What was your last purchase?


Lol So I did actually wear the ball and the shoes to an otherwise “professional” dinner with coworkers a few nights ago, because these are the only shoes I own that are black and white, and one of them told me I looked like a Pokemon trainer and it clicked and we all laughed pretty hard. I hadn’t realised it at all :joy:
Accidentally nerdy is the best kind of nerdy.


I bought this today (minus the american age ratings since I am not american :stuck_out_tongue: )



Well, there is no American rating on that Blu-ray cover, so you’re all set. :wink:




I bought another drumset.


Wait, how many drumsets do you own?


I own three. I have a Roland electric and 2 Pearl acoustics. My other acoustic drumset is really old so I upgraded to this one. Really satisfied.


Logitech MX Master 2s

Pretty great mouse so far, the horizontal scrolling is gonna be super handy in Excel.


Your neighbors must love you


Well that neighbourhood kid keeps firing potshots into his back yard with his BB gun so it all checks out now :laughing:


What neighbors? :^)


You don’t have any???


You have neighbors


Right then boys, I’ve been after an upgrade on my standard PS4 controller for a while, so today I purchased this bad boy



Its the Razer Raiju pro controller! arriving tomorrow ill let you all know how she plays.


Nice, you got a fancy XB1 controller :+1::stuck_out_tongue:


Haha on first appearance I can agree, hoping its as good as it says! additional triggers on the back should come in handy!


Well actually I think the guys that helped design the Elite controller released a version for Playstation use


I just bought a external HD for my PS4, so I have room for RDR 2 and Hitman 2 + other already installed games :grinning::

Seagate Game Drive PS4 1TB


Well…how is it?


Why not an internal one? I have a 2tb Hybrid one from Segate. Costed I think 100 € and something.