What was your last purchase?


So is it a good brand? How do you feel about it? I was just looking for something compact to plug for charging/file transfer and then run away.


I haven’t ever used anything by this brand so I can’t say, but it’s a pretty simple device that’s hard to mess up so I’m sure it’ll be fine. :smiley:


Well I have an MP3 from china, very small and slim, perfect for what I want but after a year it started to gave me problems.
The songs won’t play any more in order, even if you go back you get a different song every time and it won’t even play them all. I try a format on the memory it has but nothing can help. So here I am buying a new one


:open_mouth: Oh that’s weird. Most of my products are from America based companies, or Japan, so that might be why… hmmm.

That’s a strange problem though, I can’t imagine what would cause it to not know where the files are stored in memory :O, especially after a year.


What is it man ? Wireless MP3? Looks smart though :ok_hand:t2:


WTF! It now works like before :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
And apparently it’s the same brad of the new one I just bought.
Oh well, I will keep the old one in case of emergency.


This will be mine! The statue of a comic character of very funny movies.
I will put it near Agent 47’s statue :smile: When price will be lower I will buy it
It’s fantastic


I just got new floor mats for my car. Nothing expensive, but the old ones didn’t fit the best and were starting to look terrible.


I bought a Big Muff.


i dont care if they are big or small - i like em all



I know that is a Punisher branded shirt but I cant help but think of Sid from Toy Story


Final Crisis finally arrived and it is a big brute. Here it is on my DC shelf along with another Omnibus and some tpbs for comparison


Got myself the preorder of HITMAN 2 Gold Edition for the Xbox One. Anyone knows how the thing of the code for Sniper Assassin works
Edit: forget the Sniper Assassin part. I found how to download it.


My watch arrived. I like it but I need to get used to it.
It’s not big nor small. Perfect fit I would say and it doesn’t disturb me much.
I need to get used with the options it has and still have to test it. It has many things but all I need is the heart rate, distance and time.
Only thing left to buy in time is a leather band. It has a good rubber material but it looks too sportish when wearing a suit.


You know what, I already decided I’m going to buy the same watch. Also how does it work with taking calls and messages?


What I like most about it is that the lances inside are real and not a display made graphic. You have a tiny display in the middle bottom (touch screen) and that’s it. The rest is a real watch.

Just some days ago I saw on display some Garmin watches like these one and I hated the fact the watch was a full lcd screen.


Yeah that’s what I like about it, I love the fact that it’s a hybrid watch. But are you able to take calls or read text messages on the display?


You can connect your phone with it, but see only if you have notification and not read them I think. Search online for video reviews.
I disabled that function because when I’m going out running it will be just the watch, mp3 player and my home keyes with me.

@Mads47 here I made a gif with the things moving when you want to look at the lcd.


Pretty cool watch, I’ll definitely buy it.