mean, a new bed can be all kinds of fun, but moving them, especially upstairs? Nah.

On subject, the last thing I purchased (beyond food and such, which is boring and probably not what anyone cares about) is a new bag for work:

Zipper broke on my last bag (a pretty nice leather one), but this one is (shockingly!) even roomier, and adorned with nice little nods to nerdery. I’m probably never gonna use the patch panel (heh) on the front of the bag, but I have enjoyed using it this week. It holds my coffee and my clipboard, which are generally my two most vital professional belongings.


Niiice bro! I had a 318i M sport coupe was lovely until it got stolen from my driveway!!

Only pic I have of it too


What??? Things like these happens in the UK? Did you press charges? And in what part of the UK are you?
318 E92 is the 155 horse power I believe. I was looking into that some time ago.


O_O Sorry, dude! That’s so unfortunate.


They kept you waiting, huh?


Unfortunately yes, and quite popular at the time these and Audi A5’s had a high theft rate, because it was keyless they smashed the window and boosted the signal from inside my house somehow ? Madness!! Yes mate around that BHP I wanted a slightly bigger engine but only one I could find with that spec, red leather too! Yours looks sweet man!

No one was ever caught lol that’s long gone, I’m from East Midlands, Nottingham

@Phoenix thanks man! Was gutted at the time but bought this beauty now

Volkswagen Scirocco R 2.0T


I don’t know anything about cars (can’t even drive) so I don’t know how keyless works at all. On the face of it, I suppose it does seem less secure than a key. Google time.

Glad you’ve got a new one, though.

***Ahh, short range radio signals. I see, I see.


Cheers bro! Made sure this one had a physical key lol, seems an easy method of boosting the signal and starting the engine, it took them less than 5 mins to take it :-1:t2:


I saw a report on the news with a Mercedes. And think they are making the cars key less just to avoid being stolen.
Irony. Good thing for me I park 1 km away from home. But mine is a base model. So I guess no one is interested in it. Especially because it’s the 116 horse power. So it figures.


Yes mate, same with Mercedes ironic as they cost a bomb straight of the factory, expensive motors, still a smart car man, nothing like owning a BMW :+1:t2:


Hey, nice car! Love the colour too.


Thanks man! appreciate the love


Hey @silvereye27. Remember what I told you about sometimes forget we are supposed to be responsible adults who don’t waste money in toys and save as much as possible?

This cool fella and almost a decade of waiting are testimony of that.


Not a Halo fan but that is a very cool action figure.


I want to play with that and make pew pew brushdaakkk noises :flushed:


Oh, it’s coming out from the box. Don’t worry. I believe these toys are to be cherised and enjoyed to take pics of silly situations.


I bought a new suit for work. High quality slim wool and at 60% off.
In this store I went a year ago to buy my last suit, they told me in november they had to shut down the store due to bankrupt. But they re opened last month and they need to get rid of the old collection so there were discounts at 60% on some products.

I went straight for a black suit with a budget between 200 and 400€ but here is the problem. I need a different size for the jacket and a different size for the pants.
Jacket was perfect a 52 size and pants a 48. The assistant there was very kind and told me they can’t make a change with these models because they were the last.
So I came with the best proposition I’ll buy them both
Assistant there was happy AF. He complimented me with the other staff members (figures) and everyone there was like wooow.

Basically I bought one and a half suit. Because the oversize pants can be adjust but the jacket is way too slim for me and now I’m trying to sell it or maybe I will gift it to my mom’s fiance. But I doubt he’s that slim.

Both suits costed 576€, I went away with 230€ which was less than expected to my budget list.
I’ll publish some pictures when I get it from the tailor.

Also I bought a new white shirt made out of cotton and black leather shoes last week. All for work.


Post some pics of you wearing it. :slight_smile:


Will do, in the same way 47 is shown with the outfits post missions.


Tbh, you should be 47 now. You’re Romanian, bald, and look good in a suit. :slight_smile: