What was your last purchase?



Been a huge fan of Disturbed since the early 2000’s :grinning:


Bought new suspenders, this time not X’ ones but Y’ ones - it’s definitely a different feeling, but they are way more comfortable and easy to wear.


naaah, X all the way!


Don’t worry, I’ll always prefer the X ones when it comes to style. I especially bought the Y ones for home, something a bit more comfortable. I think that the Y ones don’t fit that much with formal clothes, they look to “sporty” for it.


I decided from almost this moment I’m saving away to buy my self the new Razer Blade 15.
I’m want to get the “cheaper” version if we can so call it that. 60hz monitor with 256 SSD memory.
It will cost 1.900$ or better 1.660€ which is a fair price for such a masterpiece. But then there is to add a 23% more on that price for IVA import in Italy because I’m buying it in the States since that is the only option.

If my calculations are correct I should buy it in January or February and I will give my current Sasumsung Ultrabook to my mom as a gift for her birthday. This actual ultrabook I have still works like a charm even if it’s from 2012. For my mom is enough as long as it has facebook on so she can publish her photos of our cat.

Can’t wait. And about games, well yes, all the old Hitman games and the Age of Empires in HD. Nothing more :smiley: I just love the shape of this pc.


Getting a notebook from 2012 with that pricetag? I am sure you know what you are doing. :sweat_smile:

Also thinking about buying a notebook for the university. I would love to have a tiny convertible. I might grab the HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G3 for 600€ but there might come up extra costs in my life so I should better wiit until that is settled.

Also have a slick Vaio P from 2010 which might be worth some, gonna sell that soonish.


The 2012 Ultrabook is the one he’s going to give his mom, not this Razer Blade he’s going to buy for that price, right?

Btw seems like a pretty expensive laptop if you’re only going to play the older Hitman games, but who am I to judge. :laughing:


Ooh I read it too quick, you are right :joy:


My ultrabook is from 2012. This gaming laptop is from 2018


Got an alarm clock that projects the time onto your wall (in my case the ceiling.)
I like it so far.

Also got this chair for my bedroom. It’s coming tomorrow, I really hope it doesn’t suck.


Had such a clock for a while too, was neat. Sadly it operated as a seperate clock than the display clock so it was kind of anoying.


Aww yeah.


wait what, like two different clocks!?


Yeah. When we switch between summer time and winter time (yes that is a thing here, ugh) I couldn’t be bothered to set the time of the laser part of the clock. It only had two very soft buttons which were annoying to use. Then I only used the clock in the display.


Isn’t Summer Time and Winter Time just daylight savings time or am I just being American right now?


It is, daylight saving time is summer time and winter time is normal time :grinning:.


I hate it becomming dark at 5 or 6 pm now.


I asked around and found out about 1/4 of Australia does it to. I always thought DST was one of those weird American things we do. Nifty.


sorry, couldnt resist :joy:


Goodbye everybody. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: