What was your last purchase?


Damn it




I bought a graphic tablet too, but It’s difficult to use


Some appropriately themed whiskey for Halloween. Gonna pour myself a generous measure and then binge watch The Haunting of Hill House…


You have chosen to embrace it.


“This is my Johnny Sins face”

These leggings, which just came today (also a crap ton of leggings with pockets this month)

and Swiss Miss because baby it’s cold outside


What the absolute hell is this :rofl::joy: is that you?


Phoenix may be small but comparing her with a can of mashmallows is kinda rude :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, quite possibly! What about the Santa Clause wannabe though :wink:


Happy as a little kid


I just ordered this. Its a strap to put on your head where you attach gym disks to increase strength in the neck.
Now knowing @MrOchoa I already know his joke about what good use this thing can bring.


Hmmmm never tried any exercises for neck.Do you have any that you could suggest that worked with you?

I want to hear that joke


That looks like the kind of thing with multiple purposes, if you get what I mean. C:


Never tried one. But I knew some boxers that does one with the body weight. Search something on youtube. There are many videos.


I remember seeing Mike Tyson do this one

and was like “…yeah,that would probably break my neck”


Also tough that. This is the reason I bought that head strap. Just attach weights and move your head up and down like your giving a bj. That was the joke :sweat_smile:


its like we know each other for a lifetime :heart_eyes:


Though I am constantly surrounded by hot women, I am not in that photo.

Jeebus, neck workouts. That, I say, is too far.


Finally pre ordered! :blush: Cannot wait!


Welcome to the Golden Boys Gang