What was your last purchase?


I can never be a 47.

mopes in the background


I’m missing 13cm of height. Blue eyes and a rounder back head shape. Not to mention muscle definition.



Between us, we make one 47.

Wait no jk I’m short as hell.

Is there a tall person in the building!?


47 is 1.88 m tall. :worried:


We’ll fix it in post :slight_smile:


Right here. I’m exactly 1.88 meters



WE’RE A 47

I’m glad that I could contribute the tiniest bit to this reality.




You guys need to meet up and actually do this irl.



Only thing is I’m not bald and I don’t think I’ll be shaving my head at 15.


You’re a 6 foot tall 15 year old!?!?!?!?!?!?


Yes. This text will be blurred


That’s amazing :joy:
That makes me so happy.
You’re gonna keep getting taller, yeah?

I apparently don’t know how guys work.


You a girl?


I am frequently asked if I’m cosplaying the character that is my profile picture, even when I’m not.
If that helps. Haha.

I feel like we’ve gotten off the topic of 6 foot tall 15 year old though!!!


pff what a baby


Shut up spod you’re like 8.


47 sized baby!!!


I don’t have a suit though. Literally everything except a jacket and red tie


a tracksuit will do :point_left: :sunglasses: :point_left: