What was your last purchase?


All you need now is to also get a fitness tracker and you can rock two watches like moi. :stuck_out_tongue:


I took a look, I don’t like it. Maybe one day I’ll buy a leather band original from Garmin. But they cost 75€ WTF!




I really liked the Black Ops franchise, specially fist two chapters (not very much the third). But I’m not interested in this. I’m not a multiplayer gamer. So this game is not for me


100% not for you as I don’t believe there’s even a campaign in this one! cannot wait for it though!!


I just bought 3 bottles of black water for 42€.
I have no idea where they come from but I paid 27€ for shipping.
All I know is that I was looking at some on the internet with friends and decided to buy some to see how they taste. Without even thinking I clicked purchase and only when I paid I noticed the high price. Guess who’s not going out for 2 weeks now?
I feel pretty stupid now. And I hope this is the best water I had in my life to justify the high price


It’s water… it isn’t wine. You can’t just cancel your purchase and save the money. In Denmark the quality of our tap water is better than the expensive bottle brands. I can’t begin to understand why people pay for expensive water… it’s just a gimmick.

You will get more enjoyment out of that money then you will of some overpriced water.


Well I could but I really want to try black water


Buy some black dye and add it to a bottle :joy:


I wouldn’t want to drink anything that sound like a Fallout consumable. :grinning:


Bade my man I think you have a serious problem in terms of spending money :rofl::rofl: ive got some air for sale in a jar? 10 euros and its your’s :wink:


At this rate you might aswell get Kona Nigari or Fiji water :bear::rofl:. Those two buys will guarantee you don’t go out for 3 months.


same in Germany, i cant remember buying bottled water even once.


I only buy bottled water when i’m on vacation further south.


I generally don’t like bottled water because I can taste plastic as I’m drinking it. Living in Canada, and filtered tap water is the way to go.


Don’t tell me. My salary should be around the corner and I told my self that I’m putting it all away this time.
I looked at the online store to see where they come from. It’s Australia or New Zeland. It figures now.


Your only here once, that’s my motto man and moneys there for spending :+1:t2:


Well I contacted them just now if it is possible to cancel my order and get the refund. I told them the honest motivation that only after I paid I realized the price was too high.
In case they can’t I’m ok with it.

But in the meanwhile I did bought this :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I’m hoping that if they refund me I can make it up for the new purchase.


subway. gotta love subway


I have so many brands of this type of device.