What was your last purchase?


With a more toxic fanbase


Oh boy, yes, I’ve heard stories about the Overwatch fanbase. Who can forget the saga of Tracer’s arse? Not to mention the apparent horror of having a halloween costume that is based off another culture’s. The humanity!

I must admit, considering how much love the Overwatch characters seem to receive, I honestly don’t find any of them that interesting design wise. I dunno, Overwatch’s aesthetic doesn’t do much for me. Maybe I’ll like some of the characters when I actually play as them and hear their lines, but I’m not sure I’ll ever fall in love with it like games such as Team Fortress 2 or Borderlands.


Enjoy the media and what it has to offer and do your best to get over the creepy side stuff that seems to be quite the norm with almost every fandom these days. Besides, most of the people just want to have some nice fun!


Yeah, that is fair. I mean, I am a Doctor Who fan myself and the fandom is currently being torn in two with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor about to premiere in just a few weeks, so can’t really judge other fandoms. Hell, I’m a Sonic fan and some people think that is the worst fandom of all time.


I was a Sonic fan (short lived) but the constant issues it has not only in community but also quality in the franchise drove me off (still love CD). Incredible how sometimes the people who bitch the most about a franchise are the fans, who even torn it apart.


If you havn’t, you should give Sonic Mania Plus a go. That is one of the best Sonic games in a long while.

Yeah, fandoms can be toxic. I find the Overwatch fandom funny though in that it became toxic before the actual game had come out yet.


It’s funny how many of these franchises (I include Digimon) talk about stuff like friendship, courage, being nice and all, but yet seem to get the worst out of people. You know something is a bit peculiar when one of the franchises with one of the most “tame” fanbases is the one about a bald contract-killer clone.


It can be funny. But then at times people take different things out of different media. The Doctor Who split has been interesting to me because alot of has also been about the progressive left against everyone else. I know there are fans who argue that the show is left wing, and that they can’t believe anyone who is right wing would watch it. It feels some fans want a female Doctor because they think it would be interesting and that it fits the show, whethers others seem to think it must happen because women are “owed” it, that it “makes up” for the last 54 years, despite the female Doctor thing only being seriously considered for the last decade and Doctor Who always having good female characters through the show’s run.

I guess that is where my derision of the Overwatch fanbase comes from, is that it seems to come from the progressive left. As someone who considers himself a moderate liberal, I feel extremely wary of the progressive left for how much they push progressiveness but without any regard to anyone who doesn’t fit their world view, and has a toxic view of white people and especially white straight men. I don’t think it is an attitude that should be allowed to breed, and seems to not be interested in integration of people but rather a world where the “oppressors” must shut up and allow “the oppressed” to walk over them for the rest of time due to past transgressions.

I could be wrong, but it seemed like when Overwatch was being marketed on having a diverse cast, a selling point so that theoretically any gamer, man, woman, white, black etc, could be attracted to the game. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but then it seems to bring out people who feel like that there must always be a problematic element, and it just felt like silliness when Tracer having a pose that showed off her butt was apparently disrespectful towards women, and the fact Blizzard bowed to that criticism, to me, is starting a battle they can never win. Likewise with the halloween outfits where, again, to me, it seems like the kindof thing that is brought up people not from the culture the outfit originates, but seem to just assume that the people of that culture will be naturally offended.

I guess I get this attitude from being Scottish. I live near Edinburgh, a Scottish city with high number of tourists, and a large economy of Scotland is tourism and selling Scottish products like Whisky. Edinburgh has dozens of tacky shops blaring bagpipe music, selling Scottish music CDs, and a caps with ginger hair attached to them. It’s just something we do to generate income, and hell, if Scotland went independent in 2014, we would probably of had to double down on the tourism thing. And Scotland has had its own identity problems with the Gaelic language being spoken by only 1% of the population, and past acts against us like the Glencoe Massacre and the Highland Clearances.

I can’t speak for other countries, I’m sure tourism can have problems, I believe Hawaii has had issues of that nature. But I do think that if I brought up the Scottish angle to a progressive leftist, I know they would dismiss it because as far as they are concerned, we are a white country, and one that played a part in the British Empire. I don’t believe Scotland is a victim, but I also think that issues like these are just not black and white, and I think this narrative the progressive left is pushing can be suffocating, and carries its own little convenient ignorance.

Sorry, way off topic, just my thoughts on it. Will give Overwatch a shot tonight once I’ve had my dinner.


It came, it is cute :3. The zipper is a little wonky, though.


So soft and cuddly!


These all came today!

A useful bag (you have to pay for grocery bags here):


Pikachu sneakers that glow in the dark!

Shorts and a skirt (I buy a lot of Asian clothes because I am tiny, so it works out better. I’m so happy with both of these, the waist is a little big on the shorts, but not so big that a belt doesn’t work):

I really liked all of these purchases. I was worried about the quality, but they all seem pretty nice. The buttons on the skirt are a little iffy though, I’m worried they might eventually break due to wear and tear, but at least that should be easily fixable.


Yes, sex is cool but have you ever tried one of these?
I fucking love everything with cherries inside.





:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk: 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡


Technically not a purchase as the price is $0.00 … but I do have to get it from the eShop…

Picking this one up tonight.

Just finished WOLFENSTEIN: NEW COLOSSUS, speaking of which… Wow… what an ending (and by that I also include the final battle on top of the Ausmerzer)! Good job, Machinegames! :slight_smile:

I’m actually doing WOLF 2 a second time for the Wyatt Timeline, but I do want something new alongside.


If you wear all of that as one set, you will look just like a real life Pokemon trainer! :wink:


the Girl on the right looks like Jade from Mortal Kombat😁


Yeah… that’s Ying… supposedly a Healer and Enemy De-Buffer. Normally in multiplayer FPS games that is the role I play. So in games like DIRTY BOMB, I used to run Aura and Sawbonez mostly, and on EVOLVE I mained E.M.E.T. and Lazarus.

But my experience of MECHWARRIOR ONLINE (where everybody just deals damage) has kind of changed some of my behavior as I main light mechs there and found myself most useful as a rusher and backstabber.

It wasn’t overnight. There was a time I actually felt like a loser in that game, but over time I learned that I could inflict damage enough to harm an enemy team if I had a certain setup.

So maybe on PALADINS I may try flankers? Not sure yet. :slight_smile:


Takumar 55mm 1.8 because I had a hood for it :wink:

In game - a gun in Hitman Sniper :stuck_out_tongue: