What was your last purchase?


Do they do black friday over there? I know some parts of Britian do it but I didn’t think many places do it?

I’m very aware of how lucky I am to be this kind of person. I don’t know how I would deal with real life, tbh.
I’m way too curious to not look things up, so if it caused me stress I think I’d just be stressed out 100% of the time.

oh I haven’t had that done yet. I hope I won’t have to. :crossed_fingers:

oh no the rant itself is fine, I just didn’t see the connect between tooth brushing and consumer electronics that get thrown away :joy:
Since I work in tech, I do get annoyed at useless tech (did you see the fridge with the screen that shows you what’s in it? Gah! The worst!) and tech that people don’t even use until end of life (buying a new Mac every year, for example), but I think I’ve pretty much realised there’s nothing I can do about it.


A few places will mostly places like Target or K-Mart which are American brands or online retailors will.

Yep but my excuse is I am an Obsessive Compulsive (literally), I have a drive to know more. I also slip into bouts of hypochondria

Yeah I had to suck on ice cubes for two days. But I got all of Back to the Future on DVD and icecream for like a week afterwards.

Nonsense as a sociology student I know that you can make those changes. I know that changes like this are really, really, really, REALLY hard (or they can be super easy)


Oh it makes sense that American stores will do it.

So then how do you convince other people to stop doing these things?
It’s their money and their life, even as a developer I have a hard time convincing people that they don’t need to constantly upgrade.


That can be the hardest part, people who live the most comfortable lives are the ones with the most rigid views. I would say raise awareness, learn more about the issue, try to donate to a charity, convince others to recycle tech in a responsible way, use consumer watch statistics on tech to help people realise when an item is planned obsolescence. But I guess the big one (for the little guy) is art, obviously I am biased but visual representation and fiction can be great in disseminating a point.

Ultimately and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP. Look at India, Civil Rights, Red Power, the Chicano Movement, Suffrage and movements like that. All successes to some degree and all had overwhelming resistance


For a long time as an Arnold fan I been living under a rock, it shames me to say that I have never watched Conan The Barbarian before. Luckily it’s December the time of miracles and I was able to find it on Blu-ray. I’m


I got tired of heating my coffee up every 5 mins. I’m hoping this helps.


Bought a new microphone!! Shure Super 55


This beaut of a kit from Hong Kong, had a friend there buy and send it over for me.



old Sparky?



Got myself a new pc :+1:

New monitor should be arriving aswell tomorrow.


A few John Woo movies from the heroic bloodshed genre. The Killer, A Better Tomorrow 1&2, Bullet In The Head, Hard Boiled. It is surprisingly hard to find these movies in cantonese with subtiteles and uncut. They can get quite expensive if you want a good version which is not just a awful VHS to DVD conversion.


Found these second-hand books at a garage sale. Bought 'em on a whim for 15$ total.

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1

Battle Royale Manga 1-3

The Office UK scripts (because why not?!)

The complete Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth comic series


I’m taking in consideration to buy a phone stabilizer.
The prime idea stands to make good looking clips with out shaking at my Silverballer when it’s finished, the other reason is to make high quality mini videos of me dressed as 47 and other videos.

Any one has any experience with these devices?


Bought these for $20 tired of my previous ones being busted already.

And Patient Zero.


I just bought this for 13€ with shipping from Germany.
But I have a feeling the sharp edges will cut my pockets. So it is probable that I’m going to hang it in my car from the rear mirror.


Got this nice sweatshirt for 5$ lol :joy:

My mom bought it for dad because it was in sale to see if this size fits so she would buy more but it’s tight so technically it’s his but it fits me nicely so I get it :smiley: Dad on the other hand didn’t get anything as the sale’s finished now :flushed::joy:


I am a complete amateur when it comes to filming. Someone who has an (expensive) stabilizer gave it into my hands to film something, and it turned out perfect.

I guess if it is calibrated, it is fool-proof equipment.


This happened to me :sweat_smile:


The sharp edges on the keys themselves are enough to cut my pockets. I really need a purse!


Snap! had mine a few months now, always in my pocket not caught myself once, good quality keyring as well!