What was your last purchase?


Really excited for this next week. really hoping this isn’t inappropriate or something

I keep misplacing my other one and I think this is prettier, anyway.

{It actually came early! :D}


Not inappropriate, you own a dog and thats normal.


You are so right.
I don’t even know why I said that.


Reminds me of the CZ2000 from Contracts. How does it shot? Gas or CO2?
Oh sorry, I see it’s gas. I personally like CO2 because they are powerful and you can finish the whole clip.


It’s actually a real handgun! Uses gun powder :slight_smile:





I feel ashamed now :joy::rofl:
It’s so clear with the bullets and the mag. I just saw the gun.

@Urben wtf! I’m ok with my height at this point.


Every American need a gun, just in case the King of England wants to invade their Home.

i know shooting is fun and stuff, but i’m really glad to know that not every Guy around me can get a Gun easily.


Hard same. Some people are cray cray.


Oh, it’s gas all right, but it’s at a much higher pressure than that of a CO2 Powerlet. :wink:


That’s part of why I bought a gun :joy:


One day I shall open a fundraiser named "Help badeaguard’s ambition to look like his idol 47"

On the list of how come every month you’re so low on cash (my friends say) and every time I’m like you know, rent and stuff which is just 20% true I present to you my last purchase.

I found it by mistake but finally this is the belt 47 is wearing. Partially, just the belt with out the buckle is identical.
Like 100% identical. The buckle can be change in time. It’s an expensive brand but hey, you only live once.
But joking aside I did manage to save something this month, next month is going to be a gang rape on my wallet due to car tax and insurance renew.


Also bought a new handgun safe!




It’s pretty amazing watching Americans show off their firearms on here. The concept of just walking off the street into a gun store and coming back with your own little arsenal is so foreign to me.

That gun safe for example would be in violation of pretty much all our firearms laws, as in most states it is illegal to keep the gun clip and/or ammo near your gun, safes must also be bolted to the floor, and police do random checks of registered gun owners (the few that exist) to ensure they’re in compliance.

Airsoft is banned here as well BTW. The customs service classifies them as firearms.


Same in Italy. If you posses a fire arm (registered of course) the police will come once a year at your house to check that you keep your gun according to the law.


Yep, that’s normal here; and if the police find that you’re in breach of your license (i.e. keeping your ammo in the same safe as the firearms), you lose your guns and licence on the spot.


I now have a new roommate

I always wanted that in my room


I get what you mean. I see and understand both angles of the argument. If gun control was better in America (in my opinion, just harder to obtain a gun), I might not have purchased one. There are more guns in America than people, something like 5-to-1 if I remember correctly.


At least with all his assassination money he can help pay the rent