What was your last purchase?


Pleased you got it sorted bro! enjoy!



have fun!






You’ve took nerding to a whole new level and I love it! Worth it the collectors box?


I don’t know yet. Right now, I’d say yes. The Catalogue, bandana, treasure map and playing cards are nice to have, but I don’t really have any use for the rest, like the gold coin and cigarette cards.


Most of the stuff is just novelty and collectible ain’t it! You could always use the coin to distract someone


Charity auction for the benefit of the British Multiple Sclerosis Society, a Stoke City home shirt from last season worn and signed by 23-time Scottish national team player Charlie Adam. He wore it for quite an umber of matches, including during this infamous moment v. Brighton.

I feel sorta bad because the shirt is a real steal at the price I got it for


Just ordered my Halloween costume


The 90’s kids will know :wink:


Sloth love Chunk!

I am not a fan of Goonies.:smiling_imp:


Finally. :heart:


Oh nice. Tell us if it is worth the buy. :slight_smile:


Since some days ago I was shopping some stuff with spare money I had because well, it came that there was no need of it for the original reason I was going to use it, so I got myself a new black jacket and a vest that’s double view (red from one side and grey from the other). Still, given I normally use polo shirts or dress ones I was feeling I didn’t have a proper thing to wear them opened, so I went online shopping for a t-shirt and found the perfect one, the kind that shows the sexiest werewolf you are ever going to see in your life.


Nice lifejacket in that second picture.


I have only just realised that you look like Tai cosplaying a normal person and now everything makes sense.


Missing the goggles but I think I can change them for Aviators, you know, to keep it not-so-shonen-anime looking.


Ok, but real talk, if digimon were real you’d tell me, right?


I’ll gladly take you to the Digital World if that was the case.


you havent seen “Ginger Snaps“ i suppose :yum:


A nice drawing/graphic tablet!

Available at half the price on sale! The lines cooked off a little bit shaky though, probably because of not enough practice(yet) :sweat:

I’m off to make some nsfw 47 fan art see y’all later! (I’m just kidding :joy: )