What was your last purchase?


Long story short I haven’t had chance to use it yet, I had to go out yesterday it was delivered to a neighbour, gotta pick it up this morning, will give you an update later today


I almost did and that’s what I have done in the past, but then I would have to download my games from Playstation Store once again, it’s easier with a external HD :grinning:.


Hmmm you are right. I prefered the internal one for space issues.


For my fellow comic book geeks. It arrives on Tuesday :smiley:



Right then, verdict is 10/10, additional triggers on the back for your middle fingers and additional buttons in between L1 and R1 make everything so much quicker and easier, grips great and has additional buttons across the bottom for quick volume etc. It’s wired and can’t be used wireless which is a downside but other than that it’s brilliant, worth the money IMO


Bought this Jacket from Musterbrand today

Some of you might recognise the Jacket from Empire Strikes Back

And luckily the badges can’t be taken off, I don’t plan on using them.



Wild Turkey Whiskey sounds like the off brand version of Wild Grouse Whiskey. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really don’t know. I have no clue about brands and stuff but I tried this Whiskey with redbull at a concert 2 weeks ago an it was delicious.


Me neither, especially since I got the name wrong, its Famous Grouse Whisky, since we don’t put an “e” in whisky in Britain. Famous Grouse is, well, famous in Britain, basically every supermarket has a bottle to buy.

I just thought it sounded funny, like a weird knock off.


It says on the bottle that it’s american


Makes sense, turkeys are more famous over there than here. I just thought it was a funny concidence.


Lol so many famous turkeys :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep reading that bottle as saying IOI.

Anyway, so I bought a ticket to a con that I have to pretty much sneak off to, but I’m super excited to go. It is in another state so it’ll be a 5-6 hour drive on Thursday, and then I actually have to work Friday, but after work on Friday I am IN.

Also, I hear there’s a secret pie giveaway at this con so I have to find it. :3

[I did achieve pie, btw]


i preordered Castlevania Requiem, its basically Symphony of Night and Rondo of Blood for PS4.


If you like your whiskey bade try this (if you get the opportunity)

I was never a whiskey drinker at all until I sampled this, now I have 1 or 2 as a treat every now and then, so smooth!


Ok so I just tried what I purchased with RedBull and it’s pretty strong. There was a moment where I couldn’t see right. Now it passed. I like the taste of this one a lot but I need to moderate the dosage.

While I was under the effect of this Whiskey and I still am, I would like to present to you guys my latest purchase.
It’s dark red of course, all made in silk like all the ties I own.
Price: 33 €


Is burgundy, right? Yeah, thought so.


Star Wars: A New Hope Live - In Concert Tickets

Bought two tickets, one for my Girlfriend and Myself, we will watch it in Aarhus September 2019. After seeing advertisement for it in the US, I decided if it ever came to Denmark I had to experience it. I’m very excited to experience the genius scores from John Williams live while I watch one of my favorite movies.


Sir, that Tie. Smashing!