What was your last purchase?


When I die I want intergalactic lawman to be a part of my epitaph.:grinning:


I asplode in joy


It’s so shiny! Also it will be the coolest lunchbox.



Remember to keep it packed or else it loses value :stuck_out_tongue:


Just got the gold and I’m sooooo ready :grin:


It’s happening!!!


I bought a laser for my cat. She seems to be pretty bored during the day and doesn’t move much or run that much around the house.
I’m considering that problem solved now.


I would be careful with this one, it’s very extreme - it could hurt your cat’s eyes. I’ve got one that looks exactly like this, obviously - never tried it on my cat so idk if it’s actually damaging anything - just a thought.


I know I know. It’s not the first time I had those to play with her.


I bought Black Ops 4 on the playstation store. It’s discounted if you’re a member of PS Plus and I said to myself why not.
My best pal bought it a week ago at full price.


This merch from $uicideboy$ / their label G*59, nothing special, the typical round neck quality, but I’m very happy with it.


Yesss bade, drop me a message on psn if you wanna party up for some multiplayer or blackout, what do you think of it so far?


The Prince Polo was nice, but Mr. Tom will always be my favourite :smile:


Just got my pickup truck a Steel Force Tonneau Cover.


Just bought the new Intel Core i7-9700K


and MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Duke OC


“black” friday have already kinda begun with Black Week, there are some very good deal. But even with the good deals I haven’t been able these two items or similar to a lower price point. Also I don’t count on the new i7 going on sale at all during this Black Friday. I’m now instead looking for a Motherboard on sale, to bring the price a bit down.


And you can have 64 GB RAM with this CPU :open_mouth: :smiley:, double of what my Intel Core i5 6200u can have and use, less work for your HD, if you have a lot of RAM, I have put 16 GB in my laptop and with SSD it’s pretty fast when multitasking, I can’t play games on this laptop, due to the absence of a gaming graphic card, but I imagine with 64 GB RAM in a gaming PC would be beneficial?


I don’t count on having a lot of Ram, I got 16 GB right now, I’m going to upgrade to 34 in 2019.

Not from what I know, most games still recommends 8 gb. Also I will have to cancel my order, they will first have the Rtx 2080 in stock 10th of Jan. But I can’t cancel my order myself, i’ll have to contact support team on Monday. I visited their local store, to see if they could. They said only their support team is able to do it.


Bought a white shirt and black suit pants for work. After that some adjustments at the tailor

And then some snacks


You have so much hair right now.

Anywhos I bought a meat slicer on Black Friday [week] sales, nooooms. Gonna use it on tomorrow’s Thanksgiving ham! :smiley: Much excite



Anyone managed to swipe any black Friday bargains? I cant find anything I need :joy: gonna end up buying something for the sake of it