What was your last purchase?




Well shit it didn’t quite go as planned. The release day has come and no delivery. Now amazon’s product page say’s usually delivered in 1-2 months. Guess I’ll see if I can get it over the weekend instead. :sweat:




7 Mann.Co Crate Keys for Team Fortress 2.
Latest non-virtual item: Coca Cola Bottle, 2 Liters of Milk, Liverbox (Finnish Food), pack of Carelian Pies, bag of french fries and a pack of fishsticks
Latest non-virtual, non-edible / everyday object: a Fan


Whiskey and redbull? Try it with coca cola man!


I do sometimes. But I like a lot more RedBull or Burn energy drink.
I once tried with Monster. Never again… Horrible taste.


I got the HD today and I have already moved a game over to it :grinning::


A external HD dosen’t take up that much space, if that was what you meant?


I don’t like seeing too many cables around


I booked a cinema ticket to go see Venom tomorrow at 15:30.

Best times to watch movies at the cinema are during the day. Not so many people and no kids. Everyone in school at that hour or at work.


Sadly the Star Wars jacket I bought from Musterbrand was ill fitting and way to big in the waist area. It didn’t have the V shape that the pictures gave the impression off. So I will have to return it and now deal with shipping it back to Germany.

I have instead decided to use the money on a Tattoo and in all likelihood get it this month.


Tattoo? Is this your first? What do you have in mind?


Hitman 2 Gold Edition on Steam :slight_smile:


Yes it will be my first tattoo, I have some different things in mind at this moment.

Either these Signs from the Witcher series somewhere on my arm

or a Star Wars related tattoo, in this case the Rebel Alliance Logo with the Jedi Order logo inside. But I want it to look a bit damaged and weathered.

I do want a Hitman tattoo, but sadly I don’t find many of the designs very appealing or appealing enough to get it tattooed on my body. But i’m always on the lookout for a Hitman tattoo I like.


A good Quen sign emblazoned on your palm, for protection. :grinning:


I kinda want them on my lower arm, but i’m not sure i’ll go for a visibel one. Something that my tshirt can cover up is probably best. With the line of work I have, it might be against policy to have visibel tattoos sadly. But I’ll have to ask around. I work in a school as a social educator and in after school programs.


Bought The Last of Us Remastered for PS4, haven’t played the game since it’s original release on PS3. Really looking forward to get into it again, this time i’ll play it with my girlfriend and experience it with her.


Last purchase from yesterday was some Sushi with my 3D designer and her boyfriend, 2 new pair of jeans (black colored) and I changed my car’s front breaks.
I should be fine for the next 90.000 km.


Nice Blackbimmer


Or dark blue? @badeaguard what colour is it on your car?


Never mind, it’s black… I think :flushed::joy:.


Thank you @Urben it looks fast but in reality it’s a diesel with only 116 horse power.

It’s full black. Once I got some more money to spare I’m going to change the rims also black.