What was your last purchase?


I did, you need to contact paypal with the number of your order or just send them an email with your problem. They will do the rest.


Glad to see someone who also collects plushies :bear::smile:


I have a lot of video game paraphernalia from Japan.
No Digimon, unfortunately.


Got myself a multifunctional flashlight that includes a tazer.


Hope it has a good battery to support a flashlight, a laser sight and a tazer function.


Tazer like you put electricity in some one to disable him?


There’s a phone case with a taser in it. I kind of want it, for science.


Seems good enough. Right now it’s recharging so lets see how long it lasts with full battery.
@badeaguard Yes, Alex. It’s the kind of tazer you put on someone in order to incapacitate them or give them tickles if they are into kinky stuff.


Is that even legal? :smiley:


I think it’s legal enough, and even if it wasn’t, no one would pay attention to the regulations.


I have pretty much only seen it used for the latter irl, lmbs.
Still, I really like it as a method of theoretical incapacitation. As far as I know, it doesn’t do as much potential damage as say, stabbing someone.
Then again, I’ve never really looked i up.


I’m certain it will give a good shake but nothing too major. I have electrocuted myself while making installations and while it didn’t left me KO, it disoriented me a bit. Believe it will accomplish it purpose just fine. Also, I think it isn’t the same a shock on the belly than a shock on the neck.


I’ve seen it done mostly on extremities so that makes sense.
Mace has to be aimed a lot better, and knives of course can lead to bleeding out which can get super iffy, if they die, that’s on you despite the fact that you were the intended victim.

So I really want a taser as the best middle ground defence, I don’t know if they’re legal here though. I’ll have to check. You can’t even buy mace here. I literally didn’t own any until about a week ago because I couldn’t find it, even though it’s legal. (Got it from Amazon, but it’s actually too big for any bags I own.)


Also have a can of pepper spray wich a alone can make someone literally itchy and in case of something a bit more of help with it, carry a lighter just in case.
In the case of owning somehting wich at the end is a weapon, look for it even if it isn’t the most legal thing. Better to have something that offers a chance of defending yourself than worrying for a lot of legal “ifs”


Pepper Spray is much more effective than a tazer gun. Tazer guns need to shoot cables to connect to the target and sometimes those cables will bounce off the clothes and fail to deliver the discharge.

Never thought of combining that with a lighter to have a homemade flamesprayer tho. Great idea!


Thanks a lot! I may look into it and buy something! :wink:


Just made my first ever Steam purchase. Game is Crusader Kings 2 by Paradox Interactive (75% off) and includes all DLC (50% off).

I had already played the game for free, that one and 4 others from Paradox. This is the one that runs the most smoothly on my laptop and since I noticed the sale I thought this would be a good moment to support the developers at last.


Your wallet will never be the same in the next Steam sale.


It is already not the same. Paradox Interactive is well known for having some of the most costly games. In fact I remember they suffered a fan sabotage/uproar because their business model about a year and a half ago. They release about two expansions a year on average per game (each very costly, many of which people argue could be reorganized, recategorized, simplified, expanded, maybe even free… etc). Each featuring separate cosmetics, music and immersion packs. In total, all of that was 157€. Note everything had 50% at least.


Yeaaaay!!! My car told me today that I urgently need to change the oil. But not only that, I also have to change the filters.
So I got an appointment for Monday to do all this. But also Monday not only I have an oil and filters change but I also need to pay my car’s insurance and here are 700 € that flies away just like that.
There might also be the possibility to change the pads or what ever is called on the front brakes. My mechanic told me he has to open it up to see first. I might still make 4.000 km with them.

So today I asked my mom what does she prefer to gift me for my birthday? Will not make me pay rent this month or you’re paying for the trip to Schwarzenegger’s house?
My mother told me to not worry.

-8 days till I go visit Arnold’s birth house.