What was your last purchase?


Naked? :thinking:



Seconding the vote now.


No, not nacked.

Well, because technically he is wearing transplanted skin as a disguise. He is nacked at the end of the movie.

So, back to my suggestion… any access to a morgue?


Nevermind, I UNSECOND!




Badea really doesn’t half ass anything he likes, does he?



I would really recommend that you read his biography, it’s really good. Interesting from start to end, the book really fueled my own ambitions and training. Applying some of his principles into my life, it helped fuel my drive for losing some the extra fat. Arnold is my idol and reading his book was one of the most fulfilling reading experiences. I can’t stop recommending it, especially to you. Hell even my Girlfriend have expressed interest in reading the book and she wasn’t very keen on Governator before meeting me.


i purchased a Turtleneck Pullover today, because i like Archer and 47’s Tactical Gear (without the Hat).


I just bought these bad boys from Oneplus.

Ever since I bought the Oneplus 5t a couple of Month ago I been thinking about buying these wireless earbuds. But sadly they been out of stock for almost two months, luckily they came back in stock the day after my Samsung Earbuds stopped working probably (low audio and only one of the earbuds plays sound).

The nice thing about them is that they are extremely practical and convenient. 10 min of charge time gives you 5 hours of music and a full charge gives you 8 hours. The backhead of the earbuds is magnetic and by connecting them, it will pause your audio.


They are perfect for my morning walks and my workout. Also it’s a plus in my book that they ain’t true wireless, I like that both earbuds are connected to each other.


A new bag (hopefully it’s real, because it’s so me)

To replace my bag which I’ve had most of my life and is now too torn up to use and no longer being sold :frowning:

Update: They just sent me a picture explaining to me that the bag opening is ‘sideways’ now and saying they will send it if I’m okay with that. As I don’t care about which direction the zipper goes, I said it was fine. Strong implication that it does exist now, at least. I’ll make a new post if it comes though. @ObiBobi18


Now, that shit just looks sooooooo fucking cute lol. I just love the little tophat.

Can I have one? Where did you buy it from?


The reason I don’t know if it is real is because it was from this very shady looking store. It also has no reviews. Even their facebook page has no comments except their own. I’m not sure I would really recommend it to anyone until I actually receive it.

but if you would like, here is the site: https://goromiau.storenvy.com/


Thanks, I’ll check it out! This isn’t the first time I bought something from a shady looking store. :wink:



I have so many bunnies.
This one is also a bag and I got him in Japan:

And this is not a bag but I got her a few years after the skelanimal:

Despite the fact that she hasn’t been anywhere near my dog, she is covered in fur because dog hair is magic.

I have more but these two don’t require any walking to get to, heh.


Huh…This shit is really sketchy though…I checked one of their products by reverse image searching it and their photo adress said ‘‘2006’’ along with the exact same purse on images, being in the EXACT SAME POSE! Soo in conclusion:

1.Their pictures literally more than a decade old
2. These products are most likely NOT theirs and are copied from google

Honestly I’d probably not order for now lmao. :rofl:

Those fluffy animals are so nice to, it’s almost like the cat-in-a-cheeseburger pillow my sister bought for her daughter. They are really big aswell lol.


I actually found them by searching for those images. There are a lot of stores “selling” that bag and that particular store was the least sketchy of them all (at least, they put the most work in.) I paid with paypal so if they aren’t legit I can hopefully get a refund, but yeah I wouldn’t recommend it.

If it comes, I’ll give you a heads up! :smiley:


I wouldn’t say hopefully, it’s 99% you can get a refund. That’s why online I always pay with PayPal and not credit card.


I’ve never had to do it before, so I don’t really know how it works.


I don’t either lol; I’ve never needed a refund.