What was your last purchase?


Somebody get the tall guy a suit!

Or a clown costume.


My DeAngelo coin came in!


I bought Assassins Creed: Origins and this large dog cage for my Great Dane which has a size of 54" L x 35" W x 45" H.


Getting ready for the dart gun?!


Bought 5 t shirts from a newer Danish Clothing brand called TheBodyFactory.

Nice form fitting t shirts in good quality and they are made for an active lifestyle. All in all 53 eur / 62 usd for all 5 t shirts. They had a big sale and I was able to save over 50% of the original sales price.


Wow! Here we sometimes pay almost $50 for one t-shirt! That’s a great deal.




I found it! I found something similar to 47’s new belt :heart_eyes:

And I bought it



I ordered a weighted blanket. I work nights, sleep days… 21 some years at the same job, and lately it seems like I’ve been having more and more trouble sleeping during the day. Hopefully this will help me get into a deeper sleep.


Hello there fellow night worker. What do you do? I’m a hotel night porter for about 9 years now.
I find my self in the same situations some times. I usually do this. Wake up 20-30 minutes before work (I start at 22) finish at 8 then go to the gym or just enjoy the rest of the day till 13 or 15. Usually at that hours I’m pretty tiered and can fall asleep easily and wake up at 21:30 or 21:40.
But some times I do the contrary. Sleep in the morning right after work and wake up somewhere at 16.


Hotel Night Auditor. :grinning: Typically I’ll wake up at 10 PM (or earlier), and get to work at about 10 minutes till 11 PM (for the shift change and so the previous person can leave by 11). …As for sleeping? That schedule can be all over the place. What I’d prefer it be is going to bed around noon, then waking up later in the evening. What I really hate is when I get tired at night (when I’m supposed to be working or just awake), then get deliriously tired after I get off work… When this happens I will go to bed, but then wake-up anywhere from 3 to 5 hours later, wide awake, and not able to get back to sleep. Then I might stay up till 4 or 5 PM… Then I’ll try to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get… It can be a vicious cycle sometimes.

You mentioned going to the gym… That’s something that would probably help me (too). I really do live a ‘Sedentary Lifestyle’ and anymore, get winded pretty easily, and I do have some concern over the health of my heart.


How old are you? I’m going to be 27 next month. I started this job at 18.
For the sleeping part during the night. Well we both know sometimes resting the eyes for and hour or 2 won’t do any harm.
I prefer to do all the work I have to do during the night once I entered my shift (archiving the files from the day, preparing the orders/list for the various sections, answering the emails, etc) because I still have some coworkers around including the director and I have plenty of energy with them around.
But after at certain hours I might get lazy. But no worries because I already done my job 3-4 hours ago :sweat_smile:
Plus nights at my job are pretty calm. Worse it can happen is that I have to call a doctor for a vomiting client or keep calm the drunk ones and make sure they go to their room safely and without doing any damages (rarely happens).
Besides that my contact with the clients is checking in and out and making them coffe if they wake up early or leaving early.
If I’m tiered I’ll go to sleep around 3-4 am for an hour or 2. Then wake up and start my normal routine to unlock some doors and turn some lights on.

Gym helps a lot because it tiers you. If not I will go running or play videogames till my eyes burn or watch movies.
But I remember it was more exhausting when having a girlfriend. That one took lots of energy but because of the need to stay with her and going around.


42 :disappointed: I work alone… It’s not that big of a hotel, and it’s in a smaller town (20 miles from a large city). There’s not a whole lot to do. I usually wait till later to do any chores. Unless I know I’ll be dead tired later then I’ll get all that stuff done early so I can take a few 20 minute naps later on. The “computer stuff” and paper-work doesn’t take any more than 10 minutes. I can have anywhere from 0 guests to check-in, to maybe 10 or more on a really busy night (and the nearby city is sold-out -so we get the overflow from that). Then there’s setting up our hot breakfast. That’s always on a strict schedule.

It was about a month or 2 back, the hotel owner came in drunk at around 2 in the morning, said I wasn’t doing any of my work. And I did have a couple off-days there – being too tired to get some of the lobby cleaning done. At one point he mentioned “I know you’ve been sleeping on the job back there in the back!” :open_mouth:

So (getting caught) sleeping on the job is a no-no! :laughing: But, if I have to, I will take a 20 minute “power nap”. Any longer than that and you get into too deep of a sleep, and that will make you feel worse (usually).

For my caffeine fix, I rely on carbonated soft-drinks. I never cared for the taste of coffee, and I don’t like the idea of energy drinks.


My old job was like this. Miss that time, it was simpler and way less responsibilities.
I’m sorry for your bad experience. My luck with both work places is that the owner trusts me a lot and never had these problems. In fact I never had a surprise visit to check on me.
You’re right about oversleeping. There was this one time I haven’t slept for 2 days. I had things to do, stupid ones of course and I remember that day I went 2 hours earlier to work. Done all the cleaning, water all the plants and at 12:30 once every client was inside I went to sleep till 06:20 :rofl: You have no idea how much I needed that sleep. But I finished all the things I had to do during the night.


That belt was no longer for sale. The shop contacted me asking if I want change product or a refund.
I choose the refund because it had nothing that appealed to me.

But I still want a Calvin Klein belt so with the refunded money I bought this one.


I have bought myself a Leatherman Rev:


:blush: Great tool when i’m fishing for freshwater trout and when speaking of fishing gear, I also bought this fishing reel:

Shimano Ultegra 1000 FB :blush:


I just purchased this off Ebay (new) I saw it a while ago and immediately fell in love with it. Finally decided to buy it. I should receive it by mail in a few days.

Very simple design but right up my alley. Also not expensive at all! A perfect fit for the “Piano Man”



10/10 sexy wristwear.


Haha yes, indeed I must agree!


Just bought these ones:

I really live two lives. One day I wear shoes like this, and the next day I’m running around like 47.
(But without the red tie - I prefer all black)


Bought a new Walther PPQ M2 9MM! Putting my first shots through it tomorrow :slight_smile: