What was your last purchase?


Booooo. Don’t need that. Place eggs in cold water put on stove when start to boil lower to simmer and cook for 9 minutes. Remove and run cold water in pot in sink. Perfect eggs every time.


Uhmm can I join? Seems like fun.


Are there things about you that I don’t know, :thinking:


Of course man, more the better! get yourself a flight to the UK on the 22nd :wink::wink::rofl:


My birthday is on the 20th. I wish I could :frowning: but it can be done next year who knows! I never been to a British birthday party.
And judging by your plans seems a lot of fun.


Yeah man anytime! its actually a stag party, I don’t know what you’d call them over there, a party before the guy gets married


ooooh that one. Never been to one of those.


-5 days to Arnold’s house :heart_eyes:



I’ve preordered the PC Collector’s Edition :blush:

Let’s just hope it will arrive in time now…

Still no Sniper Assassin code tho :frowning:

Contacted WB support, w8 & see…


Are you tried concact with IOI, I heard WB’s support is not working very well.


I’ll see what WB staff will reply to me, then i may summon IOI if needed.
Thanks for help tho :slight_smile:


Where did you buy it from? There is a 48 hour wait time with Amazon.co.uk


Preordered from FNAC, the only retailer for French PC CE.


Might be the same deal, Amazon didn’t have the codes themselves. It could take up to two business days for the code to arrive.


I’ve preordered a week ago and FNAC can’t help with it since they don’t have the codes…

Only WB and IOI can help atm.

Some players had the same issue and they said WB support helped them so i’m trying it…


You have to contact WB games support. I would recommend that you give them screenshots of the order and order number to speed the process up. But expect up to 10 weeks wait time.


the game is out then :joy:


Indeed, but sadly that’s the case. WB customer support is horrible, I waited 10 weeks for a new code after the first one I received had already been used.


If i don’t have news within three days i’ll contact them via Discord.


Just bought this month’s subscription of Humble Bundle because it contains Overwatch. I used to be a massive Team Fortress 2 player when I was a teenager, I think I literally put in more than a 1000 hours into it, but fell out of it ages ago.

I hear Overwatch is a little similar to TF2, so will be interesting.