What was your last purchase?


How does it look on the back?


Just the copyright engraved;


I was hoping it was the same like in the front. But I expected something like this. Thank you for the photo.

@Urben thanks for the heads up. I’ll see later. I still have to decide if I really want t buy that gaming laptop.


Nice Hitman car bro - safe ride (and maybe in another pic show us the baggage with briefcase you probably hide there… :wink:


And after 3 years this car has now 180.000 and I enjoyed every km of it.
Works just as the day I bought it. No problems so far.


its very comfortable, and if i somehow achieve Wealth and Power you will be my personal Driver :wink:


Remember to give a 5 star please. :laughing:


Started my Christmas shopping. Bought Mission Impossible: Fallout and Star Trek Discovery Season 1 for my dad. Bought some handmade soap from a local market for a couple of women I know. Plan to head into Edinburgh at some point and get some alchol and some Warhammer 40K stuff for friends and my Imgur Secret Santa respectively.


I’ve wanted some replica silverballers for a while now, some I could display in my gaming room but without them being airsoft guns or anything like that.

In the process of purchasing these from WulfGarWeapons (they do custom made props and costumes) in the US, catered for my requirements on requests

These aren’t mine as I haven’t received mine yet, I’ve also ordered the stand, ive made a few tweeks to mine and they wont have the orange cap on top of the silencer.

Cant wait for them to arrive!


How much do they cost? And do you have a link?


That’s the link to the kit, I contacted them and asked them if they made them up, as im no good at that sort of thing, they then put me in contact with this company;

For the set and the stand its around $275, not cheap but its Christmas so sod it lol


Now look at that. I’m impressed. They got almost everything right besides 2 lines at the rear sight and the color of the medallions on the grips.


Haha I was hoping you’d have an input on this, I thought the medallions were meant to be silver?




I cant see what you’ve posted bro?

Nope still not;

Think the forums playing up today @badeaguard


Oh well, the logo is silver as well as the ring surrounding the circle. out of the logo the color is black.



Going for something along these lines


If you’re into airsoft you might be better off creating them yourself. You just need to find the right 3D artist and the master engraver.
This image we see here is a mix of the ICA Silverballer and the original Silverballer. And it actually looks good.

By the way, thanks for this image. Those silencers, even if not perfect looking to Absolution are fantastic. I like a lot the silver rings on both ends of it.
Will be my next project for sure. Actually I might start right away, in fact I’m contacting my 3D artist next week :grin:


Not really into airsoft, and its definitely not something I think I could have a go at lol, I wish I could I just don’t have the patience or time unfortunately.

Im not up to speed on the accuracy of the silverballer (not like you are lol) but these were my favourite from the images I could find!

Do it man! I will post some pics of the finished article when they arrive.


Second purchase of the day, whats everyones thoughts on this bad boy?