What was your last purchase?


Are we a gang? I thought we were an anracho-communist collective?


You can be whatever your imagination tells you to be :rainbow:


My imagination is telling me to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail again.:joy:


:rofl::joy: I bet you are!!


Guy in hoodie sold me this at the train station. Only got it for $40!

I’m picking up The Last of Us 2 from him next week. :grin:


You think he has any Gold Edition HITMAN 2s for us. :grinning:


As a former boxer, i can say that neck exercises are essential in a training routine. A strong neck transfers the receiving punching power from the head/neck down to the torso. Also, it also reduces the risk of concussion. Essentially you can take a beating for longer. These MMA dudes typically go down easy when being punched in the head likely due to weak necks. That sport favors grappling and other areas besides head punching, so neck exercises are typically overlooked.

A safer way to exercise your neck is to use force with your own hand onto your head and try to move your head sideways and front/back with hand resistance. Another way, my favorite, is to use a towel and wrap around a weight plate, then bite the towel, lift the plate and do the neck exercise. As a plus, you also exercise your jaw. I prefer this over the neck developer because if you need to immediately stop exercising, you just open your mouth and the weight load is relieved. With the neck developer, you may be in a position where you need help to relieve the load and no one would be around to help remove the load.


Yeah I looked it up, haha. Seems very useful for boxing and other fighting type styles, as well as some sports.


Idk about that mouth thing. I’m just cringing by the thought of placing weight in your teeth :tired_face:


Hula hooooop

It is UV reactive, 1/2" polypro 24" diameter, and my body is ready.


Bought Diablo on Switch and some essential reading


Time to join the gold-plated bandwagon.

I just preordered this guy.
I’m super excited.

I still think the editions’ price increase being 80$ --> 100$ --> 130$ in Canada is fishy. So… what? Expansion 2 is going to cost 30$?? I don’t think that extra 10$ is for the Early Access… I hope not. (the U.S. doesn’t have a larger difference between Silver and Gold)

The Sniper Assassin game looks fun. However, the idea of killing non-targets for points frightens me. Can someone point me in the right direction on some tips for this minigame? I’m kinda confused on how it all works.


It is fun and that’s what I play it for. I have had a bunch of fun and have only unlocked to level 10. Sad to say my top score is 500k because I can’t be bothered with lining up a string of moving headshot kills etc for example. Yeah I know I’ll never get that far that quick but it’s still fun for some reason. Take it for what it is. Early access to your favorite bald assassin and some fun practice at sniping.


Basically, there are 2 types of targets. Your primary targets are the 3 unique members of the party, and all 3 must be eliminated to be able to finish the level. The secondary targets, I believe 15 of them, are all bodyguards, but they do not need to be killed to finish the level. However, ofcourse you get a far higher score if you kill them as well, and because you can get a score bonus from killing targets quickly one after another, part of the fun of the game is trying to chain kills together.

There is a score multiplier which increases when you complete challenges, such as killing targets in a certain way, or finding easter eggs, such as shooting all the light switches in the house. The game can be quite vague about certain challenges though, so it can be a good idea to look up guides on how to complete challenges, since really alot of them aren’t about skill and more about just finding easter eggs in the map.

If you played Sniper Challenge from Hitman: Absolution, Sniper Assassin is really basically the same thing.


Thanks for the big explanation. HITMAN is my only experience with the series so this mode is all new for me.

(I have played a few levels of H2SA and Contracts on the PS3 version, but I think they’re a bit too archaic for me. Controls and Stealth mechanics are much different to get used to.)



i am now a Gold Edition boy



You are now a man


Look at you. Now you are part of the cool kids who get early access for some silly release schedule policies.


Bought Creed 2 tickets for Nov 24th!!