What was your last purchase?


That sounds good, mate!


oooh you :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: :joy:


I’m very unlucky

Yesterday I bought Xbox Game Pass and I noticed HITMAN added to Game Pass :rofl:

Damn it I was bought HITMAN GOTY Edition on Steam two weeks ago :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This isn’t something that I bought, or intend to buy for some time, but these globes are absolutely the most gangster thing I have ever seen and someday when I can afford to put casually down more than a grand for a globe I will get one.



25th Anniversary collection of the entire Knightfall storyline spread over 9 graphic novels. This is the first 3… the other 6 release periodically over the next few months, will get them all.
I already had the entire collection back in the day, but my original (near 1500) comic collection was stolen a few years back, so for the past 10 years I’ve had to slowly rebuild.

Oh, and Arkham Asylum/City remastered for PS4, I already have them for PS3 of course but it was only £10 so why not? …

Also I loved this game so much, I just had to get the full size art book for Spider-Man. Really fascinating to see the original concepts for all of the characters/locations etc. and their process of realisation to the final product.

Really wish IO had done another one of these books for HITMAN 2…



Light weight babyyyy cit.


Strictly speaking, the Kraken wasn’t a purchase, it was free and I took at least 5 of them (they told me to take more but I literally could not fit more in my bags.) Gave one to my mom because she is forever forgetting a type of charger.

I did finally purchase another lockpick set, this isn’t shaped like a pen but it is even more compact and can actually be attached to my bra rather than just sort of shoving it in there, so that’s nice.


Is that a multicharger? If it is, I wonder why they were giving them away for free and at your own leisure. Nice lockpicks, by the way. No more closed doors for you :bear::relieved:


It was at a conference, companies have given away more for free haha.
Last time the company giving away the little krakens would only let you take one, and a person I knew broken mine maliciously, so I’m very glad to have (so many) replacements.


Lucky you. Around here what most companies give you is a a pen or desinfecting gel.


Well are they infosec conferences or like, pen conferences :laughing: ?


Most of them are about enviromental care or some campaing to prevent diseases. At least the gel makes lots of sense for the second and I don’t complain. It’s free after all and useful.


Ahh makes sense. Yeah infosec conferences tend to have huge enough budgets that they can get away with giving out things like dongles, speakers, camera covers, headphones, sunglasses, etc. We got all of the above and then some.
It’s kinda trippy, because I also attend a lot of conventions and those have very little budgets and there’s rarely anything free, heh.


After the success I had last time I went running I decided to finally invest on a smart watch.
I bought this one because I like a lot the style. It’s quite simple and not so advance compared to other because it has no GPS to track a map.
But all I need to know is the distance I’m making in km and the time.

Before this I was using a strap on my arm with inside my phone. A bit big and quite unconformable to look over the shoulder at the time I’m making and distance. But now things will change hopefully.


Is it it the hybrid watch from Garmin?


I don’t know I guess, it’s called Garmin Vívomove HR Sport Smartwatch


Oh it is the hybrid watch, the clock hands are physical and the rest of the watch function like a “regular” smart watch. Very cool design and very sleek, been thinking about getting a smart watch myself.

Hell I might even buy the same watch also I love that you can change the wristbands. I would go for leather rims instead.


Leather costs a lot. I found only brown so far but I would like something black in leather for when going out only.
Rubbers is too much for sports. If you find anything tag me please.
The price of this watch isn’t even that high. I paid mine 179€


If you go to Amazon.co.uk or Ebay I’m more then sure you would be able to find genuine leather rims for this watch to a fair price and not the high price that Garmin takes.

Okay not sure if this is genuine leather, even if it claims to be. But leather ain’t expensive in china.