What was your last purchase?


I also got this along with the thingy above and they actually both came yesterday. I moved my keys to this (it’s much heavier than I thought it would be! <3) and it’s better for my style than my old keychain.
I didn’t think it would match what I’m wearing today (tie up shorts, garter belt, thigh high argyle socks,) but it seems to work well.


i have my Wallet on a Chain, because i still think it looks cool :sunglasses:


I don’t have a wallet, because I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it. :sob:


Pants without pockets? that sucks.


I honestly can’t even remember the last time I had pockets on anything I wore. Must have been 4-5 weeks ago? Maybe? Even the jacket I wore last weekend had none.
I don’t do purses, sooOooo I usually just shove my things into my socks.


thats sounds very, very annoying tbh.


It’s the worst when it’s keys because they fall down into the bottom of your sock and then you’re in pain all day. Hence me getting this bad boy. It’s going to save me so much foot-ache!


There was never a doubt about me not buying this Spider-man game, I loved the hell out of Spider-man 2 for PS2 and the Amazing Spider-man game for PS3 was alright. This game looks awesome and I always loved Spider-man since my early childhood, still got a lot of comics from the 90’s stored away.

and also 5kg Whey Protein Powder, 2.5 kg Micellar Casein and 12 Proteinbars from Bulkpowders.


Man, I couldn’t resist pre-ordering Spider-Man. It looks so good and you can tell Insomniac put their heart and soul into this. It’s going to be the best spider-man game since Spider-Man 2 for the PS2. Can’t wait to play.

Anyways, I just bought a 6 pack of this tasty beverage.


i also cant wait for Spiderman! i just hope that the Villains shown in the trailers arent all of them…i hope to see Dr. Octopus, Mysterio and the Lizard, those are my favorites.
According to an article, Venom isnt in the Game :confused:


I was hoping they’d at least have a symbiote skin, but I heard that’s not happening.


It might be sacrilege but I’m glad that Venom is not in the game. It feels like every time a Spiderman game is made they have wedge in the symbiotes there.


I paid that car tax and now that’s one less worries.

My new driving gloves arrived (I re order them with a bigger size) and now they feel right and very comfortable.

Now I’m just waiting for that belt which I should receive it Monday.

I made my plans for my birthday and after all I’m going for a day with my mom in Graz to visit Schwarzenegger’s home museum. Will post some pictures @Mads47


It doesn’t have to be Venom. I’d be okay with any of the symbiotes, it would be a good chance to get one of the lesser known ones in there. I’m kinda tired of Venom and Carnage tbh.


The cynic in me says that Sony went up to Insomniac and went "you cant put in symbiotes because you will be stepping all over the venom movie’. Since the enemies in Venom are those lesser symbiotes.

I really hope that since the game has Scorpion they turn him into the Symbiote Scorpion they had a while back, but that is wishful thinking.


Oh man I keep forgetting that movie even exists. Duh.

That would be cool!


I just purchased a used copy of the Hitman HD trilogy. Finally get to play Silent Assassin and Contracts. I can also relive the days I wasted playing Blood Money by wasting EVEN MORE days on Blood Money. EDIT: Finally paid off my preorder for Gold Edition Hitman 2018, all I have to do is wait


@badeaguard please do, would love to see some pictures both of Graz and the Schwarzenegger museum. Also I highly recommend reading his biography.


I’m already studying the place. I don’t like to go somewhere with out knowing in advance a bit the place.
But I will only visit the museum and this restaurant they have right next to it. Graz will be for some other time.
It’s a bit outside Graz apparently. Food isn’t expensive it seems in that restaurant.
I think I will leave early in the morning at 6 am to be there at 12 pm and leave I don’t know, somewhere at 16 to be back by 22.

Just 18 more days!!!
I will touch everything Schwarzenegger touched. I will even put my ass on the same toilet his ass touched.

Only worries I have is what to wear. I’m not going there in a suit that’s for sure. But I will keep the suit Jacket.

I did read about his life on the internet, but not the book. I’m sure the very first movie I watched was The Terminator and plus I got in to lifting weights thanks to him.
There was a big time in my teens where I had posters on my wall with him, pictures on my facebook and so on.
I still want to meet him one day, in person. I know a lady who has a photo with him in a bar in Munich.


You could wear Schwarzenegger’s famous outfit when he first appeared on the screen at the first Terminator! :slight_smile: