What was your last purchase?


I just pre-ordered Hitman 2 Gold Edition:




Recently bought a new router because my 8 year old one couldn’t handle the speeds I was supposed to be getting. Picked up a cheap-ish Netgear and it works great so far and the speed increase was amazing.


I bought my son a black ford mustang recently (his first car).

I regret it already.


Keeping up with my DC themed purchases. My 2nd most anticipated pre-order this month has arrived (behind Hitman 2 of course :upside_down_face:)


Nice to see another DC fan! Not too many of us around, we’re usually outnumbered by those meanie Marvel fanboys always teasing & bullying :cry:


Marvel’s only best comics were the X-Men and Spider-Man but they didn’t want me to be an X-Men fan and I am not a spider. I am not buying their expensive Fantastic Four or any of their other small characters. So I am a DC fan, Green Lantern forever!


I really dig Geoff Johns run of Green Lantern. He is a good writer who knocked it out of the park with Justice League and Aquaman as well. Pity he seems to have a bit of an ego with making events.


I definitely appreciate Marvel -Hulk, The Punisher & Silver Surfer have always been cool to me, it’s just that I started out on DC when I was kid, so Batman/Superman and the others (mostly the various JLA titles) have always been my faves.

Been a Batman fan since 1979…




I loved Dan Slott’s recent run on Silver Surfer and I picked up Lemire’s Moon Knight but neither of the work on either project anymore, there are others here and there I get. Got Garth Ennis’ Punisher his latest one.

Superman for me, I love Superman. One of my first Superman comics was All-Star Superman after getting a tonsillectomy

Don’t forget The Flash, shining lights in the New 52 that and Snyder’s Batman. I hope Morrison does a good job on his run.


Superman for me too!
‘Superman for all Seasons’ is my personal favourite… Smallville is my favourite TV show of all time :smile:

Although ‘The Crow’ is my actual fave single comic overall.


That is a close second for me but I can put a price on emotional attachment. I like SfaS better than The Long Halloween

Never read The Crow but I did enjoy the movie, been a while since I have seen it. Somewhere in a brighter timeline Brandon Lee lives and so does his father.


Scott Snyder fast became one of my favorite writers for Batman, I collected most of the run in floppies before I had to stop during a time I had no job. I will have to pick up Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern, I mean holy shit. Superman is a good current run as well.

Me too, I actually got into it from watching Batman Beyond when I was younger which might surprise some people. For Marvel I enjoy the MCU enough for action flicks and I enjoy collecting trades for their bigger events. The problem with Marvel though is they over saturate their weeklys with crossovers in everything. So if you want to read an Iron-man story for example, well I hope you enjoy not reading an Iron-man story.


Shame it was hard boots to fill but in spite of that I like Tom King on Batman not his best work. That is either Vision or Omega Men in terms of superheroes.

I am not feeling Bendis on any of the Superman comics to be honest he works best with street level superheroes. When will the Big 2 realise that?

Also it is Grant Morrison he is almost always quality, I mean who better to write a book about alien cops than a man who claims he was abducted by aliens?


Since it garnered attention I thought I would take some photo’s of the set itself. I want to show this thing off <3

Outer slipcase

Back of slipcase (after removing features sticker)

The blu ray case next to the slip case, has nice book like design with character art under foil logo

Inside of the blu ray case has individual index page for each disc detailing episodes and special features on that disc. Most of the more famous episodes contain an introduction from the creators which is clearly labelled with that episode.

In addition to the full series it also contains the movies mask of the phantasm and subzero. Plus a final bonus disc containing a full length interview with the cast.


Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman movie theatrical or otherwise.


My JBL Headset port broke down (it’s bluethoot anyway) but now I can’t use it for my PC anymore. So, I went more professional now so this is what I bought:


I think this will be fine for HITMAN 2?!


After the recommendations of @Watson and @ObiBobi18 I bought a Prince Polo.


Oooh, that looks delicious.

My Fitbit finally came (it’s the Charge 3 SE)
I’ve been a loyal fitbit fan since they first got heart rate monitering on the Charge HR and I am so ready for the new sensors they’ve added to this iteration of devices.

Also my CE just shipped :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Got myself another digi-t-shirt with a print of the sweetest group from Digimon World 3, left to right, Bearmon, Kotemon and Koemon.

The fabric is a bit on the tacky side but still comfortable to wear. Can’t complain since this one was way cheaper than the sexy werewolf one. :smile::bear:


@Firepower @Accidental-kills98 This one’s for you guys.