What was your last purchase?


OMG This black friday was terrible. The thing I wanted to get most went up in price by one hundred dollars and nothing else I wanted went on sale. So I got some adulting things and I think I’m going to buy myself an Oculus Rift out of pure salt.

The thing I wanted was a projector (for vidya gaming) but I’m so upset at them for raising the price that I don’t even want to buy anything from that company anymore.


Finally joined the club.


Welcome to the club, took you long enough.:grinning:


About time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

It sure is :smiley:.


Better late then never, right? :wink:


Bought a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard for my new build.

I already got the GPU, now I’m just waiting for my new CPU to get in stock again. Picking up the MB today after work at a pickup point.

Also @badeaguard hows the Garmin Smart Watch? you been using it for a while now, what’s your impression?


Snap! bought nothing, couldn’t find anything I wanted or anything reduced enough for me to buy lol bought a few Christmas presents in ‘Cyber Monday’ though.

Adulting things :wink: wonder what they are


Wonderfully. I sometimes even wear it as a normal watch.
It has a couple of applications that I removed such as stress, steps on stairs and I don’t remember what. I have only the heart rate and the distance active.
It does it’s job and after the run when you go back home you can see on your phone the stats of your run.


I think December will be the month that it purchase it for myself, I’ll have to look for some leather straps instead of the standard rubber. Have you tried and monitor your sleep?


Oh I removed that too. I don’t like to sleep with something on my wrist. Usually I only wear it when going outside and just for running. You also have a stopwatch.

@Mads47 And for the leather I found this website. I think it’s from Greece. I haven’t bought yet


Lol disappointingly, a water flosser and some random kitchen related items.


What the hell is a water flosser? What the hell is wrong with normal dental floss?


Well for one, regular floss is a string and it can’t get stuff out of the holes left in your gums when you have your wisdom teeth removed, gramps :stuck_out_tongue: .


I will have you know I am 20 years old.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just don’t think everything needs to have a machine, computer or motor in it.


Water flossing has existed since the early 60s, so it’s a little weird to compare it to modern technology.
It’s not part of the IoT or anything, it’s just that people realised a while ago that irrigation is better for your teeth in terms of removing debris rather than mashing string in your gums over and over.
Which is, incidentally, the purpose of technology; to make things more efficient and safer for as many humans as possible.

Also wow you are so young. :3 :3 :3

but ngl I only got it because the syringe I was given to irrigate my gums broke like 2 months ago but my gums still have a giant hole in them. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Yep, I am just really angry, bitter and cynical so I am in fact much older than I am physically.

Well if the science behind it is sound I really can’t argue with. Just seems like a waste of water, metal and mineral resources is all. I am not some Neo-Luddite or anything.


It’s probably also better than throwing away plastic, but admittedly I’ve never actually looked at how much plastic people throw out in floss related situations.

I just really needed a better way to clean my gum sockets out. I did everything I was supposed to do for longer than I was supposed to (didn’t eat a single piece of food harder than a smoothie for a week) and they’re still not healed :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: The internet said it could take between a week and six months but I’ve had friends get their wisdom teeth removed and be completely healed in within the time mine are still healing.

Anyway yeah that plus the fact that it was very cheap on Cyber Monday is why I got it, not because I’m one of those cybereverything people.
It is working, which is good. I was paranoid that the pressure would be either too much and it would hurt my gums, or too little and it wouldn’t remove the food. Also makes mah teeth feel supa clean hehehe


Cyber Monday what is that? Does asking that question still make me old.

True but if you see the usage of, extraction of and recycling of the metals in your average consumer electronic it would make you give up brushing.

Sorry, hope you heal quicker than expected.:grinning: Also never Google medical conditions that is how you become as neurotic as I am.:joy:


Asking that makes you either younger (less purchasing history) or not American (I don’t think any other country does it), I’d say, rather than old. But I also don’t get the appeal of young people trying to be seen as old. I’d rather be young every time :joy:. Anywho, it’s the Monday after Black Friday.

I would stop brushing my teeth because of electronics people throw away???
I feel like I’d just cry in ‘too poor to throw away my electronics like that’.

Luckily for me, I’m aware that I’m one of those people who doesn’t freak out over small repetitive amounts of information. It’s also why I can weigh myself every day without having a heart attack like many groups of people who are also on diets. I just take each piece of information as being a small point in whatever direction and come to whatever conclusion at the end of the research. It’s pretty nice, ngl. It hasn’t been six months yet, but I do plan to call my dentist if it goes over.

And thanks! I hope so. It’s been far too many months already. I just want to get back to normal.


Thanks and you are right I am Australian I know of Black Friday also I buy very little since I don’t earn a whole lot.

Luck, I freak out over every little bump, lump or scratch.

Yep I felt like that after having my tonsils and adenoids removed.

Sorry micro-rant, G-20 is today and that means I am extra-jaded.:joy: